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Kim K

For Sale

2/7/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KThat sex tape starring Kim Kardashian, sometime BFF of Paris HIlton, definitely exists, and now it's about to be unleashed on DVD.

Vivid Entertainment will announce this morning, according to, that they have obtained the tape and have come to an agreement with the parties involved to market and sell it. As TMZ first reported, the sex tape, made by Kim's ex-boyfriend Ray J (brother of Brandy), features certain explicit water sports as well as other raunchy activities.

Page Six is reporting that the DVD will be entitled "Kim Kardashian Superstar" and will be in stores by February 28, with additional footage on Kardashian tells TMZ that she was blindsided by the sale of the tape.


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Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Just saw the promo for the tape release, and I'd like to take this opportunity to call Kim Kardashian a god damned liar. Little miss "No Tape Exists" and then "I was blindsided by it's release" is lying through her teeth. There is NO WAY that vivid video could release this tape without her approval & consent; vivid video, being one of the more conservative video companies (legally, that is), would never pay $1 million for a tape that they could get sued for later.

This woman is a bold faced liar, and is opportunistically releasing this tape to get in the public eye & make some money. Figures, given that she hangs out with that herpes ridden slut Paris Hilton & that a-moral scumbag OJ Simpson. I'll bet it gets her off, thinking thousands & thousands of people will be watching her blowing & fucking her boyfriend. What a whore...

2790 days ago

fame ho    

All these idiot, whore slut bimbo's...what having a rich daddy wasn't enough? I'm happy to see these slimey sluts disappear. Get all your pornos out there..because hopefully we'll never hear another word from you when you are a crack whore really needing money and having to do a video. How disgusting that young girls think that this is how you gain success. This bunch of skanks is dragging our country down. Get your V.D. test done whore girls....
Wonder what is like to be a loser slut whore by the age of 25?

2788 days ago


Just another mudshark.

2787 days ago


this may seem insignificant to some...but I was a bit of a wild girl myself in the day but now I am 40 yrs old and totally embaressed by the way I acted and only pray that my kids never get wind of any of it.!! But i never did anything so stupid as making nasty videos....c'mon people.... These days the word "morals" has no place in our society. Its anything goes...just to get a mere mention in a newspaper . It is so discusting and one day its all gonna cetch up with them. Im sure here in a few years their (future) kids are gonna be real proud when they stumble onto nasty videos of someone urinating you!!!!!! Love to be a fly on the wall when u have to explain that one!

2787 days ago


is this ""being pissed on""sex? if it is i don't want any part of this "freaky" crap. what's next, let me sh*t on your face? You freaky people are sick, sick sick.Kim you are a disgrace to women everywhere, decent women. This is disgusting how can you actually come out smiling like it's the most natural thing in the world. What a creep.

2787 days ago

jenn bunny    

STOP HATING!!!!! dont be jealous of her because she has money....and no its not from her mom. she owns two clothes boutiques! and what she did was for her own privacy (so she thought) with someone who she trusted and just betrayed her so he could get his name out because he really cant sing!!!!!! low life.

2787 days ago


Her dad must be turning in his grave. Skanky and really stupid to make a sex video when you know somehow it will end up on the internet. The the guy pees on her. Gross. What's next? He takes a sh*t on her head?

2785 days ago


Kim K secret ambition to be a real porn star is coming true.

867 days ago


I seen that tape and it was not that good .and she not good looking

832 days ago


You cannot tell me this B!tch has not had plastic surgery!! I can't tell you exactly what she has had done but it's a bunch. Don't get me wrong she is a beautiful girl, but not until she had some sh?t done!! this pic in this post is the real kim

832 days ago
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