Notorious I.R.S.? Vanilla Ice's Taxing Raps

2/13/2007 4:25 PM PST
So, what rhymes with "1099" and "itemized deductions?" We know who would know -- Vanilla Ice, of course. Vanilla who?

Those crazy tax software pros at Intuit have gotten the most infamously un-entertaining white boy of all -- Vanilla Ice -- to shill for them during tax season. In a gloriously nonsensical (and possibly brilliant) promotion, the company recruited Vanilla (also known as Rob Van Winkle) to help pimp its TurboTax software in a contest they're calling The Tax Rap.

Civilians can post their own rhymes about W-2s and Schedule Bs to Former "Surreal Life"-er Mr. Ice will judge the entries and announce a $25,000 winner on tax day, April 15, but for now he's graced us with his own tax-related masterpiece. Also, if we didn't before, we now know exactly where Kevin Federline got his artistic inspiration.