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Ryan's Son Tethered Like a Dog

2/8/2007 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned what triggered the fight last weekend that resulted in Ryan O'Neal's arrest. Ryan's son Griffin chained his brother to a staircase in his home like a dog.

Law enforcement sources say when Ryan O'Neal returned from dinner last Friday night, he found his son Redmond (whose mother is Farrah Fawcett) tethered to a staircase with handcuffs on his ankles. We're told Griffin had chained his brother to the banister earlier in the evening, after walking in on him and finding that he was unresponsive. We're told Griffin believed his brother had overdosed and tethered him to prevent him from leaving and buying drugs.

We're told Griffin was so concerned, he called 911 and paramedics actually came to the house. Redmond was awake and said he had just been sleeping, so the paramedics left.

We're told when Ryan arrived home at 11, he tripped over the chain tied to Redmond and became enraged as Griffin laughed it off.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they believe it was Ryan -- not Griffin -- who initially began swinging the fireplace poker. And these sources believe it was Ryan who struck Griffin's girlfriend before Griffin wrestled the poker away from his dad. Ryan's people strongly dispute this and claim Griffin was drunk and was the one who grabbed the poker first.

Launch galleryWe're told Ryan screamed "Get the f**k out of my house you asshole." Griffin and his girlfriend walked out, and we're told, for some reason, came back. It was then that Ryan fired a shot.

When deputies arrived, they found Redmond still tethered and shot video to document it. They also shot video of Ryan's injuries.

Sources say Redmond checked into rehab last Monday.

Griffin's attorney Gloria Allred would not comment on the details of the case, but did tell TMZ "Griffin's concern has always been for the health, safety and well-being of Redmond and Joanna. He continues to do everything possible to protect his brother and I believe the facts will support that assertion."


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A Man Who Knows!    

Why would anyone beat that pregnant chick?.....Can't they see she's been beaten enough by the ugly stick?

2722 days ago


here is my idea for a reality show. tether ryan, the sons, the pregnant daughter each to a railing. Farrah and Tatum can stop by every couple of days to feed and water them. They can use a tranquilizer gun to moniter the behavoior at "potty" time so they don't have to clean up even more of a mess. This could last several seasons and probably give "American Idol" a run for it's money. Call it "American Idiots." Oh, and give Tatum a whip and a cattle prod. My guess is that her next book would be an excellent read and would give her some closure.

2722 days ago


mike tyson literally looks like an ape!

2722 days ago

Lisa Ann Olmo    

Man, I've got my own series of problems. Minus the money, the clout, the time off when I feel like I have to take a break or I'll die...all of and millions of other hand to mouth people!! Those of me a favor and just tell your troubles to Jesus...I just don't give a sh*t!

2722 days ago


#7 Farrah,

What does racism have to do with this?

2722 days ago

hilde Cochrane    

Give this two loafers 3 choices ARMY NAVY OR AIR-FORCE
and teach them some discipline or maybe the Marines
The all need a few good Men

2721 days ago


The next episode of "My Name is Earl"?

2721 days ago

Sean Kemble    

Human debachery is ever so delicious. I recall reading that Griffin, years ago, accidentally killed Francis Ford Coppola's son while piloting a boat when drunk.

Ryan's selfishness created these a**hole spawn. He owes them though..spoiled or not..Ryan's always been such a hothead, lecherous bastard. Didn't Tatum say in her book that her dad was sleeping with underage Melanie Griffith when they were friends as kids? Yes she did.

I love real charicatures of human wreckage...and these people are the grandest spectacle. It's really great fun to read and hear about. Cmon, you guys, you know you love it too...

2721 days ago

Gangadhar Barve    

This is happening in America because thanks to technology, they get easy money, and after enjoying life in a normal way they try wierd things because they can no more enjoy life in a normal way. Who will tell them to emulate Bill Gates, Warren Buffet who direct theire surplus wealth for charity?
Ignore them that,s all or thank them for providing free entertainment.

2721 days ago


Ryan O'Neal & Farrah are BAD parents from the getgo. Griffin & Tatum were left to their own devices when they were young children, with NO direction or stability from Ryan! Then Ryan hooks up with Farrah (who are both so full of themselves) and end up having Redmond, who winds up being a drug addict, a behavior that Ryan & Farrah have done nothing about, Bad parenting caused all of this, with Ryan being the worst father EVER! You reap what you sow, moron.

2721 days ago


Ryan O'Neal is known as a prick all over town. Some big surprise his kids are basket cases? They never had a chance with this guy as their dad.

2721 days ago

rainey hayes    

Ryan has 4 kids by 3 women. 3 sons and one daughter. One of the sons..I think his name is Patrick (by Leigh Taylor-Young) actually works for fox news. He's the one that we don't hear about....the cat that didn't get up the tree. So I guess there is one that is "normal".

1263 days ago
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