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Queen Latifah: I'll Adopt, But I'm No Madonna

2/12/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Queen Latifah wants to adopt 18 kids, but unlike Madonna and Angelina, she won't be leaving the country to do it.

During a revealing interview with Ellen Degeneres, her majesty said, "I want to adopt an American baby ... there's just so many kids that could use a home." While Latifah says she completely understands why Americans would want to go outside the states, she would still rather "help a kid in the hood."

You can catch the entire interview on today's Ellen. Long live the Queen.


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Thank goodness someone is finally turning their attention to the children in the U.S. Why spend thousands of dollars to adopt outside the country when there are so many available children here? As the mother of 3 adopted children (all biologicaly related), I send kudos! Good for her!

2779 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

There are lots of children needing to be adopted. It doesn't matter whether they're black, white, striped, polka dotted or are from the U.S. or not. Just adopt because your heart is in it 100%, and for the right reasons.

2779 days ago


I adore a woman that speaks from the Heart.

2779 days ago


Maybe she can adopt Dannielynn! She's an American baby that needs adoption.

2779 days ago


i dont listen to queen latifah, but i've seen interviews and movies she has done dramatic, comedic, action and i've watched her music vids, and i think she is a smart, talented,beautiful woman. and who gives a flying f*** if she is gay? i watched an episode of wife swap last week that set up a lesbian couple with a straight couple and the women partners were wonderful ,well adjusted with smart, polite kids, and the straight family were a bunch of bully dumb ass jocks who constantly insult each other! where does sexuality come in when it comes to raising a stable family?

2779 days ago


AMEN!!!!! There are so many children in OUR country who have no family and no home to go to!!!!

2779 days ago



2779 days ago


my husband and i are going to adopt from china, which we are SO excited about. the red tape in america is ridiculous and the wait even more so...

2779 days ago


i think thats a wonderful idea, theres so many little ones who need a home, and a large number of these little one are from the hood....and i believe they deserve a fair start in life....i was adopted by a couple who were unable to have children, i was just lucky to have been adopted by my grandmothers nephew and his wife so i was able to stay in the family , now i didn't find out about this until i was 17yrs-old....couldn't have had a better life, now i planning on adopting in the near future......we should help in any way we can, these children deserve a fair shot at life........

2778 days ago


Deciding where to adopt a child from is a very personal decision. No one should ever tell a person where to adopt from, just as no one should tell a woman where, when or how to have her biological child.

2778 days ago


it's about time someone wanted to adopt in their own backyard or country!! Our country may be richer than most but that doesn't mean every person in the U.S.

2778 days ago


I think a lot of people are ignorant about how difficult it is to adopt children here in the States. Even though there are so many children in need, the laws to qualify for a child are so stringent, that it's nearly impossible. Also, it's even more difficult to adopt a child when the hopeful parent is single. I work in Child Services and I agree, there are a lot of children right here who need good homes. Unfortunately for prospective parents and these children, adoption in America is a lot of bureaucratic red tape and complications, especially if the birth parents are still alive. Also, there are many states that will not let gay people adopt (which is completely unfair and detrimental), and those rumors about her sexuality coupled with her single status are a double-negative for her. Adopting American is not an easy task, and I sincerely wish her the best of luck in her endeavors. As for Angelina Jolie and Madonna, they should be commended for adopting a child--any child in need--and not ostracized. The fact of the matter is, with their wild pasts they probably would never be able to adopt an American orphan.

2778 days ago


I agree highly with Queen Latifah, so many kids in our Country needing to be adopted
Not critisizing Madonna, but geez all the homeless ,hungry kids in our Country

But thats why were over in Iraq now, helping another country when we still have many issues, race,poverty,etc.
Big ups to Queen Love ya

2732 days ago

zahra mandela    

Dear madam
How are you?
congratulation for your good job.

Iam Tanzanian woman 33 years old looking for your fund support as an indivisual and I promise you that I will use that fund to help orphans by using your name. I hope you will consider me.

Thank you!


2723 days ago


The misconceptions about adoption in these comments are overwhelming.

The only children in the US who wait to find homes are those who have severe disabilities and those who have been in and out of foster care and are over 5 years old or are part of a sibling group they're trying to keep together.

Adopting from any of those groups is a HUGE undertaking, due to the high level of needs each child in such a situation will have.

Adoption in the age of high infertility rates and easy access contraception is not about finding homes for needy children; it is about finding a child for a family who doesn't have one. And because of this, many poor mothers who might be able to raise their kids are manipulated into placing them for adoption so the agencies can rake in the big bucks from the desperate adoptive parents.

I am an adoptive parent, so please don't think I'm just biased. Adoption is just a lot more complicated than "save the children" whether it's overseas or in the US.

If a rich celebrity really wants to support kids, she could call attention to the ineffectuality of the child protective/foster system, or other things that I'm sure she's done like donating to organizations that help families in need. If what she wants is to raise kids, then more power to her - she could do it biologically or adopt, and that's her choice, but it's nothing to commend her for it's just her own family and not some special wonderful thing she's doing.

1481 days ago
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