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Birkhead's Ticket to Paternity

2/13/2007 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a traffic ticket Larry Birkhead got while Anna Nicole Smith was pregnant, and it could be powerful proof that he's the daddy.

"I got a call from my pregnant wife, she's sick."

Rewind to April 15, 2006. Sources tell TMZ a pregnant Anna had just gotten into a fight with Howard K. Stern, who was expressing extreme jealousy over the fact that Birkhead was the father of the baby. Sources say Stern gave Anna an ultimatum -- him or me.

We're told an extremely emotional Anna, who was barefoot and four months pregnant, called Birkhead and asked him to meet her in the parking lot of the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, Calif. near her house. A concerned Birkhead jumped in his car and sped over, only to be stopped by a Burbank cop.

The officer who issued the speeding ticket quoted Birkhead -- "I got a call from my pregnant wife, she's sick."

The ticket is significant because Birkhead's statement was a spontaneous reaction to the event and not in the context of a paternity battle. Debra Opri, Birkhead's lawyer, tells TMZ Birkhead referred to Anna as his "girlfriend" but the cop wrote "wife."


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I THINK WE HAVE TO PUT A MORITORIUM ON ALL TOURIST BUSINESS IN THE BAHAMAS. We should stop all US citizens from going there now.
HOWARD IS HOLDING THE BABY HOSTAGE and the authorities have to help. The baby should be in somebody’s (designated by court) temporary custody.
I think the baby is Larry’s but a DNA is needed. I do not care if Anna hated her Mother because her mother did not approve of her life style. I ONLY CARE ABOUT THE BABY….Most of the money is going to end up in the lawyers pockets anyway.

2810 days ago


Doesn't mean a thing. Next.

2810 days ago


Thebaby needs to be with family and Stern has no right to keep the baby from anyone.
This dude stern is so scared that his 15 minutes us up that he is willing to do anything to hold on to it. I saw his disgusting sister on larry king and she's a pathetic liar who is seeking herself some importance through all this.

Where are the authorities? Someone needs to step in an resolve this and get the baby away from Stern scumbag. The baby needs to be with BLOOD RELATIVES until this is resolved. The only BLOOD RELATIVE that is without a fact known right now is Anna Nicoles mother. No matter what she thought of her mother, this dirt bag stern has no right to keep the baby from anyone.
As soon as the paternity is proven , this loser stern will fade into the dust bin of history where he belongs.
He makes me puke! He is hanging on for dear life because he knows he is worthless as soon as the father is known.

2810 days ago


Howard or one of his minions is posting again............The post "Just for Anna" has a creepy HKS tone to it. Read it. Howard reads the gossip blogs.

2810 days ago


I wouldn't let Howard watch my cat let alone my baby!!!

2810 days ago


Make that 'prove' a thing.
It 'means' a lot to the many who would like to see Larry take custody of the baby. His baby? Well, I'm not saying I wouldn't want that would happen but, honestly, how good a parent would he be? ANS's only surviving child needs the best possible considering the lifetime of gossip and intrusions she'll live.

2810 days ago


All this sh*t is stupid. None of this matters. This is all he said she said. It is not like the court is NOT going to do a DNA test. Who cares what ANYONE says. Until there is a DNA test none of this really matters.

2810 days ago


Hold it everyone!
Let's keep it simple & to the point here. What needs to be done is to have the proper DNA tests done to determine who is the father ASAP, cut the bullcrap red tape here for the sake of the child.
I want to see this little girl have a normal life as possible without all of this BS following her forever, enough is enough! The so called interested parties should zip their sorry mouths shut & stop wasting everyones time, dragging it on won't help the little one in the long run.
Once the proper determination is made re: paternity, the father should get custody unless there's a problem (which I can't forsee). In my eyes, no way should Anna's mom have a say in it custody wise (this woman is a piece of opportunistic trash).
If it takes placing this little girl with a loving family outside the attention of the media to ensure her happiness, then do it! Forget the bickering so called current interests, as far as I can see they only care about themselves.
I hope Dannielynn will grow up to be a happy & healthy young lady.

2810 days ago


Oh give me a break, he was trying to get out of a husband is a cop and people will say ANYTHING! First of all, Anna was NOT his wife, so if he was lying about that, how could it strengthen his case?

2810 days ago


I have to say this is sick.All these people care is who is going to get her money. I think TMS should stop posting this garbage abouth this woman. She is gone and they should respect that.

2810 days ago

Shiloh Doh    

With HKS supposed control over Anna, he probably filled out the birth certificate himself and had Anna sign it. Putting his OWN name in the father section!

2810 days ago

We, are not amused.    

F***ing Burbank cops...slip 'em a couple of bucks and they'll say/do ANYTHING. Hell, I gave one a blunt once and he threw my ass in jail!

2810 days ago


Wasn't Anna with her Nurse on this trip??? If she was on drugs then all who were around her are at fault for her death...... What kind of Nurse finds someone unresponsive and doesnt start CPR you IDIOT.... I blame all people around her for her death....... Your all to blame................................... IDIOT.....

2810 days ago


Where is this supposed "nurse". How come the cops haven't questioned her? Weren't she and her husband, the "bodyguard" the last people to see ANS alive? Is this the same bodyguard who now claims he could be the baby daddy? Also, the drugs were supposedly all prescriptions. Has anyone questioned the doctor(s) who prescribed them? Who, on earth, gets a Walmart-sized bottle of Methadone like that prescribed to them? Haven't seen anything about that in the press. The cops need to call the nurse, bodyguard, and HKS in and give them all lie-detector tests. Not admissable in court, but it might give them a clue as to who's lying.

2810 days ago


Danielynn looks exactly like Larry Birkhead!!! There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this is his baby!! What a tragedy poor Anna, she is finally resting in peace of this f***ing mess. My heart goes that beautiful baby!!

2810 days ago
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