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Howard: A Million Tear$

2/12/2007 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern is reportedly about to make bank over Anna Nicole Smith -- by giving a "tell-all" interview to "Entertainment Tonight" -- just days after Anna's death.

The buzz is that "ET" forked over a cool $1 million for the exclusive interview, which begins airing in segments tonight, but exact details of the deal remain secret. TMZ was unable to confirm that, but it's a safe bet it's a large number. The interview takes place during Howard's flight from Florida to the Bahamas to secure Dannielynn.

In a preview clip posted on YouTube, Stern is seen "crying" over Anna's death while bleating lines like, "I just want her to be with Daniel, I hope that they're happy ... she was such a wonderful person."


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If it wasn't enough that Anna Nicole was a disturbed human being in life, now we are being treated to the tawdry details of her life after she died. For heaven sakes, when is enough enough? Unauthorized digging through a dead woman's belongings is grotesque to say the very least.

At this point, I guess the one person I have concern about is the innocent baby who is obviously in the clutches of a money grubbing jackass who is no doubt going to control every aspect of her life. Especially if it turns out that old J Howard Marshall is the father which is what I've suspected all along. How better to get the estate $ coming to her than to have an heir?

Notice that Dannielynn's full name is Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. There's a reason for that I'll bet, and it might explain why she was so hush hush about who the father of the baby is.

I'm hoping that Virgie Arthur gets herself a good lawyer and sues for grandparent visitation, or even custody. No doubt it will be the only decent upbringing the poor child will ever get - IF she ever makes it to adulthood. Howard K Stern seems to leave a trail of dead bodies behind. Fins to the left, fins to the right...sharks everywhere, salivating over the almighty dollar. Poor innocent little baby. I hope someone helps her.

2776 days ago


I am very disappointed that anyone could think Mr. Strern's tears are fake. In every interview I have seen with Anna and Howard it is so clear, so clear, that he iwas genuinely and absolutely in love with her and loved her. He was devoted to her.

This man has been struck by tragedy after a tumultous past 6 months - the birth of the baby, the death of Daniel. Howard Stern deserves our respect and condolences. He is a good man.

The fact that he may have signed a contract to be paid for his interview on ET does not matter. It makes his ordeal no less. He needs money to buy the time to put his life in order - and that of his baby, if the baby is his.

It is uncalled for and cruel to mock Mr. Stern. He does not deserve it. He deserves our compassion and understanding. He is in grief and he loved her genuinely.

2776 days ago


sad, sad, sad! The whole story and situation with both Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stren! No doubt he cared for her, but he was an "inabler" to her with the DRUGS! It is tragic, that no one in there circles of friends, business associates, Production Companies (ET) it is pitiful that not one person suggested that Anna Nicole go to a REHAB Center if for nothing more than a REST, some Peace and Quit and give her some time to meditate and grieve for her herself and the lose of her child, and hopefully have a few months to clean her mind and get off the DRUGS, it has been obvious even when she was presenting a song and talking about TRIMSPA, that there was something horribly wrong with her, and I do blame Howard K. Stren, for alot of these problems...He obvious is on something as well, all the time, but as her Attorney, Friend and someone that supposedly cared for her, instead of being a corporate or inabler, he should have suggested that she go to a REHAB for a RETREAT from all that was going wrong in her life, and let some counselors talk to her and let her deal with all the negative in her life! She did bring alot of bad things on herself, and there is only so much a person can do, before things come full circle! My pray is that Dannielynn, will be able to grow up in a stable and loving home! I that the money for this child never comes in play! She will never feel like anyone loves her just for her, if this happens, she will feel alone and isolated as her mother did! I think they should put the money she inherits into a trust that is handled by the Courts, Trustees's like the Playboy Mansion, like Hugh Hufner or his daughter Christie, some that did care about Anna Nicole not for financial gain or fame! No one involved with Playboy need's money and they do seem like they are a organization that takes care of their own and the girls that have come through their Organization! I just hope that Dannielynn get's to know who her real father is, as well that she is with people that so much prescription drug use is not being used in her presence! I don't understand why the Police or child Welfare hasn't stepped in and checked on the well being of this child! They get involved on a regular basis, with children everyday! It is just so tragic, this is unbelieveable the "Drama" that is involved in this young girl's life!

2776 days ago

the wise old owl    

Howard K Stern is the BEAST incarnate. The most despicable and vile man I have ever seen played out in the media. His greed and lust for $$ continues to surface with every picture he sells . HIs ulterior motives are very obvious and he is FOOLING NO ONE. The only relationship he had with ANNA was based on dependantcy and a need to CONTROL

There was no " romantic " relationship going on between those two. Clearly towards the end of her life.......she was living for the drugs only. Howard used them to control and minupulate her. He served as her 'PUSHER " AND SHE RELIED on him to get her the drugs she needed so badly to NUMB HER PAIN. . Her life began on spiral downhill when HKS stepped into it. ANd continued to deteriate rapidly ever since.

This man needs to be stopped. He killed Daniel. He needed and wanted him " out of the way ". He was a continued " threat " to him and HKS could never completely control Anna with him still in the picture. Anna loved Daniel unconditionally and HKS could not compete with that. Just a little liquid methadone did the trick. He had means, motive and opportunity. 2 down only 1 left.

It is only a matter of time before something tragic happens to Dannilynn. Everything that HKS claims he loved ........are now dead. My GOD........those authorities in the Bahamas better WAKE up and get that baby the HELL out of there. They should be held " personally "responsiable if anything happens to her.

Howard is CRYING ALL THE WAY THE BANK .He is a greedy bastard with a borderline sciopath personality. Nothing stirs his soul except for $$. He has shown this over and over again. Only a monster would keep a granddaughter away from her paternal grandmother. DOES THIS MAN HAVE NO SHAME ?

Personally I would like to see him KILL himself. That's one loss that I would celebrate. I can't think of one redeeming quality he has. I believe that Anna grew tired of him towards the end. Realized that she couldn't look at his " murdering face " anymore and the DRUGS were no longer helping her cope. He either KILLED HER........or she just " checked herself out ".

Imagine having to stomach that man everyday " knowing he played a hand in her son's death ? " My god.......I'm surpirsed she lasted as long as she did. NOW IT'S JUSTICE TIME. They should hang this guy in a public Gallow some place where everyone can enjoy his desmise. He can join the ranks of Sadum. As far as I 'm concerned he is no better. Already out there making deals to profit off of Anna's death and a child that is not even his. Only a complete RETARD would believe ANYTHING THAT THIS LYING MURDERER HAS TO SAY. I HATE HOWARD.

2776 days ago

Clark Judovsky    

Hhmmm ... No tears flowing and peaking to see if the camera is still on him. Maybe the tear ducks in his eyes dried out from crying over Anna all this time. Or he is concerned that if he does not show allot of sarrow, he will be a marked man.

2776 days ago


I think everyone need to back off Howard. My heart goes out to him and Danielynn more than anything. People have beat, and kicked Anna all the way down and she was always here to fight back. This time she is not here to defend herself and I wish people would just leave her Memory Alone. Anna and Howard never had time to grieve over the lose of Daniel thanks to all the Media in a very sad time. Know Howard needs to grieve he has lost TWO very very important people to him. Let him give him the chance to grieve not only for Anna but also for Daniel, and Daneilynn for she will never haver her Mother or Brother back again until the day they all meet back again in Heaven. Bless you Howard I stand behind you 100% we love you and you and Danielynn are in our thoughts and prayers. I know that Howard is hurting if people would back up and see how long Howard has been in Anna's life then maybe you all might see. We Love You ANNA NICOLE! May you rest in peace......... Howard you are an Angel Danielynn;'s Angel be there for her and Love her I know you will no matter what.


2776 days ago


I am sure how I would react if I lived in their world. But I do feel like that he did love and care for her. In many interviews I have saw he looked on lovely at her while she spoke, and he was her rock during the loss of her son.
Now for her mother to go on GMA the morning after she died and looked as if she could care less, now she wants the baby! Of course she does!!! But if you think back to those interviews with anna talking about her mother you could see the HATE that she felt for her!!
I hope that her mother NEVER sees a penny of anything from her daughters estate. And that baby is kept FAR, FAR away from her!

2776 days ago


OK, I have a question ... if HKS is the baby's father, why is Dannielynn listed as "Marshall Stern"? If HKS is the baby's father, wouldn't her last name be listed as "Stern" only?

I am starting to believe ANS's sister when she said she may have used her late husband's sperm and had her baby. I liked ANS but nothing she did surprises me. I just read on the news that she even may have slept with the official who's taking care of her baby, AND she may have slept with the guy who allowed her to stay in his house at the Bahamas.

Which poses another question ... why would she have had to buy another house if the home they were staying in was "given to her?" Seems like too many stories being woven. The truth about everything will come out.

2776 days ago


it looks like he's grinning! here's an inside scoop on what's going on in his brain. "i'm rich! i'm rich! i'm so f***in rich! "

2776 days ago


i believe howard really is sad, can you imagine losing a friend who you have seen every day for years? she was more than a friend to him, whether or not he loved her (which i believe he did) he still spent all his time with her, and until you walk in his shoes, you really cant judge him. you dont know what he is feeling. i cant believe you people, so quick to dump on someone, i hope nothing like this ever happens to you

2776 days ago


Gee, maybe I missed the tears. I saw sniffling, and a lot of looking down (interesting...liars usually avoid eye contact...when you're crying, you at least look at someone for TWO SECONDS to know that they acknowledge your pain)...and then let's talk about that dramatic "head in hands, woe is me" performance.

If it walks like a liar, and it talks like a liar, it's a ....

2776 days ago

K. Jackson    

This whole ordeal makes me sad. ANS may not have made the greatest decisions but she made it big for herself and I do believe that Howard really loved her. He's been by her side for a very long time and whether or not he was there for the right reason - he was there. As a mother of two boys, one of which is 20, my heart hurt so bad for her when Daniel died. I don't think that she ever recovered from the grief that she felt. I hope that she is with Daniel and that Howard is actually the father and he can get on with his life. RIP ANS!

2776 days ago


And America wonders why we have such a low opinion of lawyers.

2776 days ago


You know theres always going to be talk about what when and where and who is responsible for Anna's death? All I can say is that Howard has been by her side for many years. I was and have always been fascinated by Anna I have followed her life for so many years. From Guess model ,playboy playmate to marrying a billionaire,her E show,losing her weight to the death of her son and the birth of her babygirl and now her death. May she rest in peace along with her son. She went from working 3 jobs to support her and her son to a very wealthy and famous person that was beautiful inside and out. She was our modern day marilyn monroe an icon. You know I have sat and thought about all these people that think Howard controlled her and her life if it was so bad why did she keep him by her side. If he was so bad makes you wonder why she hadnt died long ago..Yes she was on alot of meds such as pain pills but thats the price you pay to be famous. I mean my god look at how many younger famous females have fallen in the same death trap partying , drugs, alcohol,cosmetic surgery and rehab. Wondering who will be next? I still say Howard is innocent and stop accusing him, taking care of the baby is more important now whether it be him or any other family member. And this Bobby guy that done her decor designing for her homes , he is weird I cant even believe anyone would interview him all he wants is fame and to seen and heard.. My question is where is Kimmie? Maybe she could shed some light on the history with Howard and Anna !!!!!

2776 days ago


That's right, Howard K. Worm...keep checking that camera...
hopefully you can work up some tears before it goes off.

2776 days ago
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