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Kim K

For Sale

2/7/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KThat sex tape starring Kim Kardashian, sometime BFF of Paris HIlton, definitely exists, and now it's about to be unleashed on DVD.

Vivid Entertainment will announce this morning, according to, that they have obtained the tape and have come to an agreement with the parties involved to market and sell it. As TMZ first reported, the sex tape, made by Kim's ex-boyfriend Ray J (brother of Brandy), features certain explicit water sports as well as other raunchy activities.

Page Six is reporting that the DVD will be entitled "Kim Kardashian Superstar" and will be in stores by February 28, with additional footage on Kardashian tells TMZ that she was blindsided by the sale of the tape.


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Don't hate on this beautiful girl just because she likes the freaky sex. Hey, what girl doesn't like her man to PISS IN HER FACE during sex? And what hot couple doesn't like to videotape themselves having sex and then shopping it around to Porn peddlers for money? I mean, how normal is that...hahahahhaha! Lol.

She's whore, a sexy whore, but a whore nontheless. Her and Ray (can't sing or rap) J.


2813 days ago

Lenn K    

Paris and Kim have a great legacy to leave to their kids. I can hear it now that's my mom getting f**k on that video. Don't worry it won't affect them!

2813 days ago


number 14" nicky" you ever hear the saying you are the company you keep" ?

If she did. that is beyond nasty. just because who you hang with is loose and fancy free in no way means that you should act like this also. I can't wait til these people have kids and then they are going to be in school like" yeah i heard your mom's sex tape is on sale this week" " at least my mom didn't have herpes" " no she just let someone piss on here"

oh the playground talks these will incite.

2813 days ago


shut up sissy you aint nobodys pimp, your a p***yboy

2813 days ago


When did this become a website about whores? KK isn't good at anything but smiling. She's not famous thru any route but associatoin. Her poor family...

Come on TMZ, it's Oscar season. Can't you leave the no-newsies to other sites and report on what's going on with true celebs? This story is beneath you guys.

2813 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

Well, her dad had no values since he was tied in with a murderer, OJ Simpson; we shouldnt be suprised that this young lady is a liar, a cheat and lacking in her values as well.
Since she is into making tapes, perhaps she and Paris Herpes could do a double feature.....but only if Perpes takes her valtrex, cause it's all about repression.....
dumb bitches!

2813 days ago


For whoever asked about her nationality -- she is Armenian.

2813 days ago

Only in    

Kim is Afghanistan/Black/White coming from the fathers side.

2813 days ago


She's a blood sucking pig like her Daddy. Anything for money and fame. She's nothing but a fake, dirty ho! Instead of getting her nose fixed she needs to suck the fat out of her ass.

She planned on selling this tape when she made it. Why all the drag queen make up and posing if it was for private. At least Pam was natural in her tape.

2813 days ago


Yeah, she had NO idea.
Money beats self-respect every time.
Your family must be so proud of you.
Are you and Paris the Herpes twins?

2813 days ago

Dark Knight    

I think somebody said she was a "relationship type of girl" but all that's in the past now. Once something like this comes out no guy will ever take you serious again. She's grouped in with all the girls that guys want to bang a couple of times, then kick to the curb and go find a real wife. You can't bring a girl like this to dinner at the folks' house. But you can have a couple of pretty wild nights with her! But past that, nothing.

2813 days ago


Having SEX makes a girl a whore????? What kind of dumb bitches would write this?

Of course - Christians.

2813 days ago


Did you know: African Americans account for about 13% of the US population, they account for about half (49%) of the people who get HIV and AIDS. Sex sale but at what cost........

2813 days ago


Some of the posters here seem to be having serious problems with their OWN sexuality.
That would explain their comments.

2813 days ago


there's nothing wrong with golden showers, omg how many of us let our men blow their loads all over our face, tits, ass....?!

2813 days ago
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