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Howard Cashes in on Anna's Death

2/11/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a huge buzz going on among people connected with Anna Nicole who are outraged over the fact that Howard K. Stern sat down with "Entertainment Tonight" for an exclusive interview just days after her death. The inside scoop is that Stern was paid a bundle for the interview, which will air during the all-important sweeps period. The sit-down has created enormous bitterness among some people in Anna Nicole's inner circle.


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Hi Blondi,

clearly seen and well spoken ! I am glad that there are more people out there that get it together . . .


2806 days ago


What really goes on my nerves is this attitude of creating "poor" innocent victims and "bad" evil perpetrators. As soon as someone hits 21 and has his/her frontal lobes working they - you and me - are responsible for ones actions - period. But it is so much easier to always point the finger on the "evil" - be it people you don't understand or foreign countries - and then put the blame on what you fear. This is enabling true evil because this fear driven kind of mindset is easy to manipulate and out of touch with reality.

I am sooo sick of this attitude ! Ms. Smith was fully responsible for her actions - and above all for her children - the only victims in this ugly drama. Mr. Stern might be who he is - I refuse to participate in wild speculations. I agree to Blondies observations - they are based on what is known about Mr. Stern. And now what ? From most of the comments I see that most people are living in a dream, a dream that such an artificial figure like Ms. Smith was part of , I see that she was a mirror to project ones own infantile dreams upon, and that shows me a lot. By the way - these kind of dreams are the target of a gigantic money machinerie, that creates and reinforces 'Anna Nicoles' as an embodiment of a dream come true - now it's wake up time people and have a reality check.


2806 days ago

Lola Elliott    

I feel very sorry for Anna mom! She must be so much in pain to lose her daughter and grandsun! She have all rites to have her daughter body and and her granddaughter till we know who is the father. Anna mom feels about Howard gult and so worry about the baby who is only one left from her daughter.
Perhaps this situation will open the eyes for many people in USA.

2805 days ago


Well what I would like to know is why Howard K.Stern didn't want to take a DNA tes to prove he is the father or not?I think he had already took a DNA test in private with any courts,people knowing..and guess IT CAME OUT THAT HE IS NOT THAT FATHER...AND HIS SISTER AND BROTHE ARE SAYING HE IS THE ONLY FATHER DANIELYYN HAS KNOWN.....COME ON SHE IS FIVE MONTHS(6)MO'SS NOW....AND HE WASN'T WITH HER EVERY WAKEN MOMENT OF HER LIFE TO BUSY RUNNING ANNA NICOLE OUT MAKING MONEY.AND ANOTHER THING HIS SISTER SAID THAT Howard would be heart broken if Danielynn was taken from him..I SAY BULL!!!! LET'S SEE..I SAY HE PUT HIS SELF IN IT KNOWING THAT HE WASN'T THE FATHER.SO i SAY GO CRY THOSE FAKE TEARS ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY....ANN DIDN'T HATE HER MOTHER AS MUCH AS SHE SAID SHE DID.ANNA LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS ON DRUGS ON THOSE FILMS.THA DRUGS CAN MAKE YOU HATEFULL IN SOME PEOPLE.AND MAYBE HE WORKED HER UP BEFORE HAND. I also hear that anna's mother is not seeking cusdtory of danielynn..why?she said her self that larry brikhead is the father and he is a good man.....HSK sister also said that all these people who have a claim on Danielynn dosen't care for Danielynn ,they just WANT the money..NOT LARRY BRIKHEAD HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO IS NOT MADE ANY PROFIT FROM THIS HE HAS CLAIMMED FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIM WHEN ANNA WAS PREGANT ANNA TOLD HIM HE WAS......BUT LOOK WHO SINGS THE SONG"THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT DANIELYNN,THEY JUST WANT THE MONEY
I SAY HOWARD,AND ANYONE WHO HAS THAT BABY KNOWING THAT HOWARD IS NOT THE FATHER THEY SHOULD BE NOTHING MORE THEN KIDNAPPERS!!!!!!!!AND OH.....ENTERTAINMENT TONGHT REPORTED THAT"IT'S THE FIRST TIME THAT Danielynn grandmother have saw her.well where was she in the past 5-6 Danielynn they are trying to entertainment tonight showing what looked like an evil lady anna nicole's mother..and peaches and cream on howards side of his family.well let me tell you peaches and cream are sour!!!!!!!GIVE LARRY BRIKHEAD HIS DAUGHTER STER,AND HIS FAMILY

2804 days ago

Debbie Mauck    

Shame on you Howard AND Entertainment Tonight. This is disgusting. Being paid mega bucks to tell your story about your grief. I bet you are grieving because now you will have to make your own money. Oh wait, you just did. And why isn't ET fessing up about the money, why lie about it? Feeling a bit ashamed that you stoop to that for ratings? Stop defending someone who is involved so heavily with drugs. DC

2803 days ago


How sad and tragic this whole situation is. I truly think Howard has always loved Anna and it just took her years to see how sweet Howard is.....she had to finish kissing all those toads before she found her prince. Only Anna is to blame IF this was an overdose. When someone is addicted you can try and try to get that person help but until they are ready to do it for themselves they will not be successful, all you can do is sit back and pray that they make it through and be there for them during the bad times. How do you know Howard was paid for that interview? They obviously already had a relationship w/ Mark Steinnes and it was only approrpriate that when Howard finally spoke out that he went to those that he felt comfortable sharing his story with. I hope he did get paid--he may really need the money if Anna was as broke as has been reported--he has a child to support now. I pray the judge will release Anna's body to him and let him have a proper burial and lay her next to her beloved Daniel for eternity--anything else would be a horrible injustice!

2803 days ago


You know - the hotel where she was staying is on an Indian Reservation. The FBI has jurisdiction there. Why can't they be brought in - I doubt they'd be bought off as easily as the officials in the Bahamas - who have kept Ben Thompson off his own property and fasttracked her residency application via the bedroom evidently.

Maybe Birkhead could ask to have charges filed for falsification on the birth certificate - and put the burden of proof on HKS and the Bahamas to prove him wrong.

I realize there are HIPAA rules - but wouldn't there be a way for a doctor to confirm that he was attending those sonogram sessions with Anna?

2803 days ago


She wanted a baby bad ,I am sure she had many willing parternes.So must have been a problem with her getting pregnet .sooooo,What about the sperm bank ? It will be soooo amuseing to find out the old man is the father or the guy that is in jail lol

2803 days ago


I think everyone's missing the ovious here...Anna Nicole was set on getting her late husbands money one way or another..And HKS has been by her side the whole time.She gets paid ... he gets paid.I think Dannielynn was the secret weapon. That's why they wanted HKS as her father on the birth certificate. Then if they needed to use the secret weapon ......
They didn't think of Larry saying he was the father. Then what do you know 2 deaths in 5 months ....Sounds like someone got greedy. Larry sorry I don't think your Dannielynn's Dad.I think HKS knows the rest of the story.

2803 days ago


An Entertainment Tonight producer was on Larry King and claimed they NEVER pay for auditions...Give Howard a break!!!..He may not be the father but I feel like he loved ANS and loves the baby too, you can tell he's a very caring person, cut him some slack already! He stood to gain a big settlement either way with the pending inheritance from Marshall, with or without ANS. She has been such a big part of his life for the last 10 years that I believe he truly did love her. It's bad enough to loose her, let alone have everyone accusing you of something so serious at such a low point in your life. I question whether or not he's the father of the baby (DNA will prove the truth). ANS didn't seem like an easy person to be involved with to begin with, I feel she never bounced back after losing her son, at the same time she just gave birth to a new child - I can only imagine the emotional toll that would take on a about cruel fate! She had to do the drugs to numb the pain. Not to mention the fact that she wanted to die anyway based on what a previous employee witnessed, she'd lost her will to live and attempted suicide at least twice, I think this last ime, with her being ill and on drugs, her body couldn't take anymore. Lay off Howard! He's a victim of loss just the same as ANS was a victim of loss when she lost her son.

2803 days ago


I think he enabled her to kill herself. Heres the theory:
1. She gets pregnant with Larrys baby. Howard brain washes her that Larry is no good... so forth and so on.
2. Convinces her to move to Bahamas to keep baby from Larry. Fully researching and knowing that Bahama laws are different, and that he would be the babys Father without DNA.
3. He has to move fast.. while Anna is doped up and co-operative and before Larry makes a move that could possibly change paternity.
4. Daniel has to be the first to go. Get rid of him and use Annas past drug addictions as a valid reason for her to O.D.
5. He made sure there was chloral hydrate in her system, because EVERYONE knows she wanted to be like Marilynn Monroe. ANOTHER EXCUSE to miss lead people.
6. He made sure several video clips leaked out into public. Believe me, if he didnt want no one to see them. He is smart enough he would have had them removed immediantly.
Video clip 1: Anna and the "Mushroom trip".. a way to prove her a drug addict perhaps.. or was it staged by him as evidence she did drugs. For one thing, he DID NOT tape that to make money off it, as he said in the video or else he would be doing exactly that. The money comments was to detour people from the fact that it was pre-meditaed evidence and to get them to focus more on her drug addictions.
Video clip 2: "Anna's comment " ScumBucket Larry,... He's not even the babys Father"... another tape made by Howard.. He taped everything he wanted to leak out all ahead.. he planned it all.
Video clip 3 :The video about the House being a gift.... another thing Howard planned and rehearsed and taped.. to use in court to try to gain the house as well as her Fortune
All these things leaking out are surfacing way too fast, to not be premeditated.

Think about this...Anna was a known drug addict, thats for sure. But she wasnt always on drugs. She was sober plenty enough for photo shoots, acting and all that. But EVERY video that has supposidly accidently leaked into the public. Anna was stoned out of her mind. Drugs can make anyone say anything. How many sober videos are there that say Larry isnt the babays Father, the house is in fact hers, etc etc.????
I Dont think it takes a rocket scientist to figure this out.
Oh and one more thing.. DESPITE all and if no one believes any of this and is still convinced he is innocent.. then WHY....
If anything.. is he not being punished for video taping a woman on drugs while pregnant, claiming it to be a mushroom trip... when Doing recreational drugs while pregnant is illegal.. why would this "wonderful madn" not be in touble for watching her abuse her unborn child????
What kind of man allows their "supposed" un born child to be exposed to drugs/alcohol in teh womb. Thats abuse and he HAS NO RIGHT to be parenting that child right now.. wethere he is her Father or not. He is just as guilty to have wittnessed anna doing thedrugs, and taping it.. and what kind of MORALS does he have??? Video taping that crap for money??? He is twisted... he doesnt love that baby, just a possibly bank account attached to her.

if heor who ever guilty , never gets just deserved punishment in life.. God will be sure he does in death

2764 days ago
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