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Police: No Illegal Drugs Found in Anna's Room

2/9/2007 5:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Only prescription -- and not illegal drugs -- were found during an investigation of Anna Nicole Smith's room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, this according to Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger.

At a press conference outside the Broward County Medical Examiner's office, Tiger revealed that "No evidence has been revealed to suggest that a crime has occurred," and that sworn statements were taken from everyone involved.

While authorities were unable to identify an official cause of death, Broward County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper suggested that the death might be due to either natural causes, medication, or a combination of natural causes and medication.

Perper was able to rule out several speculated causes of death, such as blunt force trauma, gunshot wounds or asphyxia, meaning she did not suffocate to death on her own vomit.

Perper revealed that a small amount of blood was found in Anna's stomach, which he says is a result of the terminal shock Smith experienced before she died. He also said that no pills or tablets were found in her stomach.

Perper also acknowledged the need for Anna's DNA (due to the ongoing paternity dispute) and said a "large sample" was taken.

According to Perper, an official cause of death would be determined in 3 to 5 weeks.


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Got a bad flu a couple weeks ago even though I got a flu shot. Others I know got this nasty bug too. I felt like crap a few days B4 it really kicked in. When it did I heaved so hard it felt as though my insides were coming up. ANS was physically and mentally stressed plus over-medicated. Just maybe the combination of these things stressed her body so that she was unable to handle a common flu bug. Maybe.....

2820 days ago


ever after she dies people attack her. i'd just love to see you all in her shoes these past couple of months and see how you all handle it. i'm sure you'd all just be perfect at it + get over your son's death in 2 seconds + go through a paternity suit + handle endless lawsuits + be evicted from your home and come out of all that be perfectly sane. everyone thinks they're so invincible.

2820 days ago


I can't believe the stupid questions asked over & over & yet again over by the reporters. I heard the Doctor, why didn't they? The study of her has not been completed. So stop speculating and wait people. I'm more amused and entertained by the stupidity.

2820 days ago


why in this world won't they let this poor woman rest in peace? instead of all the flack about this or that the real worry is about that poor baby who is now without a mother. it seems that most of the people who are wanting there 10 mins of fame is just worried about money and not worried about who will raise the baby. Maybe now ANS will peace, all of us here knowing she is with her dear son Just my two cents....... rest in peace Dear Lady

2820 days ago


man, some of you people are mean. she's a person and a person deserves respect even in death, especially in death. it's no one's business but her family's how she died who are hurting- something some ppl dont seem to get. i wasn't even a fan- all i ever heard were nasty tabloid rumors and it's just sad to me that its still what i'm hearing. have a heart and show some respect.

2820 days ago


Princess and Sally,

As it has been widely reported, the prescription drugs found in her room and on her person were in Howard's name. It is ILLEGAL to posses/ingest someone else's prescribed medication. Duh, you ignorant idiots. And give me a break we all know she didn't die of "heart problems" at the ripe old age of 39. She's been on drugs for years. Ever see The Anna Nicole Show??? She overdosed just like her son did. Get a clue.

2820 days ago


I think it's obvious that Ryan O'Neal did it.

2820 days ago


Enough Anna..let her rest in peace!!


katie Holmes had Plastic Surgery.....check out these sites and reway comment 72 on the first link to see a list of what she may have had done

On that note, I wonder just how many surgerys Cruise has had to keep himslef looking the way he does......and for that matter, Nicole..hahah
She actuallty aged herself overnight............ahhahahha..if scientologist beleive in accepting themselves etc, why the nose job..hahahhah

2820 days ago

Mary P.    

Flu doesn't kill people, makes ya feel like crap, sure, but overdosing on the meds to help the symptoms does.

2820 days ago


2820 days ago


this is for comment # 9...she wasn't murdered you tw*t! the police and coroner already sais there was no sign of trauma to the body or any evidence a crime occurred.

2820 days ago


she didn't overdose people ffs!

2820 days ago


To Knows the Law:

You might know the law (which I doubt), but you obviously don't pay much heed to the FACTS. Even if the prescriptions were in Howard's name, it would not be illegal for them to be in Anna's room, because she and Howard were lovers, partners, and LIVING TOGETHER! Did you expect him to keep his meds in some place other than HIS room?

As for your ignorant comment about her not dying of heart problems at 39, you obviously haven't lost anyone at a young age. My cousin died at age 31 from coronary artery disease that led to a massive heart attack. Sudden, unexpected, and undiagnosed despite the fact that he was medically screened not 4 months earlier for a shoulder surgery he needed.

No one knew he had a heart problem until he got chest pains driving home from college. He pulled over and called 911 from his cell phone. A NJ trooper was at his side in less than 3 minutes, and the ambulance arrived a minute or two later. Still, none of them could save him. From onset of pain to his death in the ambulance was no more than 15 minutes.

So I suggest you stop talking out of your ass and actually learn something before you act as if you know it all.

2820 days ago


As one of the "big" bloggers on the Internet, I've rec'd alot of traffic for my comments about Anna Nicole, and I stand by them 100%.

The feeding frenzy. I'd rather concentrate on a different kind of feeding frenzy, like the possible Ben and Jerry's Stephen Colbert ice cream that has been buzzing on the Internet for months. I don't believe that this picture of the carton with the flavor (supposedly leaked by a Whole Foods employee) is real. But I could be wrong.

2820 days ago


Laura, Can you provide any links in regards to the information the DJ
provided? This is the first I had heard anything about that. Thanks

2820 days ago
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