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"Idol" Hopeful Nixed from H'wood for Pot Rap?

2/7/2007 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mugshots of Akron Wilson and Ashlyn CarrAkron Watson, an "American Idol" contestant from Dallas and one of the feel-good stories of the new season, has been disinvited from the Hollywood round of the show, possibly after producers discovered a pot bust on his record.

Watson, whose San Antonio audition aired on last night's "Idol," was arrested in April 2003 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to court records obtained and posted by, by way of Reality TV Magazine. He was headed to Hollywood after impressing the judges with his singing, and his story. But Watson tells Pegasus News that two days before he was scheduled to leave for Hollywood, he received a call saying that he would not be competing anymore "for unknown reasons." "Idol" producers did not comment on their withdrawn invitation.

Meanwhile, another contestant from San Antonio, facemaker Ashlyn Carr, was reportedly arrested in August for pouring sugar into the gas tank of her ex-boyfriend's car while a student at Sam Houston State University, according to a report in The Houstonian Online.

When confronted by police, says the Houstonian, Carr confessed to the crime.

A spokesman for FOX had no comment.


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Jeanie Dranked the bottle    

Paula, Linsey, Paris should all be locked up

2782 days ago

Jeanie Dranked the bottle    

Oh and me too. I dranked the whold dayum bottle

2782 days ago


Harold "Bo" Bice, 29, was busted in June 2001 by Huntsville, Alabama cops and hit with the drug count, a Class C felony, according to the below warrant. He was arrested again in July 2003 near Birmingham and charged with marijuana possession, public intoxication, and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to court records. He pleaded guilty ............

2782 days ago

Michelle LL    

#24, 25

I absolutely agree with you. Anyone who makes a comment like that is a self-righteous hypocrite.

2782 days ago


American Idol 4 runner-up Bo Bice allegedly tried to punch a former football player at a New York City bar. Probably high too. what a winner............and he wasnt kick off the show..............go figure

2782 days ago


So did Ashlyn go to Hollywood and make it farther and now may also be kicked out ---or is this still unknow or maybe she didn't make it far in Hollywood so it is a moot point anyway.

2782 days ago


Hey Farrah how can you say that the show is racist you dumb ass!!! Don't you know that Fantasia and Ruben are african americans. Come on - get a life you stupid bitch......

2782 days ago


Check this out, Glenn Parker should had beaten the sh*t out of him:

Glenn had noticed Bo and simply asked him if he was really Bo Bice â%u20AC%u201D and Bo just stared at him and said, â%u20AC%u02DCNo, Iâ%u20AC%u2122m not. My name is Kevin.â%u20AC%u2122 It was weird. Glenn went away, but he started feeling like he might have imposed on the guy. So he went back to him to apologize for causing any discomfort. Bo just went at him with his fists â%u20AC%u201D maybe he thought he was Simon Cowell or something, but he tried to hit him. Glenn grabbed his arms to block the punches, but Bice broke loose and managed to graze Glenn under the chin. It was crazy because Glenn could have wiped the floor with him.â%u20AC

2782 days ago


American Idol should go ahead and let Akron Watson compete, because 90% of all people have done something wrong in their lives that they have regreted, so American Idol give the man a break. Akron has a good voice. Let Akron compete. Let him show us all what he can do. It isn't about pot or other drugs, it's about if Akron can be the next American Idol or not. So American Idol give Akron another chance,PLEASE! BK

2782 days ago

Dark Knight    

Well I think if Idol makes it clear in the application process that you have to disclose these things, then they have the right to deny you. It is a voluntary process, no one is begging these people to audition. You just have to look at the past seasons to know if you have anything on your record it will be brought out in the open. It's the chance you take. It is still their show, and they have the right to boot anyone they want at anytime. Having said that, I think it is a little disappointing that they don't show much forgiveness. How many people smoked weed 3 years ago and now don't? People can and do change. He seemed like a nice young man, nicely dressed with a good attitude. Does Clive Davis check everybody's record before he signs them? If he did the radio would be pretty silent.

2782 days ago


it make sense #37. maybe they're trying to clean up their act.

2782 days ago


We don't why he got booted. If it was because of the drug bust, it was most likely because he did not inform the show about the previous arrest/charges/conviction. The rule isn't that you have to have a clean record, the rule is that you have disclose everything. They are not saying the "lip" girl was kicked off even though she had a prior arrest. Bo Bice disclosed his prior problems with the law before he became a contestant.

2782 days ago

Legalize Marijuana    

Marijuana should be legalized.
Should not be booted from Idol!

2782 days ago


Bo Bice was in fact caught with drugs and got 3 "2nd chances" and given home confinement and community service but was kept on the show. American Idol is like anything else American...slanted and racist. How typical!

2782 days ago


Um so he had an arrest for pot? SO WHAT? Look at that Abdul woman stoned and drunk out of her mind week after week. Didn't Bo Bice have an arrest for cocaine? AI is run by bigots.

2782 days ago
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