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Howard: A Million Tear$

2/12/2007 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern is reportedly about to make bank over Anna Nicole Smith -- by giving a "tell-all" interview to "Entertainment Tonight" -- just days after Anna's death.

The buzz is that "ET" forked over a cool $1 million for the exclusive interview, which begins airing in segments tonight, but exact details of the deal remain secret. TMZ was unable to confirm that, but it's a safe bet it's a large number. The interview takes place during Howard's flight from Florida to the Bahamas to secure Dannielynn.

In a preview clip posted on YouTube, Stern is seen "crying" over Anna's death while bleating lines like, "I just want her to be with Daniel, I hope that they're happy ... she was such a wonderful person."


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Clark Judovsky    

Hhmmm ... No tears flowing and peaking to see if the camera is still
on him. Maybe the tear ducks in his eyes dried out from crying over
Anna all this time. Or he is concerned that if he does not show allot
of sorrow, he will be a marked man.

2777 days ago

They're all liars    

1. Why couldn't Anna's nurse administer CPR? Why did they wait for the bodyguard?

2. Even when she's dead, Howard can't think for himself. He sounds just like her with the "if it wasn't for Dannielynn I don't think I would be here".

3. Why does HS keep referring to Dannielynn as "Anna's baby"? If he's the father wouldn't he refer to her as "our" baby?

4. Why is he in the Thompson house? Before she died didn't Anna do an interview with ET from the house she just bought?

2777 days ago


What a horrible actor.

The only thing he is sad about is losing his income.

2777 days ago


I think it sounded like he was more sorry than anything else. That could mean alot of things, maybe sorry for himself, or fill in the blanks. Too early to tell. Actions will now speak louder than words.

2777 days ago

So Many Uneducated Posts & Hypocrites    

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Prince Frederic von Anhalt, the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, said Monday he plans to file a paternity challenge in court this week to gain custody of Anna Nicole Smith's infant daughter.
"I'm going to make the DNA test," he told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "If the court rules in my favor, I will go to the Bahamas and pick up the child."

2777 days ago


He's crying because he's so happy he finally got rid of her and saying to himself "What a fool I was was! That was easy, I should have killed her off a long time ago!. Why to think I'm a Cal and UCLA grad and I had to suffer her insufferable Redneck babbling day and night! I'll never be able to look my frat brothers in the eyes now and give them the secret fanny spanking! What was I thinking???"

2777 days ago


You people are nuts. Just what criminal actions do you think he's guilty of, other than loving a loony woman. Get over it and leave him alone

2777 days ago


He's a leach and a hanger-on. He never was her husband and is not that child's father. Hopefully everyone will know what a despicable person he is and he'll land in prison. And now to exploit Anna's memory with this phony crap? Ugh, it's ridiculous! And Anna was not a hooch-she was a good mother and a savvy entertainer who fell pray to people providing her with drugs to keep her in a fog.

2777 days ago


Fake, fake , fake. Bunch of fake ass tears.

2777 days ago


Don't know if he is sincere or not but I thing I do know....he definitely should not do any more interviews! If he is sincere - he is a dull dull person. If he is faking - he is a bad bad actor.

2777 days ago

Donna S.    

Ok, so Anna Nicole's son died while HOWARD K. STERN was present. Anna Nicole dies whole HOWARD K> STERN is present. hmmmmmm. I wonder who was feeding all these "prescription drugs" to the both of them, or at least knew exactly what happened and didn't try to stop this insanity? He enabled it, because he knew damn well what was happening, who's his ticket to fame now? May Anna rest in peace now, and Howard K. Stern will pay for this someday.

2777 days ago


I doubt he controlled her. Seems more like she controlled him. If he told her to cut off drugs she probably told him to mind his own business. She probably died because her lifestyle caught up with her - constantly on drugs, drinking, plastic surgery. Your body can only handle so much. Her son probably died from the same thing. Live fast and die young. It never changes. Famous people have done it forever!

2777 days ago


Where are the tears?

2777 days ago


People are so outraged over this assclown - he was a PERFECT match for the skank he supposedly married.

She got what she deserved, he's probably not that far from his fate either.

Too bad the son had to die so young - it's their fault; so he'll pay for it.

2777 days ago


Let's get real here. Sure Stern is upset he just lost his sugarmama. I feel that if you have to get paid to tell the TRUTH then it probably isn't the truth. It was obvious that Anna needed help and he should have been there to be sure she got it. In his interview he's even slurring his words. Maybe he needs a drug test? Let's just pray that they get this paternity testing overwith before the baby is a teeneager and she ends up like her mother. The photgraper boyfriend is the only one who has been telling his story even before Anna died for free! Let's do the test and put an end to it all I'm tired of hearing about it.

2777 days ago
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