Brooke: Westward Ho!

2/12/2007 2:25 PM PST
Los Angeles beware! Brooke Hogan's moving to Cali.

Brooke and lookalike mouthy mom Linda chatted TMZ's camera outside of Koi in Beverly Hills on Saturday, revealing that the Spawn of Hulk will soon be plopping down in L.A. town. Hide the kids!

Mother Hulk, with her bosom in graphic display, added that Brooke and one of her clunky friends will soon take over Paris Hilton's nightlife realm. If that weren't unfortunate enough, mom then played Joan Rivers in a review of the girls' outfits -- saying one was clad in "Dol-say and Gabbano" and that Brooke's outfit was from the ever-classy "Forever 21."