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Zsa Zsa's Former Rep Calls "Prince" a Liar

2/9/2007 4:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor's former publicist, Ed Lozzi, has lashed out at Frederick von Anhalt for claiming he could be the father of Anna Nicole's daughter.

Lozzi tells TMZ that Frederick von Anhalt is "a chronic fabricator who likes to inject himself into current events to see himself on television."

Von Anhalt tells the AP he first met Anna Nicole when she was married to elderly billionaire J. Howard Marshall. He claims Smith wanted to become a princess so he says he offered to adopt her, but Gabor refused to sign the paperwork.

Published reports indicate that von Anhalt's "royal" moniker may have been purchased. Reportedly, a financially strapped Marie Auguste, Princess of Anhalt, sold him the title.


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2810 days ago


Seriously what a jackass. How disrespectful to make up a story like his when Anna just died. The only thing I know about his wife is Green Acres or something.

2809 days ago


someone tell this worthless piece of shit to get life. enough it enough.

2809 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Well, we now get to see the male Paris Hilton, who will do ANYTHING to be in the eye of the media & get their extended 15 minutes of attention. Just like Paris Hilton, WHAT A FUCKING LOSER & MEDIA WHORE.

2809 days ago


I posted earlier. As I said I see no reason why Anna may not have slept with this Prince ,whoever he is. But what an ass this man is. I saw him on Larry king Live last night, saying "so may be '30 other men the father of this baby '. He said after he said he he knows who the Father of this baby is. He told Larry King he "didnt love Anna, I love my wife," Sure, this jerk can say this to make himself look good in the eyes of his wife after Anna Nicole is dead and cant defend herself. He also said "IM just a man and am i supposed to be killed becasue I love blondes? I cant help it!" What a damned moron. This guy just killed himself by his own damned stupidlty and making himself look like a low class jerk on TV. SInce this guy thinks he is such a stud, he should just hang himself with his own you-know-what, he probably thinks it is big enough to do that. At 90 years of age Poor Zsa Zsa needs to find the energy to take one foot and boot this jerk complately out he door, with one fell swoop. Running around on her for ten years and now he says 'i love my wife," This is one big ass who is trying hard to make himself look good in the public eye, he has not secceeded in doing so.

2809 days ago

alexis pappas    

Isn't that so called Prince a real Queen from West Hollywood? We all know
he/she is...what a joke--a gaydevil looking to make Anna Nicole look like she has bad taste in men. Shame on that QUEEN!

Pool player

2809 days ago


Princ(ess) Fred likes MEN, young MEN. Ava was on Green Acres as Lisa Douglas, Eddie Albert was Oliver Wendell Douglas. I'm old....

2809 days ago


What is wrong with people!!! MY GOD, first of all, this idiot saying he might be the father now?? That and the comments that her son Daniel may be the father...You know, I was never a fan of Anna, but come on!!! She doesnt deserve this CRAP! This guy now saying he's the father, then Larry Birkhead aka...Dickhead demading DNA tests and putting her through HELL right after her son dies, now people saying HER OWN SON may be the father! COME ON!!! She didnt deserve all this! She may have been a media "whore" but she didnt hurt anyone!! Leave the girl alone for god sakes!!! Also if she did have alot of prescriptions, SO WHAT, if I was going through the shit she was in the past few months, There wouldnt be enough drugs in the world for me!! Loosing a child which any mother couldnt bare, then having a man trying to take her other child away after the tragic loss of her son!! She didnt deserve that!

2809 days ago


Jesus Christ! Who cares about all these burned out idiots from Hollywood. Most normal people could care less if the father was any asshole on the street. Now whe have idiots saying that her son was the father, we have another old bastard who will be one of the next braindead fools you read about because he overdosed on Viagra trying to get his dick up to screw that ugly bitch that he has to wake up beside every morning, saying he is the father. We have a broke, out of work asshole trying to get the baby because he is too lazy to get a real job and maybe he can get enough money to eat until the kid gets grown and then she doesn't have enough money to go to college because of this dickhead. Best scenario for the child's sake is that Stern is the father because at least he will work and make a future for her.

2808 days ago


I honestly cannot belive that someone would go as far as to suggest that the baby is Daniel's. Get your mind out of the gutter. We all have to wait until the tests are done to find out the truth, and until then lets not forget what is most important here... a young beautiful mother has lost her life, left an infant daughter behind who will now have to grow up not knowing her brother or her mother, this is an unbearably sad tragedy for that little girl, and for those that knew and loved Anna Nicole. Shame on those after their 15 min., shame on those with their minds in the gutter. I only hope she can look down and see that she was loved by many, will be missed greatly, and most of all , finds the peace she so greatly deserved. R.I.P., Anna Nicole Smith

2807 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

1. I think the 'prince' is looking for fame. How sad.
2. On the flip side, Anna did like older men
3. And.....if you look at the baby's recent picture....she looks
more like the prince.....that's a scary thought.
4. I hope they place her for adoption to get away from the
publicity, drugs, etc. She's an innocent baby and her
needs need to be put ahead of this 3 ring circus.
5. I think the grandmother needs to go home, as Anna made
it clear the contempt she had for her. I hope someone
listens to her wishes. I have heard the grandmother has
been paid for some of her appearances and was traveling
by limo. She is fighting for the baby, but has not gone to
view the body of her daughter.........How pathetic and sad :(
4. May she finally find peace.........

2806 days ago

Lois Richardson    

This "fake Prince" is not a liar he is a complete kook!!!!!!!!!

2806 days ago


All these People dying all over the world and These Sicko's get aLl the ATTention...helppppppppppppppppppppppppp, GOD......WHO cares?

2776 days ago


I can relate to Anna Nicoles love for her son and his for her. She was very young when she had him and despite what a tragedy her life became they were the one and only constant in each others lives.
I have two sons and the youngest one and I are very close. I knew the exact moment I conceived him. At that moment we bonded. We went through much turmoil in our lives over the years. The Father of both my boys walked out on us when they were very young. My older son took it very hard and has spent most of his life trying to get in his Fathers' good graces but has not yet succeeded.. My younger son disowned him years ago. Through all the crap we went through, my younger son and I have been there for each other. He is not only my son but is the best friend I will ever have. It pains me to even imagine losing him like Anna did Daniel. If she was so despondent over it it certainly does not surprise me. Yes, she had Dannielynn but you can't substitute the love for one child to another and she and Daniel had a lifetime of history.
I only hope she is finally at peace and has found her beloved son. This whole thing has just really sucked!

2776 days ago

Amanda Williams    

I believe Anna Nicole died due to complications from a by-pass surgery..we all know she didn't lose that weight with trim spa, she even has slim fast in her frig..LOL, I also believe she had a tummy tuck after the baby..too many surgeries.. Danny being the father is something to think about. That is a strong possibility

2776 days ago
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