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Birkhead's Ticket to Paternity

2/13/2007 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a traffic ticket Larry Birkhead got while Anna Nicole Smith was pregnant, and it could be powerful proof that he's the daddy.

"I got a call from my pregnant wife, she's sick."

Rewind to April 15, 2006. Sources tell TMZ a pregnant Anna had just gotten into a fight with Howard K. Stern, who was expressing extreme jealousy over the fact that Birkhead was the father of the baby. Sources say Stern gave Anna an ultimatum -- him or me.

We're told an extremely emotional Anna, who was barefoot and four months pregnant, called Birkhead and asked him to meet her in the parking lot of the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, Calif. near her house. A concerned Birkhead jumped in his car and sped over, only to be stopped by a Burbank cop.

The officer who issued the speeding ticket quoted Birkhead -- "I got a call from my pregnant wife, she's sick."

The ticket is significant because Birkhead's statement was a spontaneous reaction to the event and not in the context of a paternity battle. Debra Opri, Birkhead's lawyer, tells TMZ Birkhead referred to Anna as his "girlfriend" but the cop wrote "wife."


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The more I hear about HKS, the more I am convinced that he is a homicidal maniac. Every person who knew Anna BEFORE HKS says that he controlled her every movement, screened her calls and threatened people to stay away from her. This is one scary DUDE.
The only people I have heard support HKS are the CREEPY Trimspa man and his equally CREEPY wife. IEverytime I see HKS I feel his creepiness through the tv. He makes me shudder.

2755 days ago


Oy, so LB lies about having a wife -- which totally hurts his cred -- cops aren't going to change his statement on a ticket. That's why his funky lawyer makes an excuse, she knows it makes him out to be a liar. If he lied once....... (just the way the courts see things)

I keep thinking how funny it would have been if ANS *stepson* Marshall was still alive and heard that his daddy could have been the baby's daddy. That would have done him in. Geez, at the beginning he should have just offered her a couple mil to go away, instead the suit probably killed him off.

2755 days ago


I don't think Larry would make a fool out of himself and insist he's the father unless he truly believes he is. Like I said before, I don't think this is very significant. I feel sorry for the poor guy. Have you guys seen Howards weepy interviews on TV? Who the hell does he think he's kidding? And where's his family and what do they have to say about this??

2755 days ago


I totally can believe that Howard became jealous over this which is part of the reason she ended it with Larry. I believe Larry has been the most upstanding throughout this entire ordeal, and I do believe he is the father. Frankly, I cannot understand why that judge did not authorize the emergency DNA test when it would have resolved all of this and any other lunatic fringe from coming out and declaring they are the dads. I also think that Howard did love (obsess) over Anna but was so close, he couldn't see the forest from the trees. What I do worry about though, is what he may do if he is declared not to be the father. I do not trust him and do not believe he is in his right mind right now. I would be worried for that poor little baby. He could do something tragic to both himself and that little girl.

2755 days ago


Sounds to me like he was using Anna Nicole to get out of a ticket...I see no reason or logic behind the ticket and it "proving" that Birkhead is the father...I personally think that Anna and Howard were having an affair for a long time before she was seeing BIrkhead and she did not want Birkhead to find out this fact...only the parties involved know the whole story and it will come out with the DNA testing. I am so sorry Anna's beauty and money were exploited and hope that does not happen to her little girl. She is at peace now with her beloved Daniel. As one having lost two children in a two month period in 2001, everyone should have backed off and let Anna grieve in a proper manner. I am not taking sides and just hope the truth comes out soon for the peace of her little girl.

2755 days ago


Let's stop grasping for straws. A ticket does not prove paternity. Only a blood test can prove that once and for all.

2755 days ago


Hey #21...all it proves is that he believes he is the dad! There has been no doubt about that the whole time. Dumbass.

2755 days ago


Looks like this could be an hour long show of "You are NOT the father" on Maury. Still would like to see Zsa Zsa as the step mom.

2755 days ago


I am so tired of everyone making Anna Nicole out to be a saint. She was major laughing stock and reason for ridicule until she stopped breathing. THen she got her sainthood, like most when they die.She was an addict, and if anyone has had any intimate experience with addicts they know `YOU CANNOT MAKE THEM STOP USING DRUGS', so based on that, Howard is not the evil one. Apparently she was doing drugs while pregnant, just look at the baby...low birth weight for a mother that was 5'11 with plenty of width to her hips and a father of six foot. While I do think Howard has alot of issues and explaining to do, I really wish everyone would stop blaming him for these two peoples deaths. ADDICTS DIE...Usually because they are selfish (oh my goodness, anna nicole selfish?) and dont want to stop. Daniel was an obvious addict based solely on the photos..his eyes look like he used heroin for a long, long time, pale skin tone and apathetic to everything. He appears physically repulsed by his mother in a few photos. I hope Mr. Birkhead gets custody of this poor child. He is the only one acting within the law and good sense. He appears to be the only one that really cared for Anna Nicole, only she was too drugged up to realize it....and one can make you take drugs to that extent unless you do it willingly. She was a smart woman and I fail to believe that she would be so dominated by the likes of Howard or any other man for that matter.

2755 days ago


Howard can't even look at the camera. Hmmm?

Someone tell me this .. why would Anna Nicole want to make it Legal with that creep. It's clear he gives her the creeps. Why would she make it legal?

2755 days ago

You People Sicken Me !    

Wake Up People! Dick Head is not the Father He is after the money just like MOM is. If Anna knew he was the Father she would have aborted he is a crazy kid thinking he would be so lucky to have a child by a woman like her. He has made a deal with Mom to split the money to stand bye him as she could care less about him or the child.He needs attention! And so does MOM! And as far as the drugs go I am really sure that Stern held them down and made them do it get real.At least Stern made her smile something I do not recall anyone else doing. Think About It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2755 days ago


I personally do not believe Larry Birkhead is the father. I feel either at that time Anna wanted to believe he was the Dad or for her own reasons told him he was the Dad..Howard Stern is an attorney and I do not think he would be stupid enough to gone through all this if he did not believe he was the Dad. I am not taking sides...except the baby girl's. I hope all this is resolved soon so she will be taken care of. I have a feeling it is gonna be a shocker when the Dad is revealed....

2755 days ago


All this is is lies. He said his pregnant "WIFE" is sick. Well, first of all, she was not his wife and second, he said she got into a fight with Howard. He lied about the whole thing. He is lying about the crap he says on TV as well. I prey to God that this baby is not his. Just because his lawyer is such a biotch! I hope it makes a fool out of her when the baby is not his. I watched every episode of the Anna Nicole show and Howard was in everyone. He was great, with Anna and Daniel. I wonder where that lesbian woman is that was on there so much also?

2755 days ago


It's a traffic ticket not a ticket to paternity.

2755 days ago

please explain    

Very entertaining website this is, by the way!

Many of you have made good points.

Putting aside the totally plausible explanation that he was saying whatever he needed to in an effort to divert a traffic ticket, Id like to add:

If the question were simply whether ANS was actually pregnant than a document such as this might be helpful.

The question, however, is whether this guy is the bilogical father.

Accordingly, even if he did say, "my pregnant wife/girlfriend is sick" it doesnt show his pregnant wife/girlfriend is carrying HIS child (and, therefore, doesnt in fact go toward HIS paternity).

To find otherwise would mean that every man who dated a pregnant woman was necessarily the boligical father and we know thats not always the case.

Such nuances are important to note. This wouldnt really help his case in a courtroom and is by no means his ticket to paternity. Just my quick thoughts-I hope Ive explained them clearly...

I am curious to see what comes of all this though.

2755 days ago
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