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Britney Flees Party City

2/13/2007 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After Britney Spears' wild NYC weekend of cavorting with strippers, partying and allegedly puking, the pop mom gathered up the brothers Federline and headed back to L.A.

The hard partying mama was spotted lugging Sean Preston and Jayden James to the airport for a private flight from the Big Apple.

Although Brit has a hard time keeping her own parts covered up, she sure is doing a good job keeping Jayden under wraps; only his little foot was caught by cameras.


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You know day in and day out we hear Britney this and Britney that, The photographers are out to get pictures of all the negative s**t she does why don't they go good and show the positive things she does with her kids. NOBODY is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and nodbody except the people close to her knows the truth, you cannot believe everything you read. People these journalists are going to print whatever they want to just to sell their magazines. Give her credit.... WHERE IS KEVIN???? They have only shown him leaving her house to have his weekly visits with his kids ONCE.

2808 days ago

non story tmz    

I wouldn't be surprised if Jayden died from suffocation. (God forbid!) That child has spent the majority of his life under a blanket. She should write a how to book on parenting!

FYI - I'm tired of people who post messages, demanding that other posters 'shut up' or 'quit hating' on Britney. It's a free country, people are entitled to their own opinions. Even if their views are negative. Deal with it!

2808 days ago


Little Sean Preston is SO Adorable!!! He looks more adorable everytime I see that little Tike. Poor thing has to be lugged around city to city just because Mommy wants to Party At Fashion Week!!!

I like Britney but she really needs to stop acting like trash.

2808 days ago


Because Britney's hungover and pissed and can't be bothered.

2808 days ago


This is to respond to #4 your a dum ass because if your child is 1 years old and is faceing the rear then he or she must be slow my little boy is 2 and he loves to look out the window your poor kid. I wish all of you would stop bashing her you ack like you raise your kids better than anyone. People who live in a glass house should stop throwing stones.

2808 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

I am so out of it. I could have sworn she left these two kiddies to languish with their nanny while she was"working" on her new album.
And she looks so happy to finally be reunited with her family.

How sad that she doesnt understand what an amazing gift she has in her two children, looking smug and annoyed in the backseat of that SUV, seeming more unnerved than relieved to be going home.

I feel kinda bad for her. Her marriage was a sham and her life is a trainwreck and she thinks she will resurrect herself to the pinnacle of her career, but those days are looonnnngggg gone.

Go home and rest, you look like you need it Britney,

2808 days ago


Hey Amanda, if #11 was really a patrol officer, he/she would be able to spell 'patrol' correctly.

2808 days ago


It may be legal for the baby to be riding forward facing in NY but it doesn't mean it is the safest. California has laws against that and she did that there with SP too did she not? A five month old does not have near enough neck control to be forward facing. My child is 14 months and still rear facing because it is the safest for her, and as her mother I am here to protect her in every way I can.
This girl does not learn and I have no respect left for her as a musician or mother. When you become a mother that should be your first priority, their health and well being. She is doing neither in this picture, no socks on the baby and no coat on SP in the middle of winter?!?!?!?!!?

2808 days ago


GET OVER IT you may be a highway "patroll" officer but you are not a child passenger safety technician. Quit spreading misinformation. Children should be rear facing until a minimum of 12 months old and 20 lbs. It has nothing to do with being able to hold their heads up. Rear facing in a car seat with a 5 point harness is the safest way to transport a child. If she were involved in an accident her baby could very well be decapitated from the impact. Britney would also become a projectile in an accident since she is not wearing her seat belt.

2808 days ago


I think that Britney spends more time with her children than TOMTKAT...she is always with them in any place she goes to..yes she parties at night which is all the paps see, but she has most of the daytime to catch up. Besides her mother is around and she has tons of help.

Your life does not end when you have kids, I do not think she is an unfit mother, in that case we have to label 99% of Hellywierd including the Hiltons as bad parents.

You are not all so naive to think that the rest of hollywood actually wears panties, avoid panty lines, most people go without it, the problem arises when t he dress is too short combined with the fact that you use a low lying sports car.............

However Britney needs to get a new stylist, the dresses are way tooooooo short and yes she looks tired, because she has to work , party to promote the album and spend time with two babies, that should make anyone tired..........

Being around mothers, I try to limit mythoughts on others parenting skills..its a tough tough job ,, espcially those trying to work and take care of the kids all at once.

Britney needs a good pyscho therapist to help work out all her issues and also quit smoking, its aging and bad for your kids...............

2808 days ago


Britney get of your cell phone and pay some attention to your boys!

2808 days ago


5 month old's do not have head and neck control to prevent serious injury in a front facing seat. Our law is 20 pounds AND 1 year old. A five month is no way near 20 pounds... Strike 2 for 2 on that one Brit.

2808 days ago


Absolutely disgusting to me. Britters, please grow up. Nobody is telling you to become a nun, but please show some balance here- superstar or not, you are a mom, and your kids need you. They need you to rear face them- to keep them safe, to keep them warm (no socks in NEW YORK? REALLY?? poor JJ) and get your oldest off a bottle please! You are ruining his little teeth.

Babies under a year absolutely must be rear facing. He is way too young to even argue he could be forward facing at this point.

Now, if you'll excuse me I am going to go take care of my 3 kids (and the one due in April) on our snow day. Kids like it when you play with them, too!

2808 days ago


First of all, JJ needs to be in a rear facing seat. God forbid they were to get into a car accident, his neck muscles/bones don't have the strength to handle a collision, meaning he could break his neck. It's a small price to pay (having your child rear facing) than to be burrying them. In fact, if you're not going to properly install a car seat and follow the recommendations, you might as well not even HAVE the kid in there. It won't protect them the way it's meant to. Just ask the officers who've scraped children off of pavements because of pure negligence of the parents.

Second of all, take that bottle out of that damn kids mouth already. It's APA recommends that by the time a child is a year old they are weaned for several reasons (dental problems as well as speech delays).

2808 days ago

Mariann Chodack    

Give it a rest PLEASE

2808 days ago
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