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Rosie: Anna Nicole Was "Balloon Without Tether"

2/12/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRosie O'Donnell and her cohorts on "The View" had their first chance to address the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and while they took pity on Anna Nicole herself, they showed little mercy for Howard K. Stern or the entertainment news shows that paid her for those slurred, difficult-to-watch interviews.

Rosie, for her part, inflamed some viewers by imitating Anna Nicole unfavorably on Thursday's show, which was taped just hours before Anna's death. Today, lamenting the starlet's death, Rosie compared Smith to a Macy's Thanksgiving parade balloon without anyone to hold it back. She charged that Howard K. Stern had an "addiction" problem as well.

Meanwhile, Rosie let fellow comedienne Margaret Cho express her thoughts on Smith's death, posting Cho's own blog posting about the matter on In it, Cho compared Smith to "ripe summer peaches hot from the sun, or rice pudding made from grains boiled for over a day on the stove," and called her "the most beautiful woman I had ever seen."


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patty cake    

Rosie needs Overeaters Anonymous. She is as spiritually bankrupt as ANS was...just in a different way. I hope she can commit to the program soon and find some relief from her own pain and suffering.

2755 days ago


I hope the police will watch Howard Stein. this man is wired. He is Crazy. I still believe that this man have something to do with this two family. when a man wanted to dominate a woman, he will isolate you with your closest friends including family members. Ana, has been taken drugs long time ago including her son why all of a sudden this people are dying like chicken? this man have something to do with this I am sure of that. look at him, Ana was just too fine before with fans this man is sick. and he is not the father of that child. fake ass lawywer. now what? paying him millions of dollars to do interviews for his selfish reasons? believe you me this man do not have a single love for this woman. not a drop. if he loves this woman as he is claiming why he did not help her during this disater by making her go for at least a therapy or something. Howard try to give that child to larry you stupid selfish broke ass lawyer.

2755 days ago


I just love how people here who obviously haven’t seen/heard the conversations in question in their entirety still think they are perfectly justified in spouting off with their mean-spirited, ignorant opinions. It’s such a sad commentary about what is happening in our society. Ever decreasing attention spans and tabloids paying for interviews and stories (never mind worrying about pesky little things like facts) and pandering to the lowest common denominator have led to an ever growing number of ignorant fools that actually believe they are getting all the information they need about a person or a topic from a 15 second sound bite taken out of context and very often heavily edited. I love those people almost as much as the ones that insist they don’t watch The View since Rosie joined the show because they don’t like her and then proceed to rant on and on about how she’s ruining the show and how terrible it is now etc etc. You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t watch then you really can’t comment on her performance, now can you? For your own sakes, get your facts straight folks before you open your big (too often vile and homophobic) yaps and prove your profound ignorance.

Not always, but certainly much of the time, Rosie is saying (in her admittedly sometimes aggressive manner) exactly what vast numbers of other people are also saying about a given current event. The only difference is she has a public platform where it is HER JOB to express her opinions. It’s not as though she’s out there volunteering her unsolicited opinions to any available microphone. Is she not supposed to notice the same things the rest of us do? Rosie certainly wasn’t the first person or the only person to notice that Anna Nicole’s bizarre antics over the years evidenced a woman clearly in trouble and heading for disaster in one way or another, or that no one in a position to do so seemed willing or able to intervene. Nor was Rosie the first or only person to wonder exactly why it was we were all being subjected to the unfolding train wreck that appeared to be the life of ANS every other day. If not for the sad irony of Anna Nicole’s sudden passing on the same day Rosie just happened to mention her name as an example of the obsession with useless "news" stories that distract from what's really going on in the world, no one would have given what Rosie said a second thought except to agree with her. Same with the Paula Abdul question. Why does Rosie get called out for saying EXACTLY the same things being said all over the country by anyone remotely aware of the story? It’s completely hypocritical and totally unfair.

She may make me cringe on occasion, but I think Rosie's great. I much prefer her straight forward, calls-them-as-she-sees-them ways to the usual fare of hyper-PC people that, out of fear, never, ever give a straight answer to anything and never say anything at all interesting or revealing. I think Rosie has been a breath of fresh air to that show and the through the roof ratings prove that a lot of other folks think so too.

2755 days ago


Listen to all of you accusing Howard K. Stern as THE murderer of both Anna and her son. Where is the proof he gave the 20 year old man of Anna's the drugs he died from? He had just came from L.A. DUH? No proof of murder there. Howard Stern Loved and loves Anna, She even appeared much more classy with him lately. In case you don't know NO ONE told Anna what to do. NO ONE! She was out dropping straight shots at the Hardrock til the wee hours of the Morning, Howard went to check on the boat..he wasn't even at the hotel when she died. God rest her sweet soul. You never see Howard wasted in any of those photos..always trying to guard and protect Anna and her son. He had been in her life many years...AT HER SUGGESTION! DUH! No one stayed around Anna that she did not want too. HINT: her Mother or should I say her so-called disgusting Mother...and Anna would turn over in her grave if her Mother got custody of the baby girl. If you want to blame someone...blame all the media that hounded her night and day!!!!!!!! If it wasn't for Howard she would have gone off the deep end sooner. Think about it. Howard is doing exactly what Anna Nicole Smith wanted...carrying out her wishes. It is obvious that he truly loved her. Probably the only man that really does. She was no dummy...she went after what she wanted and GOT it. She was very smart..just acted dumb in that reality show. She
I miss and am very sad she had to die, she was just coming into her own...a complete woman.

2755 days ago


Rosie calls it as she sees it, and sadly, she is right on about Anna Nicole Smith. I blame her attorney for not intervening over the drug usage. Maybe the reason could be he wanted her like this........there was a method to his madness.

2755 days ago


Regardless of how many of us feel about Rosie O'Donnell, let's remember that there is an innocent 5 month old child out there who doesn't belong to anyone right now! Her mother is dead and her father has yet to be determned. My heart goes out to that poor little angel. I don't much care for Rosie myself, but for now, my prayers are with little DanniLynn. I'm sure she misses her Mommy and to have someone as UGLY and greedy as Howard K. Stern claiming to be her father, oh my God! That's what gets me about these stars; they f**k around, get knocked up and then decide to play games with the life of the innocent who they carry! Do they not realize that these children will grow up someday and feel like crap because their mother screwed around so much!

Please pray for little DanniLynn. Anna Nicole is dead, may she rest in peace, because she certainly left a mess for her baby behind. If Howard K. Stern were any kind of attorney, he would have INSISTED that Anna Nicole make out some kind of will naming him as her baby's legal guardian, regardless of whether or not he is the father. I think the dude is in it for the money. He doesn't care one iota about that poor little girl. And by the way, isn't it strange that he was present when both Anna Nicole AND her son Daniel passed away? Coincidence? I think not!

So forget Rosie for the time being, pray for the baby that was left behind with all this crap to have to deal with later in life. God bless the child.

2755 days ago


I'm tired of Rosie's yammering. I quit watching the View a LONG time ago. the only time i hear about the View is when that fatass slob crotch eating bitch goes off on her own views. The show has become Rosie's View. I couldnt give a crap what she has to say, and i hated her when she had her own show. I truly wish something bad would happen to her like it has to all of the people she bitches about. She's had it way too easy.

2754 days ago


poster above me. She was just coming into her own? a complete woman? good lord. She was almost 40. She couldnt raise her own son without being loaded half the time (or all of the time) anyone in the 'real' world would have lost custody of her kid. she needed to grow the hell up. and howard k? he's a letch. when was the last time he actually was anything BUT a wanna be hub to anna nicole?

2754 days ago


Wake Up people what rosie is using I s called a Metaphor which means Anna's FAME was large like A balloon!

If you dont have the right people around you to hold the strings to ensure you dont go off course and loose balance like addiction to alcohol, having people around you a tight nit group you can trust.

Everbody Is shocked about Anna!

She was the Media punching bag and now I am sure everyone is feeling It now! Someone could have helped her! :(

2754 days ago


I would rather listen to a fat gal with a big mouth than a couple of skinny freaks on drugs. Rosie is justs saying what everyone thinks, god for her.

2754 days ago


YOU R SO FULL OF SH*T! If you had been following this story at all, you would know that HKS (THE A**HOLE OF THE YEAR) controlled anna like apuppet. Of course he wasn't stoned he had to stay lucid so he could controi anna and more importantly "HER MONEY!" Why the hell didn't he put her in rehab if he cared so much about her? well i'll tell you, it's becouse he wanted to keep her under his thumb and away from Larry. If it wasn't for HKS anna would have stayed with Larry and they would have raised Dl themselves. HKS was after anna for 12 years but anna wasn't interested in him. (I can't imagine why?) the guy would walk into her home like he owned the joint and barge into her bedroom when she was with Larry, how sick is this guy? he couldn't stand the though of anna getting by without his greedy hand being able to get all over her money, so when she got pregnant he stepped up his plans and basically kept her stoned off her face and forced her to leave the country and isolate her in the Bahamas away from the people who really cared about her, including her mother; whom I think was willing to put the past in the past for the sake of the baby, and maitain his hold on her until she died. I believe HKS killled Daniel, Daniel was wise to him and disliked him with a passion. Anna was getting worse to, her speach was so slured and she could hardly string two words together in the end, he really did a number on her. Howard K Stern IS PURE SCUM< A GREEDY SELFISH A**HOLE WHO IS LOWER THAN DIRT. I hope he is found guilty of Daniels murder and locked up for life.
F*** U HKS!

2754 days ago


It sad this woman, she does have someone that going to take her body and buried her.Everybody is runing around everywere to collect her money. she does not deserve from view show to bash her. No celeberity should support the view, becuase one day they will accuse and bash you. Those middel age women on the view, do not have life except critizing eveyone.

2754 days ago

Only in    

All you white RACIST "crackers" attack one another while African Americans struggle together to make our lives better. I will never give up my fight to expose the RACIST. NO PEACE,NO JUSTICE!!!

2754 days ago


Rosie is right. The people around Anna Nicole should have helped her instead of exploiting her. The balloon reference was in regards to it being held down by people or equipment on the street (The Macy Parade) and Anna was the balloon that was being let go and not anchored down. Also, Rosie had an excellent point with there being over 10,000 news and entertainment articles, and news reports, etc., since her death and over 460 US soldiers that have died since her death. Interesting analogies.

2754 days ago

Shirley Burley    

Anna Nicole was not well. The people around her were not well. It reminds me of Elvis Presley.

2754 days ago
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