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Police: No Illegal Drugs Found in Anna's Room

2/9/2007 5:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Only prescription -- and not illegal drugs -- were found during an investigation of Anna Nicole Smith's room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, this according to Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger.

At a press conference outside the Broward County Medical Examiner's office, Tiger revealed that "No evidence has been revealed to suggest that a crime has occurred," and that sworn statements were taken from everyone involved.

While authorities were unable to identify an official cause of death, Broward County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper suggested that the death might be due to either natural causes, medication, or a combination of natural causes and medication.

Perper was able to rule out several speculated causes of death, such as blunt force trauma, gunshot wounds or asphyxia, meaning she did not suffocate to death on her own vomit.

Perper revealed that a small amount of blood was found in Anna's stomach, which he says is a result of the terminal shock Smith experienced before she died. He also said that no pills or tablets were found in her stomach.

Perper also acknowledged the need for Anna's DNA (due to the ongoing paternity dispute) and said a "large sample" was taken.

According to Perper, an official cause of death would be determined in 3 to 5 weeks.


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All American Girl    

She had been sick with the flu. Maybe she got some kind of toxic shock. She is with her son now. She was heartbroken over his death.

2813 days ago

Freida Brownie    

Flushed the drugs in the hospital, flushed the drugs in the hotel, that HKS surelikes to go to the toilet alot when theres trouble!!

2813 days ago


Yes, it's a suspicious death, one that should be investigated entirely. Yes, it's going to drag out for weeks and maybe months and years. With her tragic early death, she is this generations Marilyn. May she rest in peace!

2813 days ago


"declanium" and "patty cake"--you got it. Tragic and sad for ditzy, gold-diggin' Anna; poor Danielynn. NEXT!

2813 days ago


Howard fed her whatever drugs she was taking. It was to his benefit to keep her in another zone. You can go back years in video and he is always standing there staring at her. That man was obsessed with her for many, many years. He was her drug pimp and as long as she was dependant on him for the drugs, he had control of her.

I hope there is some justice in the end. A young man lost his life and a woman died long before her time. I'm not defending her lifestyle, she made her choices. HOWEVER, all of those around her that exploited her and at the same time proclaimed to love her are liars.

I'm also going to try and not be too cynical about her relationship with her family. I hope her mother does try and gain custody of the baby until the father can be proven. One thing is a given. Until Howard is cleared of any involvement in either Daniel's or Anna's death, that man should not be allowed anywhere near that child. The drugs found in that room may have been legal and they may be in Howard's name but if he is reliant on all of that medication to function on a daily basis, he is incapable of caring for an infant.

2813 days ago



2813 days ago


so, elvis didn't die of 'illegal drugs' either. just becuase there wasn't a large amount of one drug ingested (where there would still be pills in the stomach), doesn't mean a cocktail of a few different kinds wouldn't do it. seems to be going the same way daniel's went so far. besides, maybe the methadone was liquid?

Doesn't anyone find it a little odd Stern hasn't said a word? Even Larry has! I understand he is distrought (or running scared HAHA) but he could put out a 'pre made' statement through his lawyer at least...

2813 days ago


I suspect that the autopsy results are going to show that Anna Nicole's death is attributable to her yo-yo weight losses/gains over the years. This does damage to the heart. Unless we hear otherwise I feel we should all stop the accusations of drugs as the cause of death. Maybe to the world she was a "celebrity" but she had friends and family who are grieving right now and I think we should remember that this isn't a news story to them. It's a tragedy with all the accompanying pain that you or I would feel if it was our loved one. That said, the woman who gave birth to Anna Nicole needs to shut up. Please note I did not call her a mother. A mother wouldn't desecrate her child's memory like she has.

2813 days ago

poor thing....    

How did this happen if there were so many people staying in the hotel? You would think they would check on her periodically.... And how come when the Nurse found her, she didn't even call 911, but called the front desk, who called security, who called 911. And why did the BODYGUARD apply CPR and not the Nurse?

Are they all on drugs???

2813 days ago


I think she died of a broken heart from her son. You never get over your children dying and whoever is NOT a parent will never understand so dont comment. I feel for her. Her family, friends, and the media all bashed this poor woman. Still in her death she's being bashed, so many negative stories. I definately think she got severely depressed from her son's death, she got sick, physically and emotionally and collapsed. Sometimes your body cant take any more hurt.. you cant go on. RIP Anna.

2813 days ago


or maybe it was polonium-210, like Alexander Litvinenko and Stern is KGB. that is not something that is normally tested for in an autopsy. that would top off this crazy story!

2813 days ago



Side effects include fasciculations, muscle pains, acute rhabdomyolysis with hyperkalemia, transient ocular hypertension, and changes in cardiac rhythm including bradycardia, cardiac arrest, and ventricular dysrhythmias. In children with unrecognized neuromuscular diseases, a single injection of succinylcholine can lead to massive release of potassium from skeletal muscles with cardiac arrest.

Succinylcholine does not produce unconsciousness or anesthesia, and its effects may cause considerable psychological distress while simultaneously making it impossible for a patient to communicate. For these reasons, administration of the drug to a conscious patient is strongly contraindicated, except in necessary emergency situations.

This drug has occasionally been used as a paralyzing agent for executions by lethal injection, although pancuronium bromide is the preferred agent today because of its longer duration of effect and its absence of fasciculations as a side effect. It has also been used for murder.[1]

Succinylcholine is the drug that is suspected to have been used to murder Nevada State Controller Kathy Augustine

Hope they look for it. It dissipates in the body pretty quickly.

2813 days ago


TO I don't get it....
also... why was her fever 105 and the nurse didn't think it necessary to take her to hospital then?

TO Linda...
i am sure the families are thinking all the same things we are, and are wanting all the same answers too. it is not disgraceful to her memory to wonder.

2813 days ago


who cares? better people die every day from various reasons.

2813 days ago


What the hell are Fentanyl lillipops?

2813 days ago
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