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Did Britney Blow Chunks?

2/12/2007 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had one helluva wild weekend in NYC , but Saturday night's vomitfest could be the topper.

Brit started her weekend in high gear by showing up at club Tenjune at midnight Saturday and partied until 3:30 AM -- but the excitement came after she left. After Spears was ushered from her SUV to her hotel, the waiting crowd noticed that Brit's ride was covered with puke!

Her lost weekend didn't end there. Brit was also seen heading into Club One, sporting a hoochie mama red dress, and once again being shielded from photogs.


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WHERE on God's green earth is her Mother, Father and elder Brother?

This is not tabloid fodder, she is obviously in very poor physical and mental health and "someone" who loves her in her family needs to recognize it is time to step up and intervene, be it legally or otherwise. They should not let her money and ability to by her alienation from them stop them from doing the right thing, and to do the right thing by those tiny babies.

I do not think it is the divorce, I think she is rebelling against parenthood and quite possibly have a sort of post partum manic depression.

THERE is NO WAY she is caring for those children properly, she can complain media exploitation all she wants, but she is out there every day being exploited and what is being said and shown is not just about her any longer, it is now the legacy she is creating for these children to take ownerships off.

She doen't even look like she bathes herself!

2804 days ago

Elisha Kelly    

Britney is not going calm down until she's hit rock bottom but in mean time she is going to loose her kids!!!

2804 days ago


You, know, you (we) really should say some prayers for the girl, and her children. Addiction is a TERRIBLE disease. I hope she has the strength to get the help she needs.

2803 days ago

Mary Roberts    

Like they say......"A ho, is a ho, is a ho......."

2803 days ago

Feeling Sorry For her    

I really feel sorry for her. She use to be such a beautiful girl. No one knows what really happened in her life to make her turn out like this. I just hope that she's not the next one we hear about that has died of a drug overdose or even worse SUICIDE!!!! I think there is something seriously wrong with her and she needs HELP. I also feel sorry for those beautiful baby boys that she has, she is missing the best parts of their lives. POOR Britany :(

2803 days ago


Okay Iam a huge Britney fan, but GOD she needs some serious help,those poor adorable little baby boys, I never thought she would let this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2803 days ago


POOR SEAN PRESTON AND JAYDEN JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

2803 days ago


So this is what money, popularity and show business can do to a beautiful young girl. This is someone's daughter, sister, mother. I think she was upset because her 'party mate' Paris was busy and she was just acting out. I am a grandmother and Brit, please don't ruin your life and yes, your children are being affected too. Your a beautiful girl....don't do this because it could be irreversable.

2803 days ago


Anna Nicole Smith in training. Her parents should sue for custody now, she'll be dead within the year, and at this point her kids will be better off. What a sad story of a spoiled little skank. She needs to grow the hell up. Her career is finished, and should try to salvage being human a least.

Just goes to show, you can take the girl out of the trash, but can't take the trash out of the girl.

2803 days ago


Well I feel really bad for her.
I can't imagine being followed by paparazzis everywhere
commenting on how she looks what she does.
She's certainly in a bad shape but she really seems to be
tired of the attention she's getting on her relationship with people her looks (particularly weight). And she doesn't get any time to be alone to get herself back...
She's a human after all.

2803 days ago


Kolene post 252. You said everything that I wanted to write. I cried when I read what you wrote. Very moving. It's so true she's a lost little girl and I'm so deeply crushed over all of this. I wish someone in her family or anybody for that matter would just grab her, hold her tight and talk to her and love her. I wish that every club that she wants to go to would reject her from the entrance and tell her your not welcome here Britney, go home or go to rehab. You don't need alcohol you need help. If I was a club owner and she was standing outside of my club I would tell her I care about you and go take care of yourself and you can't come in here.
Please Britney if your reading this, please read Kolene's post #252. We All Care About You Here. Although some of the comments here are negative, but you have to understand we are so frustrated with your behavior and were very angry and hurt to see what you have done to yourself. We've watched you grow up from the adorable child star on Star Search to Nickelodeon to becoming a mega world wide sensation. PLEASE STOP HURTING YOURSELF. Think of your babies. They need you. Go to them. Stay away from the clubs. Go home to your beautiful Louisiana home . Get some sleep. Stay away from Hollywood for a year or longer so you can get the help that you need. Don't worry we won't forget you. We'll be rooting for you to get better. You can do it. Please save your life. Think of yourself and your children. They need their mommy and we need our old Britney back.
My boyfriend and I as well as my family Love You!
We're Praying For You Sweetheart!
Please go to church again. You need the LORD back in your life to help guide you on the right path.
May GOD Bless You Britney.

2803 days ago


i THINK bRITTANY IS ADORABLE WITH HER NEWLY SHAVED HEAD. A FRIEND DID THAT AND THOSE GIRLS WITH VERY STRIKING, BEAUTIFUL EYES look very hot, I think. She says shes sick of people touching her, "feeling" her whatever. I doubt a shaved head will prevent that, every guy In America, along with a lot of girls wouldn't mind touching her. By the way, did her previous loser husband drive her to becoming a dyke? Bi-sexual, or asexual. Brittney neeeds someone who really cares for her, not her gutter-slut, trashy friends who want to gwet attention by wearing no panties. I think she should dry out, get off the liquor and drugs and spend her money on educating herself. Like Jodie Foster, very educated and fluent in French. Otherwise, she'll continue her downward spiral, I think.

2803 days ago


It is hysterical... the Britster....what a mess she is...she is so low she has to look up to look down

2802 days ago


Every one keeps saying poor Britney... she is such White T.......h and I'm white... go figure. This girl is going to end of like dear Anna Nicole.. unfortunately it isnt Britney that will suffer it is her children. Yikes. It just goes to show that money isn't everything... if you dont have any scruples money aint gonna do anything but enable the disease.. she definetly needs treatment. Take it form one who knows. Recovering 4 years now.

2802 days ago


maybe this poor girl is trying to get attention or help of some kind, she is probably sooo sorry for dumping the fed, seems he probably did love her in his own way, and now she probably has come to realize this and cannot understand that it's over, you play you pay she thought the fed would be the one groveling but she was wrong, wrong. so girl before you self destruct forget yourself for one minute and think of your kids, grow up! life does go on there is more to life than that dirty club scene you're so fond of, mr &mrs spears have your daughter committed before it's too late,damn it what are you people waiting for?

2802 days ago
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