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Howard: A Million Tear$

2/12/2007 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern is reportedly about to make bank over Anna Nicole Smith -- by giving a "tell-all" interview to "Entertainment Tonight" -- just days after Anna's death.

The buzz is that "ET" forked over a cool $1 million for the exclusive interview, which begins airing in segments tonight, but exact details of the deal remain secret. TMZ was unable to confirm that, but it's a safe bet it's a large number. The interview takes place during Howard's flight from Florida to the Bahamas to secure Dannielynn.

In a preview clip posted on YouTube, Stern is seen "crying" over Anna's death while bleating lines like, "I just want her to be with Daniel, I hope that they're happy ... she was such a wonderful person."


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He probably fed her the pills that killed her. And we all know she was on something when she died. It's a given. I will be surprised if pilled are not in her system. Just wait for the toxicology reports. I bet she overdosed or something like Daniel. He admitted giving Daniel the methadone. HE probably did the same thing to Anna. HE is such a leach.

2809 days ago


Oh lord for One Million and that is the best acting job Howard K. Stern can do? I like when he buried his face in his hands and emerged with tears. I can almost smell the onions on his hands.

2809 days ago


Why are we so eager to judge? How do you know if Howard is fake or sincere? I mean my God! Everyone did the same thing with Brit and K Fed and look at them now. Shes nothing but a hooch and hes starting to look decent. What if this was you losing your husband or wife and some jerk off that doesn't even know you has the nerve to say things like that to you. God people you are so sickening. Do we have a problem with every man who has a relationship with a beautiful woman? Get over your rude disrepect already. The man just lost his life companion show some freakin respect! No information has been reported yet that says that he did this or he is guilty. But al of these people just sit and judge and make up these stories in their heads. Just because they are in your head people, that doesn't mean they are true!

2809 days ago


Fake or not, he really is crying, you can see the whole video at other entertainment sites.

2809 days ago


Somehow this is all strange something tells me he did this..He might've killed Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith...It so happens that the medicine is on his name he wants the money....I hope the baby girl finds a good dad...The right dad.

2809 days ago


Somehow this is all strange something tells me he did this..He might've killed Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith...It so happens that the medicine is on his name he wants the money....I hope the baby girl finds a good dad...The right dad.

2809 days ago


Money talks, bullsh*t walks.

2809 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I believe he's sincere about his grief - of course he is. Anna has been a big part of his life for years and years. It's not like they were casual aquaintences. They were basically best friends. And I don't blame him for giving an interview and making money off of it - after all he's going to get hounded until he does give an interview he might as well get paid. It's not like Anna wouldn't have done the same exact thing if roles were reversed.

2809 days ago


Just my gut feeling.....Howard K. Stern is a parasite... he's been waiting a long time to somehow get his fame and fortune..... he should be ashamed of himself for selling his story of the "suppossed love of his life or whatever he considered ANS"...... watch his comment about ANS with daniel thing.... it's going to come out that he killed the both of them .....

But when it's all said and done.... this was something inevitable for ANS ... it's just a shame that it happened so soon....

2809 days ago


Of coarse the man is broken up, he just lost his cash cow.
I hope the rotten creap rots in HELL!!!!!

2809 days ago


I've never seen anything like it. He's accepting money just a day or two after Anna's death and flies to be with the multi-million $$$$ baby that isn't even his. Why is he afraid to have a DNA test done? No one has claimed Anna's body. Why didn't Howard stay in Florida, claim her body, and act like he cared about her? He doesn't want Anna's mother to see the baby because he is afraid she might want some of the money. I truly believe that Howard is involved in killing Anna and Daniel. He's the slimiest lawyer I've ever seen.

2809 days ago


An article on Foxnews, link provided, has this to say about Howard,2933,251488,00.html

Three days before she died, Anna Nicole Smith reportedly was planning a long stay in the sultanate of Brunei.

More precisely: Her attorney, lover and perhaps father of her baby, Howard K. Stern, was making plans to bring her to Brunei as a guest of the sultan.

An insider who was in on the negotiations tells me: "Howard knew she was around drugs all the time and wanted to bring her to a place where there aren't any. He really wanted to bring her here."

The source says that Stern was concerned for Smith's health and safety and reached out to the sultan of Brunei for help. When Smith's death was announced, the people on the other end were in shock.

"We couldn't believe it. We thought they were coming here. It's very sad."

For what it's worth, the Brunei insiders — having had e-mail correspondence with Stern in the days leading up to Smith's death — say the attorney is getting a raw deal in the press

"He's a good man," the source said. "He was trying to take care of her."

2809 days ago


????? #13, did you say K-Fed looked decent???

2809 days ago


if the person you loved was obviously suicidal over the loss of a son to drugs, wouldn't you do everything you could to keep those same drugs away from that person? howard k. stern enabled anna's death. there was methadone and a zillion other drugs in the hotel room and in the house they shared. if he loved her those drugs would be gone, and anna would be in grief counselling right now.

2809 days ago

Claire Collins    

There are enough issues and questions here to warrant an investigation. Every person who has an interest in this huge financial stake from the Marshall estate is dead. This man has sewn himself into every conceivable conflict of interest regarding this woman, her life and everything about her that produces revenue, income or value. He is a filthy parasite, who fed these people drugs, induced her to sign every power of attorney, right of election, exectuor assignment and every possible legal instrument to get this filthy hands on everything hers. I think the FBI should be looking at this man because I guarantee you there is financial fraud and white collar crime here. There are also two dead people. I fear for this baby.

This man, I think, is a dangerous, passive aggressive sociopath. Filthy slug

2809 days ago
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