Barbi Twins on Anna Nicole: "We tried to help"

2/13/2007 7:13 PM PST
Two of Anna Nicole Smith's famous former friends claim they offered to help Smith conquer her demons a few years ago, but she never called them back.

TMZ spoke with the legendary Playboy playmates, Shane and Sia, who claim that one of Anna's many "managers" called and asked them "to do an intervention with Anna. That was our last contact with her, asking in a phone message if she wanted to go to AA with us." However, the plan backfired. "We never heard from her again, so we felt we hurt her feelings and wished we had said it more lovingly in person, instead of on the phone."

The Barbi twins, who met Anna through stylist Daniel DiCriscio in 2000, say they will always remember Anna as "a funny, sweet and refreshingly honest friend."