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Ryan Reaches Out

2/8/2007 12:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ's cameras spotted Ryan O'Neal back at his Malibu home, just days after his now infamous brawl with son Griffin.

O'Neal was trying to help a visitor off of his property when he noticed a TMZ camera. In need of a little assistance, O'Neal pointed and shouted "Hey, will you help him out? Help him get out?"

Both Ryan and Griffin's lawyers went to the press earlier in the day, telling different stories about the fight that took place Saturday evening. Ryan's lawyer, Mark Werksman, called Griffin the aggressor and said that Ryan "got the worst of it" after being "thrown to the ground and beaten." Griffin's lawyer, Gloria Allred, says that her clients, Griffin and his pregnant girlfriend Joanna Berry, reject any assertion that Ryan was acting in self defense.


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2783 days ago


I feel so sorry for him! Please leave him alone, he doesn't deserve being stalked by your cams. Griffin on the other hand is a different "topic". Trying to make money off of his father. He's disgusting!

2783 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#1...whomever you are:
That is so much better than that lame ass shit you've been putting up about the made up congresswoman. I am impressed! The picture...look's like Jon Stewert. Thanks for the smile, uts good to see someone can jump right on a person when they are down, out and need serious help...just fu&cking with ya!Good Job, good job...don't you have some homework, or a science project that's due?

2783 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Ah geez...Gloria Allred?
You are fucked now to a fair-d-well!
Hey, what happend to them two mooks she was represenating aganist that Kramer guy? Did they get paid, or did she just get her name in the press?

2783 days ago


#1..go take your meds and go get help... you are a wack job for sure.

2783 days ago


Good grief! Gloria Allred? Hasn't she Amber Fried enough people already?

2783 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Ryan stood by Farrah, and is getting too old for crap like this.
Griffin has had his ups and downs. He was in Ryan's house. What the hell is he doing chaining up another human being? That story sounds shaky. Of course Griffin's girl will back his story, because there's something in it for her.
The two obviously got along like two cats in a bag that night. Perhaps they need to stay away from eachother for a while, and set ground rules for any further visits.
It's too bad when the whole world is privy to your business. Family members charging each other? That should be avoided if possible...Or is the D.A. doing the charging?

2783 days ago

Punk B*tch    

This Joanna Berry chic doesn't sound too bright. Knocked up by an unemployed guy who's old enough to be her father, and he's still being supported by his father. Plus, who stands close enough to be hit by someone swinging a fireplace poker? Get out of the way stupid. That whole family is f*cked up !!!!!

2783 days ago

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