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Howard: A Million Tear$

2/12/2007 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern is reportedly about to make bank over Anna Nicole Smith -- by giving a "tell-all" interview to "Entertainment Tonight" -- just days after Anna's death.

The buzz is that "ET" forked over a cool $1 million for the exclusive interview, which begins airing in segments tonight, but exact details of the deal remain secret. TMZ was unable to confirm that, but it's a safe bet it's a large number. The interview takes place during Howard's flight from Florida to the Bahamas to secure Dannielynn.

In a preview clip posted on YouTube, Stern is seen "crying" over Anna's death while bleating lines like, "I just want her to be with Daniel, I hope that they're happy ... she was such a wonderful person."


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Lost Lass    

This is probably one of the most tragic lives that has been lived out so publically. Not saying she wasn't responsible for any of her actions, she was. But it's a tragedy nonetheless.

I think the only one true person who honestly, totally, and absolutely unconditionally loved her was the one person she lost 5 months ago, Daniel. I can only imagine how lost and alone she must've felt these past few months.

2776 days ago


This bastard is such an opportunist.
Selling his "grieving" moments to an Entertainment show for a million bucks.

Going to the Bahamas to claim a baby that is not even his. Keeping that baby from those who have more of a right to her than he does.

He'll get his: his house of cards will fall when that DNA test is done.

2776 days ago

the DQ    

Oh ya, and ET is the scum of the earth!!!! They've been doing these interviews with them for months and had witnessed the decline of ANS (Mark Steines admitted it) yet they just kept giving them (HKS) money for these "exclusive" interviews. ET is acting as a PIMP!!!

2776 days ago


it sounds to me like ans just would not take the blame for anything she did in life. you can't just sit there and say everybody hates me and is trying to sue me? i know alot celebs get sued for no reason, but there are bigger fish in the celebrity sea. i think she believed that everything was free to her. and when people come to collect, she refused to pay, gets sued and paints herself as the victim. entertainment tonight was obviously keeping cash in her pocket because they seem to be the only ones interested in what she was up to. if howard was smart, he'd shut up because in a case like this, what lawyer would recommend speaking in public about this incident? i guess howard is the only one, because he just can't shut up about it. we all know she hates her family but what do they care now? they can talk all they want, write their books and sell her pictures for a nice price and make their own little fortune off of all of this, with or without that baby.

2776 days ago


Oh pleaseeeeee, that IS NOT his baby. How could you possibly believe that?? I don't know what's going on, we will soon all see together. Whatever it is is juicy stuff though. RIP Anna, and I do feel bad for Howard, although he may be a murderer, who knows. Anyway, I heard one theory is that Daniel is the father...mmm...that's food for thought. The baby is cross-eyed, after all (in case nobody has noticed).

2776 days ago

Looking for the truth    

I cannot believe that I clicked on a link on what I used believe was a reputable news site and it brought me to this tabloid. I have personally lived through losing a child in a public tragedy, and then having to deal with national press and it's dissemination of misinformation. I feel for the principals involved in this case, and it is appalling to watch the general public, as well as the media, pushing their opinions instead of sticking to the facts. People need to understand that what they are watching and reading are interpretations of what the facts are, repetitions of opinions and rumors, and not necessarily the facts. Even once reputable news programs are in on this one.

Some of the media were quick to state or insinuate that drugs were involved, and Anna was an addict. Watch the videos on line of the ME. He said he saw no evidence of drug abuse. This doesn't mean she didn't use drugs or alcohol, it means that her body did not have the tell tale signs of someone who was a non-recovered addict, yet public figures have not hesitated to comment on her 'obvious' addictions. Everyone is reporting on Prince von Anhalt stating he was a potential father to Dannielynn. I watched his press conference, and he said no such thing. He stated clearly that he never gave the quote we all see in the press, and then he was coy and avoided answering when asked directly if he could be the father. He said that he had information that he preferred to keep to himself and that he would break his silence if either Larry Burkhead or Howard K. Stern were awarded custody.

No one is giving all the facts. They cover the fact that G. Ben Thompson and his attorney entered the Bahama's property occupied by Anna, Howard, and Dannielynn and changed the locks, pronouncing that they have taken over physical possession of the property, since Anna is deceased, therefore pending litigation is no longer valid. In the case of real property, the estate takes over, and therefore it is not the end of the litigation. None of the news outlets who covered this aspect of the story noted that there was a November 20, 2006 court injunction barring Mr. Thompson and his attorneys and agents from the property. They violated a court order when they entered the property and should be held accountable. Mr. Thompson had the title of the property issued to Anna. Afterwards, he then asked her to sign a promissory agreement to obtain a mortgage for the property. She refused to sign the document. Who knows what the true story is there, but if Mr. Thompson was an astute businessman, he would have never had the property title transferred to someone else without having any preexisting conditions agreed upon in legally binding documents first. I certainly hope that charges are pressed against those who entered the property and took Anna's personal property. I also hope that the police dusted the contents of the photograph of the refrigerator for fingerprints. According to Ms. Smith's attorney in the Bahamas, the photo was staged, and fingerprint evidence would go a long way towards illegal entry charges, not to mention a slander suit if the pictures were posed as claimed. I saw an ad for an interview before the news of Anna's death broke. Mr. Thompson and his son in law were saying that Howard had disposed of pills after Daniel's death. They didn't actually see Howard flush the pills, they claim in the interview. Yet this site is hawking how Howard is being interviewed by police based on the claims that he furnished the methadone, and then was witnessed flushing the pills.

After being involved in a major news story, I don't watch the news knowing how inaccurate it is. The same goes for print news. In this day of conspiracy theories, who knows what is truth and what isn't? Conspiracy theories surround many media events: The moon landing, JFK's death, TWA 800, Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, and the list goes on. People have come forward in all these cases with eyewitness accounts and other forms of 'evidence' to support their claims. All of it cannot be true. Why people do such things is beyond me.

I have seen several interviews with Vergie Arthur. The quest for viewers is the only reason for her being interviewed. She hasn't had contact with Anna for a decade. While I feel for her loss, what can she possibly know about her daughter's personal life when she had no contact with her? She stated in one interview that she had been a cop. With that kind of background, she should know she has to have facts, not just hearsay before she can claim real 'knowledge' of the situation. She's making accusations of Howard K. Stern without facts as well. She noted in one interview that he was present when both Daniel and Anna died, so she fears for the safety of her granddaughter. He was in Florida, but he was in a boat on the water at the time Anna was found unconscious. Where are her facts, beyond something circumsantial? One of the

2776 days ago


Holy sh*t, look at the clip again..I swear you can hear Scott Peterson in the background...what a sac of sh*t this scumb bag is...he wouldn't give a sh*t about that baby if there was no potential win fall...

2776 days ago

Ida Clair    

If he didn't do this to raise some money for the custody battle, y'all would be accusing him of only wanting the kid for the $.

He can't win with you guys.

2776 days ago


Oh c'mon people! Wouldn't YOU cry if your meal ticket was suddenly gone?

2776 days ago


I think the guy really loved Anna.
Everyone else is getting their story out to the press--why not Howard?

2776 days ago



2776 days ago

LA Valenista    

The person, who needs to show respect is Howard K.Stern himself.
He tells the world that he loved Anna Nicole. Why did'nt he send her to
rehab a long time ago? Why did he allow her to have 50.000 different prescription drugs in her fridge? And why did he let her on TV when she was at the lowest point in her life? Is that true love? Think about it!

2776 days ago

John ackie    

This vile "lawyer" creature DISGUSTS me. To the core.
As does Scooter Libby, Ari Fleischer, and Doug Feith. (Also in the news).

2776 days ago


If Howard K. Stern is quick to "clear his name" as #6 suggests, it would behoove him to do that paternity test for the same reason. Unless, of course, he knows the baby is not his.

2776 days ago


Howard K Stern is a SNAKE IN THE GRASS!!! If the man is crying, it's because his money train is gone, and he knows damn well that baby is not his and he's going to lose her too. I really think the officials should investigate him !!!

2776 days ago
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