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Only in America! Don King Holding Presser on Anna

2/9/2007 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that legendary boxing promoter Don King is holding a press conference at his office in Deerfield Beach, Fla. to discuss the death of Anna Nicole Smith.
Anna Nicole Smith, Don King
Our sources say that King will discuss his experience with Anna during a recent boxing match she attended at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel.


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This is better than my soap Opera's right now. Poor Anna had too many bad people around her that just wanted her fame or money.

2722 days ago


number 9 i think your right! i do believe its larrys baby!! you can tell he truly does love her to this day. and i pray that he is the father. He is the only sane one out of them all, well atleast the ones we know about so far!

2722 days ago


This is a job for the Maury Povich Show. Only Maury can determine who is the baby-daddy!!

2722 days ago


Dottie, when you pass out, please don't fall on me. LOL This shit is breaking faster than I can read. THE CIRCUS HAS COME TO TOWN. What an unbelievable tragedy.

2722 days ago


Who's next?! Gary Colemna, Screech or maybe Andy Dick!!!!

2722 days ago

Captain Tina    

its pretty sad what people will do to get a spot in the limelight... STOP USING A TRAGIC UNFORTUNATE DEATH TO FURTHER YOURSELVES!!! Its sick!

2722 days ago


If Don King's going to jump in on this, then Jessie Jackson can't be too far behind. And remember, he's already had a baby outside his marriage.

2722 days ago

Only in    

How Moronic, This killer down in Florida with his partner OJ Simpson. Some where theres a story there.?? MMmm

2722 days ago


It appears that none of these people publicly wanted to acknowledge her when she was alive, it's hard to believe what people will do for their 15 minutes of fame.
What can he possibly say about seeing her at the boxing match, she didn't feel good? apparently not, she's dead.

2722 days ago


Why is it that all of the rats are crawling out of the wood work. First her Mom and sister that she hasn't talked to in over 10 years and now this. It's like they want their 15 minutes of fame, I don't think they really care. If they did where have they been the last 10 years. Makes me sick

2722 days ago


I didnt watch all of Anna show but she mostly seemed lost , and genuine in her own way...Howard was ALWAYS there by her side, and she knew he was goign nowhere..that man has done a lot and put up wiht a lot ot earn her trust...he could write a sensational book and make money, yet he stayed by her side even through her worst moments. I doubt he had anythign to do with her death......

She must have had a really messed up upbringing to behave the way she did on teh sow, it was like watching a train wreck ane the people she was close to was HOward and her Son. everyone else came and was like a little girl stunted emotionally, she coudl get whats she wanted....fame still didnt give her what she craves adn teh sad thing was that she did not know what she craved...her story was sad, and I feel bad for the baby and Howard...I dont beleive for a second that Howard even had the guts to kill her, she more or less wore the pants in the triad they had.

2722 days ago


Dottie, please have a family member close by when you pass out.
Eden, we always poured salt on the slugs. It works.

Man Law:
PLEASE change the "fifteen minutes of fame" to five.

2722 days ago


Don King? COME ON NOW.
Next it will be Jesse (I'm Everywhere) Jackson.

2722 days ago


I agree with #1 comments.Its sickning the way people are trying to get there 15 mins.Let the poor lady R.I.P.!!!

2722 days ago


Too much; don't worry. I'll push you out the way before I fall. LOL

2722 days ago
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