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Howard Cashes in on Anna's Death

2/11/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a huge buzz going on among people connected with Anna Nicole who are outraged over the fact that Howard K. Stern sat down with "Entertainment Tonight" for an exclusive interview just days after her death. The inside scoop is that Stern was paid a bundle for the interview, which will air during the all-important sweeps period. The sit-down has created enormous bitterness among some people in Anna Nicole's inner circle.


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If Howard wasn't there, maybe Daniel would still be alive as would his mother. Maybe Howard should feel like an a**hole. Howard has been chasing this 800 million payout for 10 years, he is not going to walk away. He is a desparate man.

2809 days ago



2809 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

No doubt the sad, pathetic Ms. Smith was destined to end her life in a pool of her own vomit. Is anyone surprised? We have all been watching this train-wreck for some time. But Mr. Stern was there. He lived with her. Are we to believe there was nothing he could do to help or intervene? And if he is already cashing checks for "exclusive rights", well shame on him. I don't have much faith in the police, but I do believe in karma.

2809 days ago

Chris Stephens    

This man absolutely disgusts me. For any person to sit down two days after his supposed "love of his life" dies under such terrible causes and situations and amid such legal issues and concerns regarding an infant child to get "PAID" for an interview is lower than a snake. For anybody to actually find a way to think this is correct on any level, only shows their own lack of sensitivity on any humane level at all. I sincerely hope he, nor anyone who finds a way to support him doing an interview, never is faced with the actual pain of losing someone they actually care about. I can trust you, the situation would be different. I sincerely doubt he would be parading his usual idiotic ego in front of ET (the only t.v. program willing to pay him anyway) if his own mother or sister were currently being held for 10 days in a freezer while they fight and lie over all that she worked for. Give me a break!

2809 days ago


#2 You are f***ing retarded! Mommy must have pushed you down the stairs while you were in your rocker one to many times! ! ! ! ! !

I'm NOT suprised at ALL about that piece of sh*t doing that interview! By him doing that is just more proof of what a slime ball he really is!

I just hope to God that he is NOT this poor babie's father!

2809 days ago


His middle initial should probably not be "K."--how abput $? Much more apropos.

2809 days ago


That bastard Howard killed Daniel, and he killed Anna Nicole. We all know that baby isn't his let's be honest he is definatly GAY! He will get whats coming to him he is a shady shady man, One more thing Don't you think it's convienent that he was caught flushing methedone down the toilet the same drug that daniel died from???? hmmmmmmmm

2809 days ago


Wow. What a suprise.


2809 days ago


I agree with the fact that people should not be judging Howard. It has been obvious throughout the years that this man absolutely adored Anna. In the end, he is the one she chose to be with and quite frankly it's nobody's business except her and Howard. I am looking forward to seeing HKS on the show to see how he is doing and to see if he can shed some light on what happened. You people kill me. You take someone you don't even know, tragedy happens in their life, then automatically you want to make their life worse by accusing him of killing her. This world has really became pathetic when someone is publicly convicted without any facts and people are tortured by paparazzi, media and public to the point they can't take anymore. If anyone is to blame for Anna's death it is the public, media, and paparazzi. I don't know that she died of an overdose but I know if I had to deal with all she dealt with, I would have swallowed a few bottles of pills a long time ago. The day before she died Perez Hilton had something on his website about "We just thought Brittney was the worst mother, it's actually Anna Nicole Smith" (that isn't exactly word for word but it is very close). Now how would that make you feel as a mother? People are cruel and insensitive and I truly hope that Karma comes back to each and every one of the mean spirited people who have tortured Anna Nicole, Howard and all the other celebs that get crucified. Have you ever heard of the Ten Commandments? Have you ever heard "Thou Shalt Not Pass Judgement"? If not, you might want to look it up in your BIBLE if you own one.

2809 days ago


2 mysterious deaths within 5 months of each other and what do they have in common? Howard K. Stern.

He found out Anna was pregnant, convinced her to say that it was his. Got his name on the birth certificate. Once that was done, killed off one heir (Daniel) Then proceeded to kill Anna Nicole by enabling her drug habit She "accidentally" overdoses and he doesn't have any blood on his hands.. Bingo...he becomes legal guardian of sole remaining heir thus inheriting everything. Only, someone threw a wrench into his plot...Larry Birkhead. Afterall, if Howard is so convinced he's the father then why not cooperate with the DNA testing and settle things once and for all.

Howard K. Stern is guilty of murdering Daniel and Anna...any idiot could see that. I hope to god that baby ends up with Birkhead or Anna's mom (which Howard drove a wedge between her and Anna).

2809 days ago


If HKS was the baby's real father, he would have been BEATING on the damned courthouse door to get a paternity test done; everybody knows that. -- And why do all these young people, who stand between him and a fortune, suddenly drop dead when he's around? -- At the VERY least, he certainly ENABLED Anna to death. All he really cares about is the money. -- They need to take that baby AWAY from His control ASAP until the courts can determine what is truly going on here. BRING ON THE PATERNITY TEST!!!!!!!

2809 days ago


What a creep! How about getting a real job like normal people, instead of exploiting someone you "claim" to love....he gives me the creeps, not a normal kind of guy, seemed very controlling of Anna.

2809 days ago


This whole country needs to reserve judgement of Howard K. Stern. He has been through two very terrible losses. Which certainly does not mean he was involved and for the mediamongers to suggest otherwise is disgraceful. Anna was planning a wedding to this man Feburary 23rd. He obviously cared deeply for him. It is sickening that the world is being so cruel. He is not as handsome as Larry Birkhead but he is the one she chose to be with. You should respect Anna Nicole enough to respect him. Listen, you can not "make" someone become an addict or "make" some seek help. Those were her demons to deal with. Stop pointing the blame on him. He did not "invent" these drugs. She was a grown woman who made some poor choices as to what to put into her own system. Check out the 12 steps of recovery and you will see that he is not to blame. Show Anna Nicole some respect, please.

2809 days ago



2809 days ago


All the people around this train wreck woman are money-hungry cash whores, starting with her. She sold her son's photos for money after he died, no matter that he was never comfortable being in the spotlight. Sorry kid, you're dead now so you have no say, and mommy's gonna make her some money off you. Then her mother, looking like she was going to a carnival, dressed in bright red (a very somber color - not!) talking about her daughter's drug use the day she dies. Even if my daughter was a junkie, I would never call her out like that in the media. Then this Howard K guy. What's he gonna do with his interview earnings? I bet you he ain't putting it into a college fund for his supposed baby daughter. These people are trash, all of 'em. Proof that money can buy lot of things, but it can't buy you class. Brangelina should adopt Dannielynn, that way she'd at least have a chance to not grow up the hot sticky mess her mother was.

2808 days ago
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