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Tragic Hollywood Blondes

2/9/2007 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith isn't the first Hollywood blonde to be plagued by tragedy. The blondes have had it rough in Tinseltown; from stabbings to car crashes to gunshots.
Tragic blondes: click for images

Here's a gallery of some of the most infamously tragic blondes to have graced the public eye.

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We live in a world of hype and lies.
The media will run this into the ground until Michael Jackson comes back to the states as a Muslim. All the while Bush is plotting to invade Iran.

Ever wonder why Anna son died of a drug overdose?
Ever wonder why Anna refused to give a sample of her DNA?
Maybe it is because her son is the father of her 5 month old daughter.
If not, every man who ever knew Anna will come out of the woodwork to claim the daughter's fortune.

Then there is this theory:
Zsa Zsa Gabor’s former publicist claims that
Frederick von Anhalt is a chronic liar and isn’t even
a prince. Freddy is the third man to come forward
claiming he is the true father of Dannilynn Hope. Ed
Lozzi said Freddy is “a chronic fabricator who likes
to inject himself into current events to see himself
on television.”

Prince Freddy claims that he met Anna Nicole Smith
while she was still married to that old guy. He said
that Anna really wanted to be a princess and Freddy
was going to adopt her, but Zsa Zsa denied him.

Um…ok. He also reportedly bought his title from a
financially strapped Marie Auguste, Princess of

Dlisted reader, Secede, made an interesting point. If
this douchebag is correct in being DHope’s father then
she is Paris Hilton’s aunt! Hasn’t this baby been
through enough?! You see Zsa Zsa was married to Conrad
Hilton, Paris Hilton’s great-grandfather. They had a
child, Francesca Hilton, who is Paris’ great-aunt. If
Anhalt, who is now married to Zsa Zsa, had a child
that would make that child Francesca’s step-sister,
yes? And since your aunt’s sister is also your aunt -

What a world we live in, when more people are concerned about her Anna demise
than what our goverment is doing in the Middle East.

I'll bet the networks have already started auditioning ex-American Idol-Survivor-I'm the One You Want reality stars for a May sweeps Anna Nicole Smith mini series.
I am sure the E network will begin rerunning her old series as well.

And as far as the future deaths of the tragic hollywood blondes-brunettes
The list is endless
Britney,Linsey,Paris,Nicole,The Olsen Twins,Farrah,Jessica,Ashlie,Ivana,Bianca,
Liza,Blondie,and Naomi Campbell.

2626 days ago


More Tragic Celebrity Blonds at

Anissa Jones - Family Affair
Kim Walker - Heathers

2626 days ago


Neither Anna and Marylyn had natural platinum blonde hair they were just bleach jobs. sso quit with the trgic blonde bullshit already TMZ

2626 days ago


I feel the media and the paparazzi has A LOT to do with ALL the mishaps of every celebrity. There are more important things in the world than the "Hollywood Misfits".
Every celebrity is a piece of ass, men and women. Anna had more accomplishments than any of us could ever have. I can recall a few movies anna has done that she was proud of, and I enjoy watching.
Who gives a sh*t of the color of their hair.
Marilyn was just as much of a "whore" than the regular every day girls these days.
Morals are "Out the Window". Parents are NOT parents. Parents teach their little girls how to be whores. I'm a mother of two teenage girls, 16and18,who are NOT on drugs and have the self confidence they need to get thru their lives happy and healthy. They DO NOT fall into the hollywood anorexia/eating disorders. They are proud of their bodies because Me and their father give them self confidence. I have 2 beautiful girls who have self respect.
Parents need to step up and teach their children how to be successful and confident in their lives. Parents need to teach boys how to treat a woman and girls not to be so naive, and controlled by teenage boys/men/predators.
Parents these days are not doing enough to establish morals and self worth. parents seem to want to throw drugs down their own kids throats. No wonder why kids have such early drug /drinking problems. Some parents DON'T deserve to be parents.

2626 days ago


I really want to know what prescriptions were in the room at the time of her death. I've wanted to know what she's on ever since I first her. I've always wondered what the hell could make someone talk like such an idiot. I've seen people on pain medication and anxiety medication and they never spoke like that slurring her words the way she did. I really wish the police would have released the name of the prescriptions in her room and put everyones curiosity to rest.

2626 days ago


It's easy to cast judgement and throw nasty words into the air about people you don't know. But life is hard for all of us. I am simply sad by all of this, and sorry for the victims involved.

It's funny how we celebrate some people and squash others in the dirt all based on manipulated truths from the media getting further twisted in our own heads. It's also funny how we become experts on who is a whore and who is an icon. Meanwhile, we are all human and we all share this in common - LIFE. Life includes many shades of love and pain, and some experience more of one than the other. Many seek love in a way that causes pain to themselves or others because they don't know any other way how.

I am so sick of people judging others for their obvious weakness or pain. Drug addiction and sex issues are reactions to pain just like your pain. Your reaction might be road rage. Or you might troll internet sites to diss people to make yourself feel better. It could be anything, but we're all the same in the end.

Rest In Peace, Sweetheart. You are in a better place now.

2626 days ago


It's the wrong choices they make in life. Sex sells, yes you are rich and famous and think acting nortorious while youth and beauty lasts is cool, but do you really want to overdrink and medicate yourself into numbness to bear that kind of promiscuous and degrading lifestyle whose structure prevents growth of the personality. and is filled with regrets?

2626 days ago


I just feel vey sorry for that beautiful little girl, growing up with np father & no mother, but the baby is the spittin image of Larry.
now Anna you are with your son

2626 days ago


can't anyone have a little compassion on the daughter now without a mother & no daddy,
how did Annas mother know her daughter would be next~like she had said on Nancy Grace?
Mothers always know best
Howard K. is not Danni~Lynns father, his nose is TOO BIG

2626 days ago


This is the best you can come up with? What? no sources in Florida to tell you the whereabouts of HKS? This is pathetic. Oh, I totally forgot! TMZ you are correct! There have been no tragedies to brunettes ever. Natalie Wood was a real blonde, but her crazy mother made her color her hair dark...

Whateva! Harvey, you and your atff are falling into the trap of: We must het ANY story out there, however lame"!

2626 days ago


28. This is the best you can come up with? What? no sources in Florida to tell you the whereabouts of HKS? This is pathetic. Oh, I totally forgot! TMZ you are correct! There have been no tragedies to brunettes ever. Natalie Wood was a real blonde, but her crazy mother made her color her hair dark...

Whateva! Harvey, you and your staff are falling into the trap of: We must get ANY story out there, however lame"!

Posted at 9:45PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Whatever...
Sorry for the typos in the first post!

2626 days ago



2626 days ago



2626 days ago


You forgot the original tragic Hollywood blonde bombshell, Jean Harlow! How could you forget her? She died tragically at age 26 and was Marilyn Monroe's self-proclaimed idol.

2626 days ago


I'll bet if the truth be known, Howard is addicted to narcotics, too.

2626 days ago
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