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Did Britney Blow Chunks?

2/12/2007 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had one helluva wild weekend in NYC , but Saturday night's vomitfest could be the topper.

Brit started her weekend in high gear by showing up at club Tenjune at midnight Saturday and partied until 3:30 AM -- but the excitement came after she left. After Spears was ushered from her SUV to her hotel, the waiting crowd noticed that Brit's ride was covered with puke!

Her lost weekend didn't end there. Brit was also seen heading into Club One, sporting a hoochie mama red dress, and once again being shielded from photogs.


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I cant believe she went and shaved all her hair off. I think that she very much is crying out for help and no one is there to help her. I understand what its like to be a young mom and not have the freedom anymore. But the sad thing is she is gonna look back on this time and she will see what little time she had with her kids who are being raised by nannys. These are the years when you want or should want to be with your babys the most. You dont get these years back they grow so fast. She will be sad when she sees she missed it all. They will one day look at this stuff and wonder why mommy didnt want to spend time with me why was she always gone? You can totally see it in her eyes that she is lost. I hope that someone finally helps her out. At first this was funny to watch her just be stupid but now she not thinking and she has a good chance of not keeping her kids. Its not so funny anymore. She needs to snap out of this before its to late.

2802 days ago


She is just down right nasty. I hope her career never comes back this is what the young girls can expect from all these gross wanna be stars, they have it all and then throw it away-Lohan-Hilton-Mary Kate-Ashely- they don't even make good news stories. Hope Lohan doesn't ever get another movie.. Or they are in Rehab-Out of Rehab-shopping-partying-smoking-druggin what else in re-hab. All these young actors are a turn off and I hope that this generation of young girls don't think that being them is a thrill. The fashion show they put on is even worse. What Brit's left Boob dropped out of her dress at the big fashion show she went to...She looks like a tramp and to shave her hair, guess her hair was in bad shape from all the dying it and vomit. Where is her Mom? She does not deserve those litte boys someone needs to step in. Why has Jayden picture be seen yet. Maybe she wants enough money to finish the remodel on her new estate. What man would want to put up with her!!! She might out to go back and BEG KF to take her back.. She needs to grow up and follow some other the other young stars that dress so pretty and look great. Dakota Fanning has more class than BRIT!!

2802 days ago

Karen E. B., Hayward, CA    

I wish the paparazzi, the tabloid media, the public, and the rest of what falls under media, would LEAVE BRITNEY SPEARS ALONE. She, like any person in this situation, is going through a rough time. The marital troubles, divorce proceedings, parental ability scutinies and all other private stuff about her weighs very heavily on her. That weight gets heavier the more anyone assumes so much negative about her and insults her ability to be a parent. I actually think Britney has changed in good ways as well....meaning she is no longer letting some record company or fake-a__ publicist or manager mold her image into something angelic but hyprocritical. I see and understand that she has not found true love in K-Fed/Fed-X. But I'm proud to say about her that SHE IS HUMAN LIKE THE REST OF US AND DOES NOT DESERVE OUR NEGATIVE CRITICISM. I do agree that the cigarettes (or any tobacco product or smokable) would be left completely alone, as I myself do not smoke any of it, but to take care of her physical health. I know that tobacco, nicotine, and alcohol (even beer) age you from the inside. I still believe there's a very beautiful Britney inside there who is hurting and, when fully healed, will come out again. As a musical performer, it is important to keep your lungs healthy and free of carbon monoxide and nicotine, and that keeping away from these toxins will help her sustain her voice as well musically. But I won't condemn her for it. It is still her personal decision.

2802 days ago

Frankie The Boy    

If this is promotion, it has no method whatsoever. What's becoming blazingly clear, sadly, is that, unlike Madonna, Britney is not going to be able to reinvent herself in any appealing way...

2801 days ago


Everyone leave her alone. All of you are mean, she needs help and you trashing her does not help. I will pray for you Brittney. You need to buck up and take contol of your life.

2801 days ago


Britney needs a someone to show her how to dress and instead of having nannies give those poor children to someone who really wants to take care of them. And lastly quit being a drama queen and grow up.

2801 days ago


Everyone is all worried about Britney. Has anyone ever stopped to worry about her 2 small children? Somebody should, because it's obvious that she is not!!!!

2800 days ago


what a loser shes recording an album and is smoking? how exactly does that work . Oh wait i forgot SHE DOESNT ACTUALLY SING

2800 days ago

Eugene Trihn    

The decline and fall of Britney Spears (and her fellow ex-teen-idols) is a depressing sight, but not exactly an unexpected one -- that particular role in the entertainment business almost always comes with an 'expiry date', and it appears that Ms. Spears is past hers. I'm no admirer of Madonna, but I am impressed by her ability to be in the spotlight for as long as she has without self-destructing. Britney's breakdown shows that staying in the public eye for the logn term is not as easy as it looks. By comparison with what's happening just now, a little bit of obscurity must be a welcome prospect.

2799 days ago

crystal wilson    

Why is everyone jumping on her i am not a fan of hers but give her a break u never know what a person going thru and how they react to depression she is still human and just because she has kids means what she cant go out it is a night so the kids are sleep u people are really harsh i take good care of my kids but if i chosse to go out and drink then thats what i will do as long as i am at home before daybreak so some of u people really need to grow up.

2797 days ago


Brit has gone wild..I dont blame her being with fed-ex but my goodness have some respect for yourself and your children

2809 days ago


Chunky monkey

2809 days ago

Only in    

There's no doubt she is on a destruction course. She will be the next one!

2809 days ago

say what!!!    


2809 days ago


Good Lord!!! What did she eat? Sooooo sick! She definitely is the next one if she keeps this up. More orphaned children.

2809 days ago
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