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"Idol" Hopeful Nixed from H'wood for Pot Rap?

2/7/2007 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mugshots of Akron Wilson and Ashlyn CarrAkron Watson, an "American Idol" contestant from Dallas and one of the feel-good stories of the new season, has been disinvited from the Hollywood round of the show, possibly after producers discovered a pot bust on his record.

Watson, whose San Antonio audition aired on last night's "Idol," was arrested in April 2003 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to court records obtained and posted by, by way of Reality TV Magazine. He was headed to Hollywood after impressing the judges with his singing, and his story. But Watson tells Pegasus News that two days before he was scheduled to leave for Hollywood, he received a call saying that he would not be competing anymore "for unknown reasons." "Idol" producers did not comment on their withdrawn invitation.

Meanwhile, another contestant from San Antonio, facemaker Ashlyn Carr, was reportedly arrested in August for pouring sugar into the gas tank of her ex-boyfriend's car while a student at Sam Houston State University, according to a report in The Houstonian Online.

When confronted by police, says the Houstonian, Carr confessed to the crime.

A spokesman for FOX had no comment.


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People, people. This is TV this isn't real life. It's about entertainment.

This isn't about whether or not weed should be legalized or about whether someone has paid their debt to society. It's about image. Follow the money. 'What kind of contestant will make the most money for us?' They set their own standards and it is their right to do so.

For years I told people that Jennifer Hudson was a superior singer to Fantasia but she was too fat for the judges. I also told my wife that the next idol would be a blue eyed blond and they chose a blue eyed blonde the next year, I think her name is Carrie Underwood.

Image. It's about image. They wanted to reject Fantasia for being an unwed mom but it would have been bad for publicity so they allowed her to win.

It's all about image. Once you get famous you can do what you want to do, but before then you have to play the game.

2724 days ago

none of your fffffing business    

I agree with over rated, this is a bunch of sh*t. Oh and Dottie, cut the bullsh*t!!!

2724 days ago

Some dude    

Haha I love those pics TMZ, I can just hear their arguments now:

Iba dudnt doba da thang dat dey sey I done did.
Now, whereba be myba fried chicken?!

2724 days ago

brooks o'bryant    

Life is an illusion anyway so why is everyone so serious about everything? The past and future don't exist, so judgements in time are useless. Either way contests that determine the "best" of anything are riduculous and a waste of your present lifetime on this planet. We are all complete already, and those that wish to participate in this sort of thing are welcome to it as long as it doesn't involve hurting others.

2724 days ago



2724 days ago

Polly Woodham    

I haven't read all the post, but I'm thinking maybe it was not the drugs so much as, maybe he checked a block on application that said he has never been arrested. A lie could be more harmful than drugs sometimes.

2724 days ago


Personally, I'm glad they're dropping the woman who made all the faces. She got upset when she didn't get it the first time. When they finally did pass her through she acted like her sh*t didn't stink. She wasn't as "all that" as she thinks she is. As for Her Royal Highness, MIss Kristen, over rated didn't say everyone has tried or smokes pot. And by saying so, doesn't make him a loser. Mr Watson was convicted of misdemeanor possession. That hardly makes him a criminal. Plenty of people have smoked pot and that doesn't make them losers, i.e. John Lennon, Bill Clinton (still don't believe he didn't inhale), Bob Dylan and countless others who you may not be aware of. Yes, some people can have a good life without doing drugs but, that doesn't give them (you) the right to pass judgement on others. There is a big difference between Pot and Crack or Heroin. Maybe you need to know what you're talking about before you start calling people "Idiots"

2724 days ago


I think this guy should have been allowed to go thru as long as that was his only crime. we have had idols in the past with problems.. such as Elvis, Michael Jackson, James Dean, etc... But This guy could have been a success story given the chance. He messed up at a young age and over came... That would be a AMERICAN IDOL!

2724 days ago


He got booted for unacceptable behavior. Experimenting? Yea right, probably once every other day. Newer and tighter standards are being implemented, not that the show matters anyway in the overall scheme of things.

2724 days ago


OMG!!!! I can not believe this crap. First of all, what happened in the past needs to stay in the past. Second of all, American Idol producers should not pull this crap...its not fair...and they probably done some form of drug or vandilism too in their pasts. NO ONE IS PERFECT!!! Which brings me to the statement that I read earlier...."What kind of role models would this people be?"...damn good ones if you ask me....they have been there and done that and they can advise children NOT to take the same route they did!!!! Everyone makes mistakes and we can not prevent our children from making their own mistakes, because if they want to do it bad enough; they matter what you or anyone else says. They will just have to learn from their mistakes and live with them. Third....I really am concerned that very time I come to one of these or a chat room, there is always people fighting or name calling. It really isn't neccessary. I completely understand where both of you are coming from, but neither of you should attack each other. (And you guys was worried about what your kids see on television...what about what they see at home?!?) Also, I personally believe that marijuana should be legalized...however, I know that it will never happen, because people can get seed and grow it theirselves and the government will not be able to control/tax it. This way the government has "control". (You get go to jail...get a hefty fine....and end up on probation) I say let the kids make something better of themselves...let them sing and show their talents!!

2724 days ago


Instead of commenting on the topic at hand, why is it that some "juveniles" get into the "name calling" game?? Never ceases to amaze me that no matter the cause, some people can't make a general comment without slinging mud! GROW UP!!!!!

2724 days ago


#86 - Yes, Bo Bice had past drug charges. You don't get kicked out for HAVING a criminal past, you get kicked out for lying about whether or not you have one. If you say you don't, and you do, you get kicked out. Even if it IS just a misdemeanor.

2724 days ago


Every one is entitled to mistakes. You have Presidents on down, who as a teen did something wrong and years later look at where their at. The old saying here is "If you live in glass houses, beware who throws the first stone." People are human and make mistakes, you shouldn't have to have that ruin your whole life. Tomorrows are gifts, don't waste them on yesterdays, otherwise you will never have a future.

2724 days ago

The Momma    

I think it is a shame not to give these kids a chance. What is the big deal???? It was MARIJUANA. O please!!! This is ridiculous. Look at ALL the stars on COCAINE. THEY are REAL rolemodels for our young. HA HA. They go to rehab after rehab after rehab. GIVE HIM A CHANCE PLEASE it was years ago. As far as the sugar thing OOOOOO that is real bad LMAO... I am positive that alot of other chosen contestants have done way worse than that they just did not get caught. Send her to hollywood too she was nice. Let the people decide post a poll and SEND THESE 2 KIDS TO HOLLYWOOD PLEASE!!! This is AMERICA.

2724 days ago


If they have no out standing warrants or charges now they should not be givien the boot. Everyone in the entertainment business would be kicked out if they applied this rule to everyone. Paula looks like she is on medication everytime you see her. And don't tell me Ryan and Randy have not and probably still do smoke pot. I think anyone is entitled to a 2nd chance. They should do drug testing on all the people trying out and eliminate over half of them right off the bat.

2724 days ago
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