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Tug of War Over Anna's Body

2/13/2007 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a fight is brewing over Anna Nicole's lifeless body lying in a Florida morgue.

Sources tell TMZ that Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, wants to claim her daughter's body as soon as possible, paving the way for a proper burial. But Anna's mother, TMZ has learned, is not the only one who wants to claim the former Playmate's body.

We're told Anna's people have contacted Larry Birkhead's reps and tried to bargain. You see, Birkhead has a legal hold on the body per a Los Angeles Judge. If Birkhead releases that hold, Anna's reps promise to give him a sample of her DNA. But here's the catch: Anna's reps have not agreed to give Birkhead a DNA sample of the baby.

Even if Birkhead strikes a deal, it's unlikely Stern could claim the body since he had no legal relationship with Anna -- they were never married. It would seem that in this battle, Anna's Anna Nicole Smith Gallery: Click to launch photosmother has the upper hand.


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Jack Schitt    

Question? Larry Birkhead claims he did a ultra sound with Anna. Who has come forward that did this procedure? Sperm from Howard Marshall? what sperm bank has come forward? Let her rest in peace next to her son. Go fry Howard Stern for his part in this. "You caused this Howard" she screamed.. yes he gave Daniel the drugs he was taking for sure. COWARD HOWARD come forward and admit your part in this!!

2787 days ago


what a sad day this has become----Annna was used and abused by all. Can she not finally rest in peace? She should be buried next to her son---that is a no brainer!!!!! Howard Stern is nothing more than a grand stander. worthless person and I have no doubt he has some pretty dirty hands in the deaths of Anna and her son. Is he the father of the baby---I would be money he is not but he was not looking at the baby because he wants and loves her---he is looking at the money aspect only---he is a sleezeball, user and abuser, first class.

The baby needs to be with its real father and a simple DNA test will prove who that is and that is the end. Judges, Lawyers have allowed this to become a circus that no one is laughing at.

I felt sorry for Anna when she was alive and even more so now that she is gone. Rest in peace Anna.

2787 days ago


Let her rest in peace find out who dannielyns father is so she can be with him and be taken care of everyone is looking down on anna nicole for drugs and what not shes gone now cant defend herself let her be at peace with god and her son daniel,her body needs to be laid to rest and all this paternity needs done asap there is a baby without her parents how sad is that god will see that she goes to her father and be taken care of!

2787 days ago

By someone who really care's    

I feel that Howard K. Stern is a snake and that the true about him will come out. And I hope and pray that he never gets custody of Lil Dannilynn Hope! She is in all our hearts and prays and hope this will end soon so she can have a safe and semi- normal life with her real father Larry birkhead. There is something really bothering me and I still can't understand why Howard K. Stern wasn't with Anna if she was so ill! If you ever seen Anna, you always saw Howard by her side like velcro. So why if she was that ill would he be out buying a boat?? I this is something that is not in place! I think the real reason Howard won't take a DNA test is because he really know's that he isn't the father and he know that Larry is, and he know that if he does give the DNA test, he know's he will lose his meal ticket!!!! And with the break in, I feel that it was staged by Howard K. Stern because of money, and publicity, because he already sold the pictures of him holding baby Dannilynn Hope for a million dollars, so what does that say! I feel he had somthing to do with Daniel"s and Anna's death. He is a big worm! Hey! he is already being questioned on the flushing of the drugs down the toilet, and what about the day Anna found Daniel dead and was over heard saying to Howard K. Stern "What did You Do Now!"
Think about it! Lil baby Dannilyn is not safe being with Howard K. Stern. And Anna cared about her mother but he wouldn't let her contact her mom because Howard didn't want to share her because her family would find out what he was up too!

2787 days ago



2787 days ago

Get a grip!    

For God's sakes, it is time to burry the unfortunate woman. Her body is decomposing and becomming putrid!!!!! It really shouldn't matter who the body is released to, what matters is that she be given a decent burial. I think that it is goulish the way that they are keeping her from a proper burial so that they can continue the fight over her corpse.


2786 days ago


not probably the place to post this question, and i know it is a stupid one but i didnt keep up on anna nicole much, but can anyone tell me where is or was daniels father? i mean i think it is billy smith her first husband right? but what happened to him and did he come to daniels funeral and i hear people saying howard had something to do with daniels death and it looks like billy smith would want to find out- i know daniel was always raised by anna but i was just womdering if anyone knew anything about his father-thanks

2786 days ago


PLEASE LET ANNA NICOLE REST IN PEACE WITH HER SON.........She made it crystal clear in interviews, she, not HKS, but she despised her mother. It is a disgrace that her Mom is not honoring her daughters wishes. Everyone knows she would want to be buried with her son. That is not a mystery at all. RELEASE HER BODY TO HOWARD K STERN AND LET HER REST IN PEACE WITH HER SON. Her mother should be ashamed of herself not allowing her daughters wishes to be honored. Even with HKS out of the picture, it is still no mystery how she felt about her birth mother and how she loved her son with all her heart and soul. Everybody needs to get over their egos, and let this poor woman rest in peace. Whatever you think of HKS, I really believe he is doing what Anna Nicole would want and for that alone he gains my respect and deepest sympathy for his loss.. I pray for his strength to be Anna's voice now that she has passed and respect her wishes.

2786 days ago


Much as I hate that she died, I am beginning to be a little upset that Anna Nicole was so sloppy with her personal/legal matters. This poor woman needs to be interred! If she had been a little more diligent, especially if she was trying to kill herself, she could have written instructions on a post-it as a "just in case"!
I have heard on CNN that Larry B was in the Bahamas already, I guess to try and secure counsel so he can get the DNA test done. I think the "results" of the test already exist, in someone "back pocket". I think HKS will be "proven" to be the biological father, and this will give him the leverage he needs to get Anna's body back to the islands. Or, somehow, it will be discovered that the ceremony they had in the Bahamas was legally binding there, so he will be declared the next of kin.
Someone mentioned that they think the baby was already switched, and I have to wonder about that too, since they always showed the baby's face on ET before, and suddenly, the only coverage of her is of the back of her head or her profile. Its seems kind of late to start doing that. When Anna was still alive, and they were showing the new segments of the latest interview with her, I started wondering, because its just so different from what they did before.
I still dont believe that HKS killed anyone for "money", because no money exists. Anna Nicole never won any money from her late husband's estate, she just won the right to keep fighting for a chance to receive a portion of the estate. I still dont think her estate will receive ANYTHING now, and that is actually what I am hoping. So if HKS harmed anyone "for money", he did it for 40% of N O T H I N G. The media keeps calling Dannielynn an "heiress" to a fortune, but she is nothing of the sort. From what I have heard, Anna had virtually no money, NOTHING, except her house (in CA) and some clothes, jewelry, the same stuff any of us would leave.
And finally, I still believe that if anyone killed Anna Nicole, it was EVERYONE who killed Anna Nicole, because NO ONE seemed to care enough to stop her. Some may have tried, a little, or talked to her, a little, but obviously no one tried hard enough. Or we wouldnt even be having these "conversations".

2786 days ago

Linda A. Roberts    

it is true that they're getting ready to start
an all anna news update channel
if so, when, I can't wait for the 24/7 continuous
live updates to begin

2786 days ago

Linda A. Roberts    

I think they should cremate her body and flush her ashes down the toilet then we can all have a little piece of her

2786 days ago

Linda A. Roberts    

Maury Povich should have anna's body on his show along with the four or five people that claim her baby is theirs; he always gets to the bottom of things and it'll would be a battle royale

2786 days ago


Give her back to Howard so he can make her final wishes come true. H e loved her more than life and that baby is his!

2786 days ago
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