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Report: Howard K. Stern Executor of Anna's Will

2/9/2007 9:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ET is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith did, in fact, have a will. According to the show, it was written before the death of her son Daniel and the birth of daughter Dannielynn -- and names Howard K. Stern as the executor.

The document reportedly named Daniel as her sole heir, but now that she had a daughter, Dannielynn is, as of now, Anna's closest next of kin.

A family law expert tells TMZ that disposition will get sticky depending on what happens with the paternity suit and whether or not Anna and Howard's Bahamian commitment ceremony is deemed legally binding by a probate court. One complex issue is that Howard cannot legally be the executor and a beneficiary of the will.

Anna's complicated legal woes have followed her to the morgue.


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oh for heaven's sake so called columbo, read the stories right. the so called secret nurse was the wife of the bodyguard, thathas been in print and she did not disappear, the police interviewed her. and where did you get that the "methadone" was in stern's name, there was no mention of methadone with ANS, her son had methadone in his sytem.granted we do not no who the father of her baby is but I believe with DNA test that will come out. whether it be stern or birkhead, not the Asshole gabor is married to.And there was written that there were prescription meds in her room, but not the names of those meds or who they where written for.

2756 days ago


why does he look so strung out in this picture?

2756 days ago


Why is it that the news and many of those who listen to the news have to attack a person when they are suffering? Why dont we all worry about what is happening in our world than, delving into the private life of a beautiful woman, baby and the man she felt closest too...Howard if you ever read this please know that there are some of us in this world who are sad for your loss and your pain. We are sad for a beautiful baby girl who no longer has a mother to love her and raise her. Obviously Anna's mother was worthless and nothing more than "white trailer trash". I dont blame Anna for separating herself and her family from those who sot no more than to attack and belittle her. I pray for her soul, the soul of her son and for the life of her beautiful baby girl and Howard. God Bless them all....

2756 days ago


paramedics cell phone video of anna nichole cpr

2756 days ago


I smell a rat and it stinks to high heaven! I DO NOT believe ANS's son "accidently" died after complaining of a "stomach ache" and 5 months later ANS has died after complaining of "flu-like systems" before she died yesterday. The very best pathologists should be brought in to find out if there is something that was given to mother and son that is not detectible through an autopsy. This is WAY too wierd. Someone PLEASE do something to prove these two were murdered - no way the public is going to accept both died of a mixture of "drugs". I'm in my 50's - take a combination of medications which includes a muscle relaxer, a pain killer, anti-anxiety medication and an antidepressent and occasionally I have to go the the emergency room for a pain shot because my neck/back lock up on me and I've never overdosed. The prescription drugs that were supposedly found in Daniel's system were not that many and he was so young. As for Anna Nicole, yes, I believe she was extremely depressed after losing her son but there are so many unanswered questions: where was Howard when she died and how long had he been gone? What was she doing in Florida - she obviously was sick? How long had she been sick and why did she have a "private nurse" with her? If she was sick enough to need a "private nurse" why wasn't she in the hospital or why hadn't Howard taken her to the emergency room for treatment? Where was the "private nurse" and what was she doing while Anna Nicole was dying? Who were the last people Anna Nicole spoke with before she died and what did she tell them? I will never believe this is a "coincidence" - mother and son die within 5 months of each other under "mysterious" circumstances. The paternity test should have been done asap to find out who the real father is. This and the money she would have inherited are the real reasons Daniel and his mother are dead. Everyone needs to stop believing they both died from drug overdoses - that's exactly what the "murderer" wants the public to think so he can get away with what he's done. Yes, she was wacky and came across as a bimbo but she was a valuable human being and a mother who deeply loved her son and was looking forward to raising a beautiful little girl. He was a healthy young man who had his whole life ahead of him - a straight A student who was shy and sensitive and loved his mother very much. The rest of what we saw was for show/publicity. As for the baby girl, I believe her life is in danger and she should be given to ANS's mother until paternity has been proven as to who her father is. I'm willing to bet the father is not Howard. ANS's mother and sisters should continue to fight for the inheritance that Anna Nicole has been fighting for 12 years for the sake of that little girl. She will grow up without her mother and brother - I feel sorry for her already.

2756 days ago


Hey! Stern also killed Jon Bennet......on a grassy knoll! He was also hired by Charles to run Di's Mercedes off the road.

This is so ridiculous!. He may be guilty of something which would justify the slander, but just in case he is not, (which also may very well be the case)....people shouldn't make the devastation he could POSSIBLY be going through worse for him with the dime store conspiracy theories. Same goes for Birkhead and her family too.

I say this because I have had first hand experience in having a significant other commit suicide and having to deal with the overwhelming grief. The finger pointing and blaming that comes with it only make an already intolerable experience absolutely excruciating.

I hope none of them agree to an interview with Nancy Grace anytime soon.

By the way, when we do investigations in my department, we concentrate on actual evidence and not speculation, media leaks, or "crazy eyes".

2756 days ago


HMMMMMM..POOR HKS.....LOOKS LIKE HE WILL HAVE TO FIND A REAL JOB SINCE HIS MEAL-TICKET IS DEAD.....OH NO WAIT I FORGOT.....HE HAS A NEW ONE IN THE BABY! I pray that god looks over this little angel and sees to it that she is placed in a loving caring home where nobody will profit from her or exploit her!

2756 days ago


What in the hell is with that Frederik Van Anhalt guy? He is just doing this for publicity. He said he likes the women he has affairs with to be childish. Isn't Zsa Zsa pissed? Or maybe she is in on it too since she hasn't been very famous for a while.

2755 days ago

Joeann Joffrion Thomas    

Bob know baby daddy #3, Where is Maury when we need him?

2755 days ago

Mad Balls    

The Nurse was just on ABC . Also her (ANNAs) doctor . They all looked coached . The nurse mentioned " icing " her (ANNA) down . ABC in , Headlight frozen jurnalism , missed a beat when they had no one really check and do some diging . I have never heard on the modern pratice of icing someone down unless they were goin through some withdrawl . And then it is not acceptable as it can lead to heart failure or stroke . The modern pratice of fluids with IV and rest is what is used nowadays . Very Strange . Beside that the rest of the show was nothing . (20/20) very little new and a sorta , your a crazy if you believe anyhting else othe r that what we want you to know -- so pre-internet . Oh , and by the way Marilyn did not die of a self-induced drug overdose . No traces of the drug that killed her where found in her stomach or upper intestine ( FBI files , check it out!) but massive amounts were found in her lower intestine . She probably got knocked out and some one could'nt get the pills in her mouth . Howards a killer .

2755 days ago


I think Zsa Zsa is in a coma currently so she probably could care less

2755 days ago


The executor of a will CAN also be a beneficiary and you can have up to four executors. Now, if Stern was a witness to the will, he can't be a beneficiary.

Also, if Dannielynn is now the sole beneficiary and Stern is her father, he will most likely control that money and if she were to die young, he would probably receive it, as her sole beneficiary.

There is something definitely fishy about this whole thing, IMO.

2755 days ago


"In other words, Stern knowingly lied on the birth certificate, certainly some sort of felony. "

Let me just say at the outset that I don't like Howard Stern. I think he did much to isolate Anna Nicole Smith and to get her really screwed up on drugs. I think its instructive that the drugs found in her hotel room had HIS name on them. Also, that the drugs given to her son were appartently from his stash of prescriptions. Also, he had such control over all of her actions that her nurse was afraid to call EMS without going through him. Which in and of itself may have cost her any chance she had of surviving the episode in her hotel room when she first lost consciousness. Who knows what might have happened if the nurse had called EMS right away instead of calling Stern and then waiting for Stern to call back as she wasn't able to reach him right away. Stern must have been VERY controlling if the nurse was afraid to call 911 even though the situation was so dire that the bodyguard was providing CPR. Think about that for a minute. That's a guy who had to have practiced some intimidation tactics in the past.

All of that said about the jerk, Stern would never be arrested and convicted for lying on a birth certificate. Regardless of how the dna came back, there would be no way to PROVE that he knew he wasn't the father. Any man having sexual relations with Anna Nicole during the time conception could reasonably have been expected to take place might reasonably believe that he is the baby's father. And there is absolutely no way to prove one way or the other whether or not Howard Stern and Anna Nicole had such relations, as he says they did, and she isn't around to say otherwise.

I'm hoping that her mother, who has had such horrible things to say about Anna, isn't the one who ends up raising the child. It doesn't appear that she gave Anna a very promising start in life. I understand exactly why Larry Birkhead tried to get the emergency order. He was afraid, given reports of large quantities of different prescription drugs in the hotel room and the fact that this is the second person in the immediate family to die of what seems to possibly be a drug overdose, that what he believes to be his baby is in immediate danger if left with Howard Stern. A man he has to believe is not the best of caretakers if he has now been at least peripherally responsible for two deaths. That of Anna Nicole's son, and now, Anna Nicole. I can understand Larry Birkhead's sense of extreme urgency. I would be feeling EXACTLY the same way. In fact, I think I would be frustrated beyond all imagination. Because if it does turn out that Anna Nicole's death was complicated by prescription medications, and all of the medications in the room were written for Howard Stern, then that can only mean that for the second time in a few months, Mr. Stern has given a lethal dose of his own medication to someone else.

Its a wonder that some equivalent of Child Protective Services in the Bahamas doesn't step in and remove that child immediately for the pendancy of these legal proceedings, at least until it's determined who the child's father and righful guardian is.

2755 days ago


That HKS could have inadvertantly caused the death of Daniel Smith by handing him the drugs that killed him is not outside the realm of possibilities. That HKS would have murdered Daniel and then Anna so he could have control over a POSSIBLE "heir" is WAAAAAAAAAY out there, especially because if Dannielynn DID inherit anything from the marshall estate, it would be set up in TRUST CONTROLLED BY THE COURTS!! HKS may be a little creepy. He may be a little controlling. But give me a break, the man was WHIPPED. I DONT think he is a murderer. Besides, everyone is crawling out of the woodwork now and the PROFESSIONALS who knew ANS are saying she was much more in control of things than she wanted others to realize.

HOWARD K. STERN DID NOT INTRODUCE ANNA NICOLE SMITH TO DRUGS. Her own horrible ice-queen mother has said that ANS was "partying" HARD WAAAAYYY before she became "famous", before she met J. Howard Marshall, etc. She has said the Marshall made ANS cut down the partying because HE DIDNT LIKE IT. If anything, I can believe that HKS ENABLED ANS to do drugs, even if he hated it, because of his feelings for her.

As to the cause of death: if she really was running a fever like that, if she really was as sick as everyone says, I imagine it will be discovered that she died from some heart involvement caused by infection. SOMETIMES these things arent immediately obvious and the Dr who did the autopsy said the organs would have to be PM'd to determine that.

So hold your stones (there is no joke there) before you throw them. What if HKS really was just what he appeared to be, a man in love with someone who probably didnt love him back as much? What if the worst thing he can be accused of is being an enabler? And before you jump on the bandwagon and say he should be prosecuted for that, remember, there are LOTS of ways to enable people you love to do things they shouldnt do, such as overeat, smoke cigarettes, drink a little too much, whatever.

2755 days ago


Actually, my theory of this case is that he was drugging her, covertly, probably in her drinks and food, to keep her dependent upon him and to be able to manipulate her easier. He was besotted with her and had been for some time. He wanted to make certain that he didn't lose her to another man. He wanted to keep her isolated and with him. I theorize, and again, this is just a theory, that yesterday he overdid her dosage, giving her too much, with dire consequences. He didn't want the hospital to know he'd been giving her drugs, so they tried to take care of it themselves in the room prior to calling the ambulance. He was panicking.

She has seemed MUCH MUCH more under the influence over these past few months that she has been solely with him. And I do believe that he wanted to keep it that way. I don't think he wanted to kill her, I just think that he reached a tipping point in her system where all of the drugs potentiated each other and sent her spiraling down into a coma. If the police were wise, they picked up any glassware in the hotel room to test for sustances. However.... I doubt that they did.

Now I have no doubt that Anna Nicole experimented with drugs outside of or rather, before, her relationship with Stern. But, I think it increased SUBSTANTIALLY after the two of them got together. I'm not certain why this is. The only thing I can think of is that he wanted to keep her vulnerable and under his control and that was the best way to do it.

Now, as to the cause of death, we would know already if she had died from a problem with her heart, regardless of the cause. But certainly IF she really was suffering from a high fever for several days, she could have had a bacterial infection that had spread to her blood stream. She could have become septic. That would explain a lot. And it would certainly let Stern off the hook. I hope that this is what they do find.

And I hope that they settle the paternity issue soon. A baby does not need to be dangled around waing for adults to argue over what is really a simple procedure.

2755 days ago
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