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Did Britney Blow Chunks?

2/12/2007 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had one helluva wild weekend in NYC , but Saturday night's vomitfest could be the topper.

Brit started her weekend in high gear by showing up at club Tenjune at midnight Saturday and partied until 3:30 AM -- but the excitement came after she left. After Spears was ushered from her SUV to her hotel, the waiting crowd noticed that Brit's ride was covered with puke!

Her lost weekend didn't end there. Brit was also seen heading into Club One, sporting a hoochie mama red dress, and once again being shielded from photogs.


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What a skank! She's dressed like a $2 hooker.
Pretty sad for her kids, ending up with Hollywood trailer trash for a mother. Her career is over, just hope she doesn't become the next tragedy after Anna Nicole Smith.

2810 days ago


She is the queen of proving that class can't be bought. No matter how much money she has the thick-neck skank will never be classy. She should seriously pay someone to pick out her clothes and do her hair for her before leaving the house. Since when do brown calf height boots go with little red dresses anyways? Oh and someone please enlighten her that choker necklaces only make her tree-trunk of a neck look bigger.....god she needs serious help.

2810 days ago


how the hell does one rip their "dress" in that area, when it's ridin up your ass?
maybe she WANTS to lose the kids, that would be the only "logical" reason she carries on like that. no sane person would want to act,look, or smell like that. i never thought i'd say it ,but even tara reid seems like she has more class than that! lindsey lohan, take note, that's where you could be heading next. sh*t, i know middle age women that look better and younger than those booze sluts.

2810 days ago


Ah Britney, Britney, we hardly knew ye.

2810 days ago


Mel said: She is hot, and I bet more then half of your husbands would leave you for her. Men LOVE trashy.

For how long, Mel? For how long?

I think Britney is sad, confused, and probably depressed. My guess? She's running from herself. She definitely needs help, and I hope she gets it soon.

2810 days ago


Ok, I wasn't going to respond but I have to respond to #4.

I don't care how much bacon you got to bring home, you don't see Gwen Stefani or others who are mothers going out making total fools of themselves. Is today's music so bad that this is the way you have to promote your music? This is terrible! Mr. Fedex is looking a lot better than Britney right now. She can promote her album in a more TASTY way.

2810 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

Brit if you see this or if you are her publicist, stop the madness.

1st: ditch the dress or make sure you are standing all night.
2nd: Try not to get yukki wasted
3rd: Do your hair!!
4th: wear nice make-up (or go get it put on for you you are not living in the trailer park anymore)
5th: Hit the gym

Anyone agree? Tell me!

2810 days ago


Men may love trashy, but Britney is next years' Anna Nicole waiting to happen.

2810 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

Alright, the dress is just a wee bit too tight there mum, so maybe next time you can get yourself the size that you really need, so it wont seem that you are popping out of your dress, because you wont be since you will have worn something that actually fits. F***, dont you get tired of looking so trashed out and tired? And where the f*** are your two kids? Girl, you have slipped so far, so fast, that even your ex old man K-Fed is looking like a better parent than you- something that i never thought I'd see since he abandoned his family to get with you. You shouldnt even be thinking about a comeback, since you havent left and people (your fans? the public) are getting more than enough of you in the tabloid press. What the f*** is your problem? Where is you manager? Don't you have anyone to guide you? F***, get someone fast.

2810 days ago


Yet more proof that just because you can biologically have kids, doesn't mean you should be allowed to.

2810 days ago


The good news is that Britney is wearing underpants. The bad news is that they have holes in them.


2810 days ago


EWE THATS TOTALLY DISGUSTING! she obviously can't hold her drink.
Seriously Britney u need help.
Someone to show you how to behave in public
someone to make sure you don't drink yourself stupid
someone to teach you sone fashion sense
someone to show you haw to be a mother to you kids
and someone to keep your face covered so we don't have to look at your bloated ugly face anymore.

2810 days ago


She's the next Elizabeth Taylor.

2810 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

149 ,No, notthenext Elizabeth Tayulor. LA Liz may have had 7, 8 husbands,but Elizabeth wanted to be a good mother and always put her work as a priority, but acted professional ,and took care of her four 4 , children and one stepdaughter, Sybil Burton. It has been said, by ther children who live private lives, that she was a good mother. Read on La Liz. She had class that so many do not have now even though Liz married 7, 8 times. Larry Fortensky was a mistake marrauge and supportingMicheal Jackson was. Liz is old now and does have health problems.

2810 days ago


she is begining to look like a bloated vegas Elvis................

2810 days ago
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