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Zsa Zsa's Former Rep Calls "Prince" a Liar

2/9/2007 4:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor's former publicist, Ed Lozzi, has lashed out at Frederick von Anhalt for claiming he could be the father of Anna Nicole's daughter.

Lozzi tells TMZ that Frederick von Anhalt is "a chronic fabricator who likes to inject himself into current events to see himself on television."

Von Anhalt tells the AP he first met Anna Nicole when she was married to elderly billionaire J. Howard Marshall. He claims Smith wanted to become a princess so he says he offered to adopt her, but Gabor refused to sign the paperwork.

Published reports indicate that von Anhalt's "royal" moniker may have been purchased. Reportedly, a financially strapped Marie Auguste, Princess of Anhalt, sold him the title.


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Please do not start on Zsa,Zsa, she has always been a lady. She was also chosen mother of the year some years ago. She never was a whore either. She may have been married many times but she always stated that she dont sleep with a man unless he is married to her. So, give her credit. It is a shame that her "now" husband cheated on her for 10 years; just think how many deseases he could have passed onto her?? How sad for Zsa, Zsa! If I was her I would divorce him. plus sue him for his infidilety.
Please you guys top picking on the innocent women eg. Nicole's mother. She did nothing to Anna other than love her and trying to help her to change her lifestyle. Her mother never asked for anything from Anna while she was alive but for her love etc. Howard Stern is the one keeping her from her mother, not Anna as he pumped too many drugs into her for her to know what she was doing to her mother. I bet if Anna was alive and got her senses back she would have asked her mother for forgiveness for treating her the way she did. Her mother had the full right to be at her daughter's funeral and should have been given more rights. What is this crap that Anna wanted to be buried with her son; sure she wanted to but they could have been buried together in the USA, not in the Bahamas where Anna had no family etc., it was all HKS's idea. He knew axactly what he was doing. So what if her mother is in a limousine, there are people that are compassionate when you have a death in the family. Plus she does not have the means for all these elaborate things which she was not accustomed to as she worked all of her life (not on welfare or selling her body), I am sick and tired of hearing how lousy her mother was, her mother did nothing wrong but warn Nicole and trying to help her get away from the lifestyle she was living. Isn't that caring for her daughter. Her mother loved her and still do. Anna's friends were not her friends at all, her mother was. Did her friends try to help her, "A BIG NO"; THEY WERE ANNA'S WORST ENEMIES. Her best friend was her mother (and her son). Let her mother have the baby, not strangers untill the "real father" can be located. What a shame!!

2777 days ago


that ole fart zsa zsa husband couldent father anything,he is wishing that the world would believe that he still can -u no what-just like he believes he is a prince..HAHAHAHA WHT A JOKE HE IS NUTS. NOW !ON daniellynns i dont think daniel is matter how low a mother gets...its very hard to immagine. that kid was concerned about his mother and im sure discusted at the parasites that surrounded her.. did hear that he had gone to P.I. AND wanted an investegation about his mom in the bahamas,he thought she was there against her will....anyway we shall all see what happens...meanwhile be sure to have..A.. WILL MADE OUT...

2777 days ago


Zsa Zsa Gabor did not played Lisa Douglas on Green Acres-- It was former her late sister actress Eva Gabor. Eva was my favorite instead of Zsa Zsa.

2777 days ago

kathleen harper    

Hey take alook at his eyes, dannilyn looks like him a lot. i don't think he's lying. he's coming out now because anna died. before he thought the baby was fine, beacause anna was a live. it's him the prince or larry.

2777 days ago


LOL, this ole fool of a man needs attention so badly that he had to jump on the back of a dead woman. I've never been a fan of Zsa Zsa but at her age she doesn't need this kind of s___ . She should be able to enjoy her final years in peace. Does anyone have any clue about any financial arrangement she might have made for the Prince to marry her? Hopefully there was some contract between the two of them that she could now get out of and cut the creep loose!

2777 days ago


The "Prince" is no worse than any of those other men who are claiming they might be the father of Anna's baby. She reportedly told a girlfriend of hers that she didn't know who the father was. It's just made more comical, i guess you'd say, by who the "Prince" is married to. Next maybe Borat will come forward.

2776 days ago


This is for thinkaboutit. I thought the same thing right after Anna Nicole died and then decided it was too outrageous. Now you have me thinking about it again...

2768 days ago


Prince von Anhalt did passed the lie detector test--but he is not the father of Dannielynn. And that make Zsa Zsa happy when she heard about the news. And von Anhalt and Zsa Zsa are still married. He is taking care of her at home in Bel Air, CA.

2723 days ago
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