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This Week's Biggest Losers 02/10/2007

2/10/2007 4:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, we could do our usual thing and tag people like Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake for trying to outdo each other post breakup (Diaz, with her my-new-boyfriend-is-like-this-breadstick demo during a dinner at Cut in Beverly Hills, would likely win). But in the wake of Anna Nicole Smith's untimely death, it seems only fitting to invoke the exception rule, and take serious stock of those she left behind.

Anna Nicole Smith with Danielynn tattooDannielynn Hope Marshall: This young tyke is only five months old, but already she has lost a half brother and her mother. According to People Magazine, Dannielynn is being cared for in the Bahamas by the mother of Immigration Minister Shane Gibson, in advance of what will no doubt be an extremely ugly custody battle. Her mom idolized Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell with whom Smith was often compared. But now it is Dannielynn who must suddenly follow in the footsteps of Norma Jean and other real-life celebrity orphans, such as Deborah Harry and Dana Plato.

Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole SmithHoward K. Stern: Blogger Perez Hilton wasted no time in the wake of Smith's death, restating his belief that the attorney is responsible for the death of Smith's son, and now, "the only known person alive who knows his part in the son's death." But Howard K. was not at the Hard Rock Hotel room at the time of her death, and Seminole, Florida Deputy Police Chief Michael Browne told the Associated Press they had interviewed everyone connected to the event and that it was not being treated as a foul play situation. If Howard K.'s marriage to Smith is deemed legal, and he goes on to inherit her full estate, he will trickle up to the top of many other people's hate lists.

Larry BirkheadLarry Birkhead: While expressing words of devastation on his personal website, former Smith boyfriend Birkhead also quickly went on the offensive. Birkhead's lawyer Debra Opri filed an emergency order for custody of Dannielynn and sought Friday in L.A. Superior Court to obtain a separate emergency order for DNA tests on Smith's body, as part of the ongoing paternity battle between Birkhead and Howard K (the latter attempt was denied). If you thought the legal morass surrounding Smith's battle with the family of Howard Marshall II for the oil heir's billions was messy, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Virgie Arthur: In a brazen bit of tough love, Smith's mother quickly made her thoughts known via "Nancy Grace," "Good Morning America" and elsewhere. After echoing Perez Hilton's claims that Smith's son Danny could not logically have died from an accidental overdose, she took her daughter to post-mortem task, saying that she had warned Smith against the perils of drugs and the people who came along with them. Certainly, anyone who saw Smith's last interview on "Entertainment Tonight" couldn't help but feel that she wasn't entirely herself (a thought echoed on "Good Morning America" by ET co-host Mark Steines). Arthur also threw her hat into the paternity-suit ring, insisting that it is Birkhead who is the father of Dannielynn, not Howard K.

Ron RaleRon Rale: While Wikipedia worked overtime to remove some of the more scurrilous user additions to Anna Nicole's file (ex: "She's dead. F***ing dead. Get over it."), the other attorney in Smith's life found himself suddenly thrust into a whole new level of client defense. For example, he decried the move by Howard K.'s attorney to get a DNA swab from Smith's body (a request denied Friday in L.A. Superior Court), telling People magazine that he thought "it was the lowest form of behavior I'd ever heard of." He was also privy on the FOX News Channel to something less egregious, but no less unsavory; anchor Rita Crosby delivering the news of Smith's death during an interview with Rale, and then quickly going on to dub it as an "exclusive."

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Why is it that so many people who post replies never read what was already posted before they write their own post? I think it's sufficiently clear that Daniel was the half- not step-brother. Could we please move on? Yes, TMZ made a few reporting errors, but we all get the jist of the story. Anna's dead, Howard might have contributed to/killed her, nobody knows who the father is, and anybody remotely related to her has become a publicity hound. Next subject please. By the way, whatever happened to her freaky assistant, Kim? I haven't seen her put in her two cents yet.

2811 days ago


it really is a shame that ANS slept around so much that we can't figure out who the father is. i personally think it is LBs child. I aslo think that a judge should put all the money in a trust so no one but the child can touch it when she's of age. I was never a fan of Anna's and I cannot for the life of me understand why people are comparing her to MM. They are so far from each other it's not even funny. MM had WAY more class than Anna.

2811 days ago


Daniel is the father of Danielynn, that is why they are being so secretive about it and why Daniel killed himself. He was his sister's daddy.

I wouldn't be surprised.

2811 days ago


we all are losers

Anna Nichole's paramedic cell phone video CPR

2811 days ago


Ok, we got the fact that Daniel and Danielyn are "half" brother & sister and yes, I agree to the fact that Anna's mother just popped up out of the blue. I also think that everyone is bashing Anna's mom without the facts! I dont even know all the facts, but Anna made her life to be a "Rags to Riches" story and made anything about her past be just that to the public. We dont have any honest knowledge of her childhood abuse and family issues documented. Just a fabricated story for attention. Another thing is Anna's mom did raise Daniel for a period of his life and he ended up fine with no abuse. The mom wasnt in Anna's life because she was being paid off by Anna because Anna was ashamed of who she really was, so pay off mom, make up horrible stories about abuse to get the public on her side. Dont get me wrong I am an Anna fan, but her life was everything but true and real. Now, Anna's mom making that iterview was HORRIBLE! And I dont defend her one bit, but I do beleive that her mom was mearly acting out of anger to cover her hurt for the lose of her daughter. We all do it to re-route the pain. She has been shut out of her grandson's life, her daughter;s life and now her grandaughter's......I think all we are seeing is a mother that tried to warn her daughter in the only way she could on Dr. Ablow's show to get help! Howard K. Stern is to blame for two people's deaths, he is a conartist, he knew Anna had a problem with perscription drugs but used that as his carrot on the stick with Anna to get her to play his sick games about her daughter. He knows the loop holes in the laws and he made sure everything was in place, including the "set up" of buying a boat for the Bahamas. Good alabi, but it worked! Look at the trail and watch HKS from the very begininng.....He was obessessed with her and knew her fears, her addictions and what made her tick. Her son was the love of her life not him! He was very jeolous of Daniel and wanted him out of the picture....I ca go on forever about this, but Anna' s little girl should be with Anna's mom until the paternity takes place. She cant touch the money and that babys money will be tied up with the court for along time, so Anna's mom would be the best person to take care of the baby. All I do believe is that Anna DID NOT kill herself over the loss of her son. She loved that little girl so much and she would never leave her little girl in the matter that happened! Her enemy was the two closest things to her in her whole life...........Howard K. Stern and perscription drugs. No one helped her and no one truly cared or she would be here for her little girl today! Look at ALL the possibilities here people.......

2811 days ago

joe carle    

yeh what the hell your calling her this biggest loser of the week? im dissapointed tmz. :[

2810 days ago


Idiots, Daniel was her half-brother or in the normal world just plain old brother........

2810 days ago


i was thinking the same thing thing that daniel might be danni's father

2810 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#21 Kimberly Greer:
I got yer angel...right here,!

2810 days ago



2810 days ago


HALF brother not step brother

2810 days ago


That magic moment, you are such an insecure retard.

2810 days ago

c alford    

I hope ANS baby does not grow up being mentally challenged. I'm sure ANS did plenty of drugs and drank a lot of booze while she was pregnant. The poor kid might have to pay the price for her mother's wild behavior.....another victim.

2810 days ago


Deborah Harry??? hello! she is not dead... at least not the one of Blondie why to involve her in this?

2810 days ago


Many people were saying what a junkie loser Anna was, and now that she is dead they are all sympathetic to her. The fact of the matter is she had a lot of enemies and rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way, I think that it is a credi to people that they can forgive her, I'm sort of sitting on the fence at this point, i'm not going to slag her off, yet I don't see the reason to put her up on a pedostol either. Right now i'm more interested in seeing what happens to DannieLynne, and who ever gets custody of her, I hope that they let her live as normal a life as possible and don't parade her around for the sole purpose of lining their pokets, and most importantly I hope she NEVER becomes an addict like her mother

2810 days ago
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