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Autopsy Doc Has Arrived on Scene

2/9/2007 10:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the Broward County Medical Examiner scheduled to perform the autopsy on Anna Nicole Smith has arrived at the coroner's office. The autopsy will be done this morning.


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My heart breaks i feel so bad for her. I think howard stern had somethingto do with this he is a low life loser who has been on her coat tails for years. He was clearly obsessed with her and he was the one that probably got her to say he was the dad and not this larry guy who is clearly this little girls father!! I hope she gets to be with daniel and I am sure they are looking over danilynn!!! God Speed!!!! RIP

2777 days ago

How long until the results though? I hear they found illegal drugs already.

2777 days ago


I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish she was stronger and not let people like Stern guide her decisions...He's a low life!!! Losing a child has to be the hardest thing in the world, and I HOPE she is with her son now......COMPLETE Tragedy!

2777 days ago


I hope this means that the baby isn't next on his list of people to drug to death for wealth

2777 days ago

I love it!    

This mess is already ugly I can only imagine the mess that is to come.
Whew! Terrible. I think that there will be speculation for a while on how she passed but, I heard on CNN that she had tried to commit suicide by jumping in the pool yesterday and someone performed CPR on her before she was found in her room choked on her own vomit. Why didn't anyone take her to the hospital? This is some creepy stuff.

2777 days ago

Allison DuBois    

If Anna had a personal nurse with her, why didn't she (nurse) preform CPR on her, instead of her Bodyguard Moe? The "Legal" nurse should know the correct steps to take in such a emergency, and to use a AED on Anna. It just does not add up! I am a nurse, and know the correct steps to take in such a emergency.

Also, where was her shadow (Howard) the whole time during this death? Interesting how he was present at "BOTH" deaths before the fact.

2777 days ago

Lorraine Bates    

Um, I could do the autopsy from my living room couch.

EVERYONE knows what killed her. Duh...

2777 days ago


It will be that she perished from a drug overdose. My thought though is that who gave those drugs to her? Howard could have said here, take these it will help and she would believe him not knowing what he really wanted to do to her. I think he did the same to her son. The two men yesterday being interviewed said that Howard flushed two pills that were in Anna's son's trousers. If he didn't have anything to hide, why flush them? Instead, use them as evidence.

I think Howard also paid off this so called nurse to be there to ensure that she did die. The nurse didn't administer CPR she called down to the front desk! What is that?

This all just smells of greed and murder! What makes me nervous is the baby is still in the Bahamas, and since right now Howard is suspect in this tragedy, he can hop on a plane and disappear with Danilynne. Someone should stop Howard from leaving Florida and order the child be brought to the US in order to get this paternity situation settled so the child doesn't have to suffer any more.

Lets hope for the baby's sake that Larry can get his daughter away from Howard as soon as he possibly can!

2777 days ago


Very sad situation for the child at hand. I think deep down Anna wanted to go out like "Marilyn" in every aspect - and she did. Drugs, alcohol, they will get you in the end - I understand all the tragedy that has come her way - but, didn't she have just a little bit to do with her fate? I would have hoped that her daughter would have given her a reason to change that fate. We will soon find out.

2777 days ago


Her NURSE panicked, and called the front desk. instead of performing CPR and calling 911? What kind of ligitimate nurse would react in such a way? I don't know any! This is all beyond suspicious.

2777 days ago


Rest in Peace Anna . May you and your son be at peace. May your daughter get someone who can raise with some love. We shall pray for your and daugther. Amen.

2777 days ago


Does anyone find all of this very creepy? Howard is present at Daniel's death, rumored to be flushing pills down the toilet, then mysteriously Anna jumps into a CROWDED public swimming pool and is then sent upstairs with a NURSE who panics and only calls the front desk? When she was pulled from the pool, why was she not rushed ASAP to the hospital for suicide watch? Now theres the video of her last minutes? Wonder who that check is made out to????? SICK.. and Howard K. Creepy??? I hope you rot in hell...

2777 days ago


It takes several weeks for offical toxicology results to be finalized...not like the 10 mintues it does on CSI. I'm almost positive that there will be drugs found in her system but what mixture and amount should be interesting.

I hope that the real father of her young baby is found out soon so that mystery of her life will be ended and then the mystery of her death can then be sorted out.

Either way, it's a sad thing :(

2777 days ago

marilyn winter    

I just want too express the sentiments, that I feel that millions of mothers everywhere are feeling about Anna Nichole. For unknown reasons drugs take preference over our chil's life, and mothers or anyone are hopeless too stop them. We see them killing themselves before our eyes and we're helpless to stop it. The lack of control in the world, over drug use has too be partly to blame. A sad world it has become.

2777 days ago


I'd be willing to bet the results will say "heroin overdose". The vomit is an excellent indicator. As a past addict myself and current volunteer for first aid education of addicts, I've known many people to commit suicide or try to in this manner. Postpartum depression on top of her son's death may have been too much. I wouldn't be able to go on if something happened to my daughter. I just hope she's happy and back with Daniel now.

2777 days ago
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