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Simpson Dupes Photog: "I Got You Good!"

2/8/2007 12:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson's new dark auburn do had photogs doing a double take in Beverly Hills last night.

TMZ's cameraman didn't even recognize Simpson as she entered Mr. Chow, prompting the star to turn around and remind him who she was (so he wouldn't miss her on the way out, of course). Thanks for the heads-up!

As Simpson chowed down at Chow, the waiting paparazzi grew from one camera to a full-on wall of photogs, who all complimented her new look as she exited. Just before jumping into her car, Simpson looked directly into TMZ's camera and said, "I know I got you good!"


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This is to # 10...FAT and UGLY losers like ourselves? So you're fat if you weight about 100LBS?!? Seriously, what's fat to you? Plus, shut the fuck up, you're not lindsay lohan!

2746 days ago

dana conwell    

All of u have nothing better 2 do then dis on some1 famous.Get a life. At least shes doing somthing with hers.

2745 days ago


You all really need to get a does anything jessica Simpson does or says effect your life? Ever heard of the word JEALOUS?

2732 days ago

Some dude    

Ah yes, but its all the Pap's fault right???

If ever one needed more proof of how starving for attention these people are, then this article says it all.

2759 days ago


What, she gets dark hair and now nobody knows her? It's because she looks black. Nobody likes black people?!?! RAAAAACIST! RAAAAAAAAACIST! HELP, HELP....I'M BEING OPPRESSED!

2759 days ago


I GOT you good!? oh jesssssssica! perhaps the blonde hair was more honest.

2759 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

No matter what the skanky slut does she will always have a horse face , rabbit teeth , crossed eyes and absolutely NO TALENT !!!!!!!

If not for pimp daddy Joe ! the Simpson skankswould be working at Walmart .

2759 days ago


No Shout out to John Mayer like the Pap. were asking for??? Wow-- I'm shocked!!!!

trouble in paradise??

2759 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

How pathetic!! You're pretty irrelevant when you have to remind photogs who you are.

TMZ, with this single article you have proven that the "celebrities" need you more than, you need them. Especially, the ones with no true talent.

If it wasn't for vehilcles like yours, the tabloids, and the entertainment news programs celebs say that they hate; no one would know who they are, what projects they are working on, or even care.

If you really do not want your picture taken by the papps; stop going places where you know they are. There are a few celebrities who do this, and I respect them and their body of work greatly.

2759 days ago

We, are not amused.    

It's like I said, these fu&cking show people live for and LOVE the attention. I Don't feel sorry for them at all. Publicity whores, especially this one, and of course we're the ones to suffer with having to look at hew stupid no talent ass when we could be reading about "real" celebrities like...ah...Paris, Lindesy! there you go, or ah...whatshername...the dumb blond that pretends to be a know with the younger sister who pretends to be a singer...damn, whatshername?

2759 days ago

Confused on the Photo    

You think she's trying to look more like "Thrilla Manilla" to win back Nick? Since he will always be a part of her life, guess since her career is going no where she's trying for the tabloid "Will they/Won't they" angle or the sympathy act like Jen has done for so long. Pathetic

2759 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    


No they got you because, they proved how desperate you and (every celebrity like you) are.

The fact is, if the paparazzi went away so, would a lot of your careers. The ones who need this type of attention would have to enter "paparazzi" rehab.

She needs to be grateful that someone wants to take their picture.

2759 days ago


Dear John Mayer,

Please ditch her if you haven't already. Continuum is going to make you more of a star than you already are...and rightfully so. Keep it in perspective and get with a woman more your type and with more class and intelligence.

2759 days ago


SO WHAT DO fat and ugly losers like yourselves do besides hate on celebs all day long?

2759 days ago

Great Dane    

I love the new hair Jess!!!!!!!!!!

2759 days ago
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