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Sharapova -- B***h When Nobody's Lookin'?

2/8/2007 3:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tennis temptress Maria Sharapova was on set for a Vogue photo shoot yesterday -- and she was not happy to be there. We're told she didn't even crack a smile -- until the paparazzi showed up!

Our TMZ spy at the shoot in Venice, Calif., tells us that the cranky ace was rude to the crew, wouldn't eat the pricey catered food and insisted on In-N-Out instead. Can't blame her there. But when paparazzi appeared, the court queen quickly flipped her bitch switch to off. Still grumpy over her loss to Serena, perhaps?

Calls to her reps were not immediately returned


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We, are not amused.    

#8 by me:
I think you meant "Harvey Levin"...not Howard Levin. The correct answer was "Harvey"...thanks for playing, we have some wonderful parting gifts for you.

2822 days ago

We, are not amused.    

"In & Out...that's what a hamburger is all about!"

2822 days ago


to some of us 700 bucks is alot of should give 700 dollars to somone fomr a village in Latvia and they will thank you forever, because they never saw anything like that before, so according to some eastern european villages, she was rich there and is rich now.

She is better than Kournikova, who was favored for her looks adn not her tennis prowess. however the Williams sisters have some serious fire power and SERENA took her ass to Tennis 101 in australia..Does she deserve #1 ranking after that ass kicking, I would say yes, because she has been more consistent, whereas teh William sisters fo in and out...But SERENA got ..and yes it reminded me of Venus vs Davenport at Wimbledon, teh longest women match..Venus kicked her ass too...

SO infact ranking is about consistency and it helps to be favoured for your looks ..extra confidence to help with the Pychology part...however I truly believe the William sisters are the better talented players and I will watch teh Australia open again and again and agian...

No #1 should lose that disgracefully adn she cannot attribute it to injury..ahhaha as Davenport tried to do in wimbledon.......faking injury to explian away her venus ass whopping .................hahah

GO SERENA!!! cant wait fo the french open ....ahhahah do I hear a whoop..sharapova shoudl be afraid.

2822 days ago


Voy a escribirles en español, Maria Sharapova es aún una niña, todo el tiempo tiene que estar con guardaespaldas, viajando largas horas en avión y ustedes la juzgan porque no se ha reido durante un rato en una sesión de fotos. Me da tristeza que supuestos profesionales en comunicación como ustedes no tengan una verdadera noticia y se peguen de estas cosas tan baladies. Esa es la sociedad Norteamericana, pura pantalla y nada más. Ahh for those who are happpy because Serena won the A open final, i want to remember them that maria has also kicked Serena´s ass several times. Who´s number 1 in this moments?. Gringos Imbeciles.

2822 days ago

The Bandit    

Sheesh, this article reckons that Sharapova is bitchy, well why don't you lot posting on here take a look in the mirror!!! Do americans understand the meaning of the word 'Hypocrite'??? Or don't they teach you that word for your laughably easy SAT's???

This article is clearly bogus!! Why on earth would Sharapova act like a diva on a Vogue shoot!!! She's no fool, and by all accounts in any 'real' articles i,ve read about her people say that she is actually very normal, not arrogant at all!

The only explanation for all you yanks hating Sharapova is that you're obviously all just fat lard asses who couldn't even swing a raquet let alone be capable of independent thought!!! It amazes me how the americans lap up what is spoon fed to them by the media, without ever questioning the credibility of it! I guess it just refelects the wider malaise inherent in american society! You like to stereotype people, put them in a pigeon holes, that way you can make sense of them! People are 'Jocks' or 'Geeks' etc!!! Its bizarre! Everything is always black or white to you! So you see a pretty blond Russian girl and immediately all your prejudices come out, and you assume she must be a horrible bitch?

The truth is that Sharapova has worked incredibly hard to achieve the success she has now! She literally came from nothing and her family risked everything for her! That's a huge amount of pressure that she has had to deal with! You don't win 2 grand slams because of luck, its sheer talent and hard work! I suspect that the hostility towards her stems from your own jealousy of what she has achieved! She is a positive role model for kids all over the world, and in a country where 1 in 4 people is obese I would have thought that should be something that the USA should be thankful for??!!!

2821 days ago


I agree with some people when they say Maria has earned everything she has. Now having said that, I dont think she really acted like that, even if she wasnt having a good day. And for all of you that said that she looks like a spoiled b..., I have a question for all of you: if she really is such a b... all the time, then why does she get so manny requests from people to do photo shoots or comercial or stuff like that? all of you are just jealous.

2821 days ago


Sharapova is the best and the one who is saying she is a bitch, his mother is a bitch.. F*** you all and good luck for my sweetheart Masha :)

2820 days ago


bad attitude plus worse player equals

2820 days ago


that could be wrong, and right too
but I stand here and fight for Maria
come on,
she is just an ordinary human, just like we are!
Do you expect yourself to be kind, graceful, and smile all the time?
besides, about the food
it's fast food! is a healthy top athlete eat that kind of things?

look, she is #1 tennis player right now, no doubt

2817 days ago


Sharapova bitch, bitch, bitch. Do you now that you are not Kournikova? Kournikova is most beautiful and smarter than you

2816 days ago


I'm a huge tennis fan, I saw this bitch once at the beach and ask for a picture. The whore called me a creep and walked away. At a restaurant once I saw her be mean to a mom and her little girl. They were in shock. I live in Manhattan Beach so I see her in town all the time. Always looks pissed and like she has a big stick up her butt.

1255 days ago
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