Yentl Spears

2/7/2007 4:22 PM PST
While shlepping through a NYC drugstore, Britney Spears revealed her latest incarnation: Park Avenue matron meets Orthodox rabbi. Mazel tov!

Spears, with her paparazzi-menacing security guard in tow, hit the Zitomer Pharmacy on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and immediately tried on a bushy red hat, perfect for Passover. At least the meshuggeneh shiksa likes to sport fur on one end! L'chayim!

As the mother of two browsed the cosmetics aisles, so many fans gathered outside to catch a glimpse of the former pop star, police were called to escort her back to her SUV. Good thing NYC doesn't have a crime problem and can spare the manpower. Nevahmind already.