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Rosie: Anna Nicole Was "Balloon Without Tether"

2/12/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRosie O'Donnell and her cohorts on "The View" had their first chance to address the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and while they took pity on Anna Nicole herself, they showed little mercy for Howard K. Stern or the entertainment news shows that paid her for those slurred, difficult-to-watch interviews.

Rosie, for her part, inflamed some viewers by imitating Anna Nicole unfavorably on Thursday's show, which was taped just hours before Anna's death. Today, lamenting the starlet's death, Rosie compared Smith to a Macy's Thanksgiving parade balloon without anyone to hold it back. She charged that Howard K. Stern had an "addiction" problem as well.

Meanwhile, Rosie let fellow comedienne Margaret Cho express her thoughts on Smith's death, posting Cho's own blog posting about the matter on In it, Cho compared Smith to "ripe summer peaches hot from the sun, or rice pudding made from grains boiled for over a day on the stove," and called her "the most beautiful woman I had ever seen."


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Rosie was referring to "FAME" like a huge T'giving day balloon. It's hard to manage and you need people around you to keep you "grounded"

Just wanted to clear that up....TMZ please find someone else to bash.

2758 days ago


Ever since Rosie came out of the closet she has been a real B*#@ch. Who cares what her opinion is on every subject? I realize everyone has an opinion, but it doesnt mean we give a damn what it is! Hey Barbara bring back Starr Jones she wasnt nearly as irritating as Rosie!

2758 days ago


It is SO difficult to listen to Rosie pontificate about anything. She is as annoying as they come, and she states everything (regardless of who or what she's talking about) as though she's an authority about it all. She's had all weekend to cook up a 'wonderful' thing to say, making nice of her comment about ANS and, as I recall she imitated her on the show--at no time necessarily worrying about what SHE (ANS) might have thought if she watched the show. When will this person leave the VIEW--actually, when will the ALL leave.

2758 days ago


I still can not believe how many of you think the balloon comment was meant about Anna's weight. I agree with you #34. Anna needed help, not more interviews. Britney and Lindsey and Nicole Richie, they are celebrities that have had family members and friends wanting to help. I may of missed something along the way, but I do not recall Anna having that kind of support. ET, you were with her every step of the way and on a recent report I hear that the staff came to care for Anna--BULLSH*T, isn't the truth that the interview and ratings came first!!!!

2758 days ago


Here we go again!!!! Why does TMZ pick up everything Roseie has to say in a negative slant. You jerks -- who do not understand what was said -- I will try to make it clear. They were saying that Nicole had not support to guide her through her emotional state.. She was not comparing her to a balloon. Why do you have to start calling Rosie a fat trainwreck, etc. You bashers are probably at work and did not see the show. People have feelings and you are just a little too strong about Rosie and her weight. Give her a break. Go pick on other people who make comments about celebrities. Go get a life and leave the View alone. I am tired of TMZ always making Rosie the bad guy. I knew when I view the show this morning that TMZ would pick up the comment. They are also dumb that they did not hear what Rosie was saying. Also, stop calling people names. It is not being a good Christian.

2758 days ago


I think Rosie's comments may be truthful about Anna Nicole,
but very cruel and painful and uncalled for.
Yes, everyone knew she had a problem, but did anyone help
her? No.
Not even Rosie.
Did everyone joked about her and her problems?
And now she is dead.
Does everyone feel better, after all their mean spirited and
cruel comments have been said?

Anna Nicole is now dead.
Find someone else to pick on.
May she suffer no more.
Be in peace Anna Nicole.....

2758 days ago


I am so sick of Rosie!!!. I know it's the view, and I have my own personal view, you are a fat slob, and you gross me out. You are jeaslous of celebs that are pretty and actually have some form of body, not like yours.
Why in the heck does Barbara still keep you around, she is not using smarts herself. Yea, I hear your comments, but not by watching the view, I refuse to watch it now, as I could careless what a slob like you has to say about Donald, Paula, Anna or anyone else for that matter. Your view is trash to me, and everyone I have spoken with about you, also has the same opinion as I do. YOU ARE A SLOB!!
Has always been, and will always be.
What was it you said, if you hear or see anything else about Anna??
Well that is how I feel about you, if I hear one more thing about disgusting Rosie !!!!

2758 days ago


weather an entertaintemnt show or view ,not only Rosie the whole show , who is talking about her past life at this time, plain and simple is to profit from it. It is very sad, this woman died and she can not defend herself.

2758 days ago


# 33. That is a bunch of bullsh*t 31. I know many people who have lived a hard difficult life and were able to attract the right kind of people who were able to help them.

THATS MY POINT!! She was so terribly dysfunctional she couldn't attract the right kind of people to help her. She attracted ENABLERS!!

Again, my comments are not worth several million dollars a year while sitting at a table with a bunch of self absorb blabber mouths.

2758 days ago


Rosie has too much to say about everyone - she should keep her mouth shout. Shes ignorant and rude.

2758 days ago


She is a FAT A@@!!!!! Why is she still on TV. I have never, nor will I ever watch anything she is on. I don't care what it is. I hate her, she is a loud mouth jealous loser!

2758 days ago


Rosie is a pig and a stupid one at that. If it is a comedian then it is not funny. The only thing funny about that stupid pig is how it has remained on television. The pig must have made a pact with Pig Satan.

2758 days ago


I'm assuming most of the posters didn't watch the show. TMZ took 5 seconds from a lengthy heart-felt discussion. What Rosie was saying is that we as a people need to take the blinders off and stop pretending people are not self destructing right before our very eyes. You have to be absolutely braindead to not see ANS had a substance abuse problem. We need to stop pretending there's not something wrong with Paula Abdul, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, and Paris Hilton. These people are screaming for help, but yet we use them for our amusement and the media pays them good money to display their disfunction in front of our eyes. Rosie is the only one saying there's a problem in our culture, and yet some idiots criticize her for having common sense and speaking the truth.

2758 days ago


I think the view are nothing but a bunch of talentless cruel women who have no right to judge anyone because none of them are prefect or have half of the willpower or drive to transform their weight. Look at Rosie for example, She has no looks, talent, or heart and is obvious jealous of Anna Nicole. Karma will pay her back for her dispalys of public cruelty. I wish they would fir her from the View and black ball her from television and see how cocky she is after that but misery loves company.

2758 days ago


Rosie is a mean, mean ,mean person!!She is a loud mouth!!I stopped watching the view when she came on cause she is annoying to me.People need to stop talking mean about someone who is not here to defend their self!!RIP ANNA!!

2758 days ago
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