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Width Child -- Tori and Marcia

2/7/2007 1:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Expectant mothers Marcia Cross and Tori Spelling are both looking like they're about to pop!

Marcia, 44, is expecting twins in April. Tori, 33, will have her first child this spring.

TMZ spotted the two glowing (and growing) actresses trudging through their errands and appointments.


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Yeah, pregnant women get big-ger...but is Tori carrying the child high? Like in her neck? Marcia looks great.

2801 days ago


Tori always looked like a bloated frog with over grown lop sided utters..........and she still does preggo
Im sorry I thinkj pregnant woman are beautiful every single one except for Tori spelling ewwwwwwwww

2793 days ago


Pregnant women get big. How is this a story?

2812 days ago


I just luv tori....It's so sad she's having problems with her mother........I hope it all works out for her.......

2812 days ago


I love u tori.......i hope this marriage is real on his can be so blind....remember......alway protect your baby's fortune.

2812 days ago

Ha Ha    

Tori is butt ugly.

2812 days ago


they're both fug!! I know its very PC to say how beautiful they look pregnant but lets face facts, if they looked good with all that weight, they wouldn't go thru hell to lose it all after they give birth. Clue to all the expectant parents out there, take a polaorid and glue it to the frig, the rest of us don't need to see your 'glow'....

2812 days ago


They both look radiant, its must be very exciting waiting to meet the child for the first time.. also seems a little strange like something that should be aired on the sceince fiction channel , its a little mind boggling if you think it through the sceince of convceving and popping out a kid in 10 months hmmmmmmm

As Jenny Macarthy said, of the whole 30 pounds of extra weight only 8 can be attributed to the baby. Its time to start writing out the hellywierd post pregancy weight loss...but then who knows. since she loves the rubber surgery so much, she might go al a victoria beckham and have a lipo /cesarian combo.

Enjoy !

2812 days ago


ladies....some men r dogs ....if they can leave their wife and kids for u.....don't think he's not going to do it to u.........think smart , think with your head and not between your legs.

2812 days ago


Tori you are such a horse face!!

2812 days ago


Wow, Tori has gained a lot of weight. And Marcia looks completely different without makeup! It just goes to show you what you see in Hollywood ISN'T what you get.

2812 days ago


Karma is a bitch and with Tori it hit too soon :)..When you mess up other people life's you do them a favor and you do yourself a disfavor...Unfortunately for Tori her Karma followed on the heels of her antics.........

Its is unfortunate that she is not sharing in her fathers fortune, especailly since she is teh blood relative and not Candi...seems Candi was only nice to Tori so long as Aaron was alive, so she could get teh lions share...What a mother....hmmm.....From all previous reports seems Aaron dotted on his only daughter and that may have raised some serious jealousy issue with Candy, so she is stickign it to her daughter....apparently her daughter is more of a rival than an offspring.....:)

For certain Aaron would never have disinherited Tori, she always got her hearts desire and for someone so rich she didnt turn out as bad as Hilton....only when it cam eto breaking up fmailier, but it seems its quite normal in hollywood, Julian roberts, britney spears and gang regualry swap juices among each other, not to mention kevin, Jolie , Tori..the list goes one/...

Oh well, who knows ther might be a clause regarding Tori's offfspring..and if so I would be wary of McDermotts motives and any money ocming her way...
Tori better make sure the baby money is locked up tight, that will show his "LOVE" for her :)

Mama Candi has to rAsaron would not have wanted his family wanting for anything considering all the money she made...I hope the mother canatl east attempt to heal the realtionship with the daughtet , for the sake of Aarons memory and the grandchild...or her husbands ghost might just rise form the dead and strike her dead as well

2812 days ago


Tori looks wife is almost 6 months pregnant and I hope she doesn't blow up like a tick like a Tori did..

--Mr. DB

2812 days ago


im sorry, but tori looks like a TOAD!

2812 days ago

Oh my God, I Can't belive thats Tori. She looks like a Gay Diva.

Jimmy Showbiz - Celebrity Gossip

2812 days ago
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