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Tragic Hollywood Blondes

2/9/2007 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith isn't the first Hollywood blonde to be plagued by tragedy. The blondes have had it rough in Tinseltown; from stabbings to car crashes to gunshots.
Tragic blondes: click for images

Here's a gallery of some of the most infamously tragic blondes to have graced the public eye.

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You guys really don't have anything else to write a story on huh? Where's Lo Ho and Paris Whoreton to break the tension?

2815 days ago


Golly jee TMZ, did Rosie kill those blonds as well???? Just wondering if she had something to do with their deaths the same way you think she had something to do with anna nicoles.......

2815 days ago


Britney is next!!!

2815 days ago


How eerie that Anna Nicole Smith was born the year Jayne Mansfield died...

2815 days ago

chi chi    

they just said on ET that she had a 105 fever, they put her in an ice bath. First of all , for an adult that temp is serious and a doctor would put her in a hospital. Who are these idiots to think they can play doctor? That baby needs to have the grandma get her and quick before the drugged out Howard kills her by accident too.

2815 days ago


Sharon Tate should be included in the list . . . the most tragic of all!

2815 days ago

Erica N.    

What about Sharon Tate? I thought for sure she'd be on the list?.....

2815 days ago


what about Sharon Tate??? She died stabbed in her nine month pregnant belly!!

2815 days ago


Over half of them are not real blondes, so what's the point of the story?

2815 days ago


Stern had nothing to do with either death. He was so whipped over this woman that he ruined his career and reputation to be with her. He is not after any money.....he has stuck with her all these years because he desparately wanted her to return his affections. I bet she never even had sex with him and he said all that shit about their relationship cause she made him.

I have a feeling that he was just too big of a pussy to ever say no to any of her crazy requests and always gave in. The baby is not his and he knows it. However, I think that he is the only person on earth who was truly in love with Anna and cared about her. He would not take advantage of kid, if he got custody.....that is if he doesnt kill himself first cause I doubt he can live without Anna.

2815 days ago


Don't compare real beauty of Marlyn to the whorish Anna Nicole.

The only similarity between Marlyn and Anna is was the blonde hair.

Marlyn was sexy with class and grace.. Anna was a drunkin whore who wished she could be something 1/2 as immortal as the true Blonde Bombshell.

Now we have to listen to this crap about Anna Nicole instead of focusing on real issues in news..

There's a difference between the famous blondes and Anna nicole.. they all had talent.. Anna was a wannabe whore with no talent.

2815 days ago


What about Sharon Tate? That was definitely pretty tragic.

2815 days ago


Anna Nicole had a VERY long history of drug abuse. I knew she was going to overdose with the loss of her son Daniel. With her history of drug abuse I'm surprised that she had not died sooner.
There is NO comparison to Anna and Marlilyn Monroe. Marilyn was tied in with the Kennedy's and knew too much info. Marilyn was murdered.
Anna had a drug problem. I am a fan of them all, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Anna Nicole.
Anna is at piece now, it;s a shame though with her new baby dannilynn, will never know her mother. The truth shall prevail of the father's paternity. The father is, what I believe NOT to be, is Howard K. Stern. I think Howard is a piece of sh*t. He knew of Anna's drug addiction and did NOTHING to help her, especially after her son's death. Anna needed VERY MUCH counseling. She was surrounded by loosers, and people who obviosely could give a shi*t about her, just money. The root of all evil.
It's another tragic Hollywood Story, that will go down in history. God Bless Anna and her family.
F*ck Brittany Spears, she has less talent then K-Fed

2815 days ago


Sharon Tate was murdered in cold blood. Marilyn and, it so appears, Anna Nicole Smith died by some form of misadventure whether short or long term. I never understood the myth making involving Marilyn Monroe (effectively known more for being a famous piece of ass than for anything else) and Anna Nicole Smith does not even reach that low-level threshold for lasting fame with not a single memorable film or piece of work SAVE the Guess Jeans ads and Playboy.

2815 days ago



2815 days ago
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