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Report: Howard K. Stern Executor of Anna's Will

2/9/2007 9:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ET is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith did, in fact, have a will. According to the show, it was written before the death of her son Daniel and the birth of daughter Dannielynn -- and names Howard K. Stern as the executor.

The document reportedly named Daniel as her sole heir, but now that she had a daughter, Dannielynn is, as of now, Anna's closest next of kin.

A family law expert tells TMZ that disposition will get sticky depending on what happens with the paternity suit and whether or not Anna and Howard's Bahamian commitment ceremony is deemed legally binding by a probate court. One complex issue is that Howard cannot legally be the executor and a beneficiary of the will.

Anna's complicated legal woes have followed her to the morgue.


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#29 -- You know, I just thought of something too. On an interview with ET/The Insider, HKS was asked about the Enquirer story that suggested that he may have killed Daniel. His response was (paraphrasing): "No, I love Daniel. He was like a brother ... if I had something to do with his death, do you think she'd (ANS) try to protect me?" As broken-hearted that ANS was over the death of Daniel, never did I see HKS show any emotion during those interviews. He sat there stone-faced.

So, what's the deal?

2779 days ago

filling in for Colombo    

Sarah of the one brain cell said, who obviously if she ever did, would not get away with murder, writes:

"Colombo.....would it not be easier to kill birkhead and get rid of the competition...."

Not unless you really wanted to leave open evidence that Stern was the murder. Actually the smart thing for Stern is to attempt to remove the very real capacities for the already court allowed legal DNA challenge by Birkhead, which Stern has seemingly successfully done so far. Then all Stern has to do is lay low and cry some crocodile tears from those insane eyes he has.

This ain't the movies, sarah, this is real life where the plot is sometimes hidden instead of splashed up on the big screen.

And with a billion dollars funding the production of this plot, and such you had best beware of any other question except "who benefits", cui bono? The only person I see benefiting from all the multiple deaths in the past five months so close to ANS, is Stern.

I hope that the only verified family relation of ANS's mother gets some custody, since Stern has no legal marriage to ANS.

What is so damning to Stern is that he wants to avoid a DNA test. In other words, Stern knowingly lied on the birth certificate, certainly some sort of felony. If his motivation was premeditated murder when he signed it (then killing three days later the other 20 year old heir, placing him in charge of a billion dollar 3 week old baby as executor), that's quite a growing list of crimes.

YOu know what we used to do was investigate crimes when I was young. We didn't spin defense statements for potential murders until we learned a bit more, which is what I suggest others do.

Hold off on your fake closing statements and groundless alibis you come up with off the top of your head for the defense of the ghoul executor, before the case has even started.

2779 days ago

filling in for Colombo    

How did Daniel die? What's the "official story" and where did this official story come from?

2779 days ago


This paternity battle is shaping up to be the best Maury episode ever!

2779 days ago


What was Howard doing when she was dying? He seems kind of devious. He was supposedly her best friend.

2779 days ago


this is all very fishy to me

2779 days ago

Enough Already!    

Holy cow! A bunch of Nancy Drews up in the house tonight!!! Does it cross some of you nutbars little minds that Anna Nicole might have stressed her heart out taking ....trimspa? that along with her poor broken heart over her beloved Daniel. You all are pointing your dirty little fingers at "Howard the Murderer" yet there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE to support this theory. And gee as "crazy" as his eyes might look, I would go out on a limb and say I think Howard loved Anna Nicole unconditionally. I think he would have roped the moon for that woman if he could have. I think she knew that and I think she would definately want her little girl to be with him and I would stake my life on whether he got money with the deal or not he would love her like there was no tomorrow whether she was his or not simply because she belongs to Anna Nicole. I think without Anna Nicole Howard K Stern will just be heartbroken, he lived for her. And this theory of him murdering Daniel then Anna Nicole is just so over the top rediculous its not even funny. The others in this cast of characters are the scary ones as far as Im concerned. Here is Larry who claims Anna Nicole was "the love of his life" yet when he had to know she was not in her right mind since her son was found dead, he hounded her. Made the rounds on the talk shows...just horriable. Now its mama's turn to shes a real treat. I dont give a shit if shes the only one on earth with the same blood in her veins as Danilynn, this woman was NOT a good mother and Anna Nicole wanted no part of her for herself, Daniel and Im sure for this baby. Leave your theories for the experts people. Youre only stirring the water and theres no meat or vegtables in it

2779 days ago



2779 days ago


Well this doesn't surprise me one bit, he kept her stoned to keep her under his thumb, he played on her weaknesses. Stern is going to do everything he can to hang onto DannieLynne now, I just hope that Larry can get that little girl away from that sadistic monster.

2779 days ago


Howard K. looks like he Sylar from HEROES in this picture...........maybe he had to kill Anna to steal some of her powers!

2779 days ago


i am truly sorry this woman died and i am scared to death if that baby winds up with howard k..whats up with that i mean 2 deaths when he is supposedly with each one 1st the son and now the mother bullshit! he is killing this family off he is desperate. anna n. was probably getting ready to get rid of him and he knows that she never loved him,somebody needs to protect that child until he is cleared of these 2 deaths. danilyn needs to be put in protective custody until anna's mom can take her home, i mean a coincedence my ass, somethings not right here!

2779 days ago


HKS was in the hotel room with Anna. He was also in the room when Daniel died. He might have been providing them with drugs on purpose.

2779 days ago


columbo......the fact that you think one "troll" is using several names to "spin" a story that is sensitive to HKS makes you the delusional moron. What law agency were you with? Boulder, CO? you dont know shit just like everyone else, yet you are sure quick to lock him up and throw away the key. I happen to be an inspector CURRENTLY for a metropolitan agency myself. So your "expertise" is not impressive.

2779 days ago


I'm an immigrant from the Philippines. I'm aware of the laws and procedure regarding immigration. Bahamian law doesn't have much bearing on Dannilyn and the marriage of ANS to HKS, because they are not citizen of Bahamas. You need to check out our immigration laws especially the site of US embassy in Bahamas, it will state clearly about parents of both US citizen who are residing overseas and had children overseas, they are US CITIZENS! The mother of ANS should have went to US embassy and be presented by US counsel provided by our US embassy. Dannilyn parents are both US citizen, her birth of place is in bahamas. The regulation at US embassy said it clearly:

Birth Abroad to Two U.S. Citizen Parents in Wedlock

"A child born abroad to two U.S. citizen parents acquires U.S. citizenship at birth as long as one of the parents has resided in the U.S. prior to the child's birth. No specific period of time for such prior residence is required. "

The marriage of ANS to HKS in Bahamas is SOLELY protected by the law in BAHAMAS ONLY, they can't bring the law of BAHAMAS MARRIAGE LAW and enforced the law to the US SOIL! The money inheritance and custody of the child is under the US law because she is US citizen. The US embassy will eventually step in and will abide by the immigration laws based on the citizenship of the child parents. The bahamian can't do anything. I'm already US citizen, before when I was just a non US- citizen status with my US green card , I have to ask my husband an american to write me a letter permitting me to bring my US citizen son overseas to visit my country. The reason is, the US government have the right over my child because he is US citizen and they have the right to ask me to bring it back to US if my husband request me to do so.

2779 days ago


On Fox news tonight her sister said HKS isolated her and wouldn't let anyone else get close to her . The scripts in her hotel room had his name on them. I think her entire entourage is in on it.

I think Birkhead is the father.

2779 days ago
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