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Anna's Cousin: Family Worried About the Baby

2/8/2007 9:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This article has been redirected: Anna Nicole Smith Collapses


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Its great to see people making such hateful comments behind a computer screen knowing they would never in a million years express these same views and opinions if they werent anonymous from the public.

Heres my challenge, I dare anyone who has posted extremely negative remarks about Anna Nicole to make the same remarks publicly, whether for local news, a radio program...and state your name, address, phone number, etc. Hell do it in public, grab a microphone...give a speech....the point is dont express an opinion if
you are only able to do it because your anonymous. You have the right to freedom of speech but dont abuse it by being a coward. People like Rush Limbaugh & Bill O'reilly are assh*les but at least they dont hide behind a screen when voicing there opinions.

2776 days ago


Parallels : Chris Farley/John Belushi
Anna Nicloe/ Marilyn Monroe
Howard K Stern/The Kennedy Brothers

2776 days ago


I agree with Daniel. Although Anna Nicole had some problems, she tried to do some good things with her life. I am saddened by her passing.

2776 days ago

Lupe Delgado    

We'll miss you Anna!

2776 days ago


Daniel quit being such a p***y. Tragic as this may be the only trouble she had in life was what she brought on herself. Always scamming. I'd be glad to say that in public.

2776 days ago

Heidi SUCKS ASS    

# 2 I agree. Bunch of sorry SOB's!!!! I feel sorry for Anna Nicole, RIP...GOD BLESS.

2776 days ago


Everyone knows that Anna Nicole had alot of problems.Bottom line though she was a human being who had hopes and dreams like everyone else.Daniel,her son,was very devoted to her so she definitely had redeeming qualities.She was a beautiful woman.

2776 days ago


I just can't believe anna is gone she was a talented woman and very pretty she was always an Idol for people

2776 days ago


Rest in Peace and may you be reunited with Daniel. God Bless Anna. Watch over your little baby daughter.

2776 days ago

Heidi SUCKS ASS    

#4, everyone makes mistakes, just happens she was a celebrity and it was brought to everyone's attention, unlike the general public's mistakes. PEOPLE make mistakes, she still does NOT deserve to be talked about the way some of these mutha Fu*KeRs are talking about her. HAVE SOME RESPECT, the girl is gone, GOD BLESS her and her daughter. LAY off her, she had been through enough shit to last a life time, LET HER R.I.P!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP ANNA, god bless.

2776 days ago


I loved Anna Nicole and will always remember her!!

Anyone's negative remarks can NEVER touch her. She was always true to herself and to her friends and family.

2776 days ago


It is sad that her real family couldnt have supported her more, I find them to disgusting people trying to cash in on saying they were her relatives.

Regardless of how weird she was in public, she is stilla human and this is a very sad day. The poor woman had to bury a child, something no parent should ever do.

I give Kudos to you TMZ for keepy classy about this. We all come to these sites to make fun of celebs, but there is a line. That scumbag Perez Hilton has made jokes and been totally disrespectful and disgusting and I will never view his site again. Yet this is the same man who got his thong in a knot when isiah Johnson used the dreaded F word, but someone has died and he has a party . He is the scum of the earth and I hope someone with power has sense to act against him.

Good job TMZ

Rip Anna .. hopefully your baby will be okay .

2776 days ago


I hope she made peace with her birth mother. If not she'll be back to this hell hole . .Rest in peace. I hope , Tell James Brown we miss him.

2776 days ago

Maria Sandman    

Such tragic and sad news today. I've always liked Anna Nicole's flashy celebrity charisma, her personable, crazy style and her sense of humor. She was hilarious on her E Reality show and my heart just went out to her when she lost her son this last year. She said on one of her recent, sad interviews if she didn't have Danielynn, she would be with Daniel. Looks like she's where her heart is.

2776 days ago

Bob Abouey    

Howard Stern should come forward and explain what happened

2776 days ago
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