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Did Britney Blow Chunks?

2/12/2007 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had one helluva wild weekend in NYC , but Saturday night's vomitfest could be the topper.

Brit started her weekend in high gear by showing up at club Tenjune at midnight Saturday and partied until 3:30 AM -- but the excitement came after she left. After Spears was ushered from her SUV to her hotel, the waiting crowd noticed that Brit's ride was covered with puke!

Her lost weekend didn't end there. Brit was also seen heading into Club One, sporting a hoochie mama red dress, and once again being shielded from photogs.


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"She's a trailor park woman, she's a mobile home princess, she's the Queen of manufactured housing." She gives "redneck" or "Appalacian American" a bad name.

2778 days ago


most of the comments here are very negative.......... Britney these things are almost too painful too watch. Please get some professional help with your problems .. its obvious you are in pain , depressed and probably overwhelmed.. there are people out here who do care and can help you. Just do it... think positive you are worth it.

2778 days ago


I usto think she was a some what decent girl ,but now after she had her poor kids she transformed in to a un-atractive girl,bad mother ,and has no respect for her body.The only way any girl would act like she does,wants attention or no self respect.CROSS YOUR LEGS, PULL UP YOUR SHIRT,HOLD YOUR KID TIGHT DONT DROP HIM,AND GO HOME AND BE THE MOTHER YOUR KIDS DESIRVE.One more thing Britt,,,,a real mother knows when she has a kid its not about her anymore, give up your partying and go be a mother......
thanks Jill R H

2778 days ago


To all of you that stick up for her WHY how would you fill if your mom went out all night and all day when you were a baby shoed her crotch boobs and was a alcohalic?If you say it wouldn't bother you then I pray you dont have children or I pray for the ones you do have.
thanks.....Jill R H

2778 days ago



2778 days ago


PLEASE go home and take of those babies that did not ask to be born to you-I hope K-FED gets full custody-you have no idea how to raise those children-at least if he gets back together with Shar Jackson those babies have a chance!!! She is a fit parent you are not!!!

2778 days ago


Ok i didn't see the other pic but now i am sure Britney is acting the lost mother bec deeply she doesn't want to keep her kids!How strange the way she is acting just bef her divorce???She is really doing her best to lost them!Look at Nirvana and the wife he was with even with monney they loose their daughter the time she realized that she was the mother and not her child!Kevin grown up but Britney is regressing!She doesn't want to be a mother otherwise why would she be dressed like a prostitut and showing out with women who looks the the same???Is this an image for a respectefull mother?Weldone!!Even Paris is classer than her!I am sorry but if bec she has got million she will keep her kids then this will damaged their all life and forever!Kevin is right trying to get them back bec she has got mental sicknesses problem and behaviours!She always was used to do everything she wanted maby only life will teach her that sometime there are some rule people must respect!This time she is toasted!

2778 days ago


brit u look like shit

2778 days ago


Jeez someone get her some clothes! Walking around in a torn red shirt? Way to make her sons proud!

2778 days ago


If I had thighs that huge I sure as hell wouldn't be showing them off!

2778 days ago


I agree with those that say...Where is Britney's mother at for support and a kick in the ass?

Take a look at her mother---she is just as trashy and self-absorbed---in addition, they carry the same grade school education.

I'll bet anyone that her little sister becomes twice the classless skank that Britney has become.

2778 days ago


Is it just me or does her dick look like a cigarette?

2778 days ago


She needs to snort way more coke to pull that dress off ;-)

2778 days ago


This girl is nothing but a white-trash pig. That old saying, you can take the girl out of the trailor park......

2778 days ago


this is really gross and disgusting. Just because she is a star, does not mean that everybody wants to see her unkept food and drinks, okay? TMZ- get a grip!

2778 days ago
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