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Rosie: Anna Nicole Was "Balloon Without Tether"

2/12/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRosie O'Donnell and her cohorts on "The View" had their first chance to address the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and while they took pity on Anna Nicole herself, they showed little mercy for Howard K. Stern or the entertainment news shows that paid her for those slurred, difficult-to-watch interviews.

Rosie, for her part, inflamed some viewers by imitating Anna Nicole unfavorably on Thursday's show, which was taped just hours before Anna's death. Today, lamenting the starlet's death, Rosie compared Smith to a Macy's Thanksgiving parade balloon without anyone to hold it back. She charged that Howard K. Stern had an "addiction" problem as well.

Meanwhile, Rosie let fellow comedienne Margaret Cho express her thoughts on Smith's death, posting Cho's own blog posting about the matter on In it, Cho compared Smith to "ripe summer peaches hot from the sun, or rice pudding made from grains boiled for over a day on the stove," and called her "the most beautiful woman I had ever seen."


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Okay.............those who agree with Rosie , should please not say MANY agree with her opinions...the show is nothign but a joke, and yes Rosie as a celeb should try not to throw stones at teh glass house..its goign to shatter pretty soon, and I for one have no wish to see her multifolded hanging belly...........

Go jump in the ocean with the rest of the whales and stop increasing our health insurance as a result of your obesity................

Overbearing tub of lard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still jealous of skinny melania,,,,,,ahhahahah

2708 days ago


Oh come on TMZ! Why do you make Rosie look so bad? She did not say that Anna Nicole was a balloon in a bad way... she said that no one was taking care of her... that she had no "tethers" to hold on to her like the Macy's balloon parade. Rosie only spoke the truth. She made the Anna Nicole comments before Anna died. She was only saying that she was concerned about her because it was obvious that she was on drugs and going downhill rapidly.

I will never understand people's hatred of Rosie. She is a good person who loves her children and supports many charities for children. She does alot more than the nasty people who say mean things about her. If you don't like her, then don't watch her, but you should keep your horrible comments to yourself. I think Rosie is honest and she speaks the truth. We all stood by and watched Anna Nicole self destruct. Rosie had nothing to do with her death so stop picking on her!

2708 days ago


She was clearly making and analogy. She was not calling Anna a "balloon". Hence...balloons fly away, drift.....much like Anna's life. She was drifting, all alone with no one to "ground her". I also agree Rosie can be loud, but she is entitled to her opion, If you watched the show, you would have seen she was clearly upset, not being mean spirited. The balloon refrence had nothing to due with weight, and if anyone followed this they would realize Rosie is the LAST one to mock anyone on their weight issues. Obviously tragedy brings out good and bad in people......all Anna wanted was to be left alone, and sadly we can't even honor that now! Just day her daughter will have to see and read all this press, how hurtful is it going to be to that poor baby girl? So sad........

2708 days ago

Maria Gonzales    

Rosie so fat and rude. She talks about her kids saying the fat word. Do her kids know just how rude and obnoxious she really is. You can talk about Donald Trump because he is alive and can fight his battles, but ANS she's dead and you can at least be sad. She left a 5month daughter behind. Gosh Rosie get a heart. If you can't get a heart then get a f***in life. And stop making off others.

2708 days ago


Nice comb over by Rosie and her View hypocrites.

If all of you so called concerned women (The View) saw the need to intervene then why didn't you? Because Anna was talk show fodder. How do we know if there wasn't an intervention? Howard Stern is disfunctional and disfunctional people protect addicts.

It can't happen if the addict isn't willing.

2708 days ago


I ironic the similarities between Rosie and Anna.

Rosie: Addicted to food.
Anna: Addicted to drugs.

Rosie: Media whore.
Anna: Media whore.

Rosie: Made millions
Anna: Made millions

Rosie: Sleeps with woman.
Anna: Slept with woman.

Rosie: Has lawyers during lawsuits.
Anna: Has many lawyers during lawsuits.

Rosie: Incoherant babler.
Anna: Incoherant babler.

Who's your tether Rosie?

2708 days ago


if that aint reason to fire rosie then nothing is and when the view goes off the air soon i will laugh at all of those women for not taking action for i am sure their low ratings..and if it isn't low it will be soon.

2708 days ago


Does TMZ have a contract to promote the view or something? They are always talking about it but the stories have no substance. Who cares what this fat Rosie says. She is the balloon- full of hot air. I wish someone would deflate her and shut her up.

2708 days ago


I am just curious, but can any of you tell me why Rosie is suppose to keep her mouth shut while you all are also stating your comments?!!!! I am no fan of Rosie's at all, but I am also no fan of hypocrites? I don't agree with much she says, but she does make a real honest truth this time. Where were those that truely cared about Anna. Anna-Nicole was so childlike. She needed the right kind of people behind her.

2708 days ago

Mary P.    

Because some people have no common sense. Rosie is saying what people on TMZ have been saying for days now, and more eloquently might I add.

God forbid a person who isn't a size 4 have an opinion.

2708 days ago


29. I am just curious, but can any of you tell me why Rosie is suppose to keep her mouth shut while you all are also stating your comments?!!!! She needed the right kind of people behind her.

I"m not after ratings or money for my opinion. Reallllly now, do you really believe Rosie meant what she said do?

Disfunctional people do not attract the right kind of people.

2708 days ago


I don't know why everyone hangs on Rosie's every word. She's not exactly the picture of "perfect" herself. EVERYONE needs to leave Anna Nicole alone..... She's gone, have some respect for her, for her child, and for human's in gerneral....... And Rosie.................. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2708 days ago


That is a bunch of bullsh*t 31. I know many people who have lived a hard difficult life and were able to attract the right kind of people who were able to help them. But of course they all can not be saved. Whether Rosie meant what she said or not is not the point, I just said that I agreed with her this time. You stated your comments and at least you can do it without the world judging you.

2708 days ago


HKS should sue Rosie for implying he's a junkie. (I'm not saying he's not, I'm not saying he is. I just wish someone would sue that behemoth). And while Rosie O'Donut is shedding crocodile tears over ANS's death, she claims ANS had two surgeries on her breasts in the last 5 mos. which the medical examiner clearly stated that ANS had no recent surgical scars, so why mention it? When was that verified? If it was, excuse me, but there have been no VALID medical reports that these surgeries were the cause of her death. I found mention of it distasteful.
Finally Rosie, yeah, you did allude to your own addiction, FOOD. You have to wear a sleep apnea monitor for (and we know that is a problem that is often obesity related and can be deadly so don't front), but *your* people aren't getting you to put down any cheeseburgers, now are they? It may be somewhat different, arguably, but you still come off so self-righteous, accusatory, disrespectful and obnoxious. How do you know what ANS's people did or did not do to try to help her? You don't. Balloons and tethers...STFU.
If an entertainment program paid for an interview and ANS showed up wasted, that's on her. Unless they put in the agreement that she would not get paid unless she passed a drug test, they have to pay her, so they are going to run the interview. Show business is about money, not baby-sitting addicts. It's just a harsh reality.
So really, get your facts straight, get your addictions under control and get some decent legal advice before you open up your pie hole, Rosie.You are proving The Donald right. Team Anna and Team Donald!.

2708 days ago

Funny Answers    

Do any of you people responding to this section read the article of see the shows before you start cusing, and calling people names??? Macy's day parades, the balloons have people holding them down so they don't hurt someone, etc. The show was not live Friday, so they could not comment. I may no agree with all that is said on the view, what they all, not just Rosie was trying to say is: People around this poor lost soul should have taken care of her, not exploted her, helped her get help. If they had she would more likely than not be alive to raise her child. Look at Lindsey, Brittany, Paula, no one seems to tell these people no, stop doing what your doing. They just make money off these people, so let the show go on, then when one dies, everyone sits in wonders why? How?? That is what they were saying, get a clue, read all the facts, or article, or watch the entire show before you judge. You must be so angry, most of you need someone to help you too with all that anger. If you don't like The View, Rosie, whomever, don't watch.

2708 days ago
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