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The Doctor Who Scored Methadone for Anna Nicole

2/14/2007 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was by Anna Nicole's side when she participated in West Hollywood's Gay Pride Parade back in 2005. He also prescribed methadone when Smith was eight months pregnant.

TMZ obtained documents which show that on August 25, 2006, just 13 days before Smith gave birth, Dr. Kapoor wrote a prescription for methadone. The prescription, RX#2846735, was written for Michelle Chase. TMZ has learned that Michelle Chase was an alias Anna Nicole used. Under California law, it's illegal to prescribe a controlled substance to a false name.

That same day, Key Pharmacy in the San Fernando Valley filled the prescription and sent it to "Vicky Marshall" (sic) in the Bahamas. Vickie Marshall is Anna Nicole's legal name.

TMZ contacted Dr. Kapoor, a 1996 graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, who said, "No comment."

TMZ also contacted Key Pharmacy. The owner said patient privacy laws prevent him from commenting.
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In my opionion,Anna was taking more than methadone.Im disabled because of chronic back pain & have been taking methadone for about a year.It does not make you high( it don't me) & it's GREAT for pain.
Sure was probabaly mixing it with other drug's which is very dangerous.
For the one's that are calling her " A sorry,sleazy whore & a druggie" in my opinion,it's take one to know one.
Let's just all pray for Dannielynn & hope that very soon Anna can be laid to rest in peace by the son she loved so much.

2766 days ago


I agree with Melody. As soon as "Moe's" spouse, Anna's private (?) nurse notice her unconscious, rather than call "Moe" she should have immediately called 911 and had Anna taken to the hospital. The way this woman told Larry King, she had her phone going in one ear and was trying to take 'care' of Anna Nicole. If she's a nurse, she wouldn't, (a) have panicked and (b) called 911 immediately, although unfortunately before the ambulance or police got to her hotel room, she was already dead.
I'd like to know more about her health and her use of methodone and/or prescription drugs but no one will know anything until the toxicology reports are back and that probably won't happen until sometime in early March.

2765 days ago


Everybody blames Howard for HER drug use, but it appears that nobody could stop it including her mother and Larry Birkhead. Why keep blaming. Anna was an addict that had a disease that she could not control and was not willing to deal with. There is no fault here, but just a sad, sad circumstance that many addicts face every day.

2765 days ago


Lol...................Doctors like money also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess one or more were paid lots to write all these prescriptions. Nobody expected an outcome like this! Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, ...........! They never went to jail did they?

2765 days ago


Not only was she taking it but was feeding it to her baby whom sheeeeeeeeeeeee says she loved. God knows if there will some brain damage in the future. And what about that SCUM BALL, Howard Stern. You thing her wasnt on drugs with those eye balls he has as if he was in space??!!!!!!!! Hes such an asshole, scum, losr and pice of cow shit. I hope the baby is taken away and the damb govermemnt in the Bahamas, which is worthless and seems to love to have worthless scumbags in their country should keep him there. We in the UZSA do not want these shit asses coming to our territoy. Keep the DIRT bags in Bahamas !!!

2765 days ago


Bahamas becoming terrorists and kidnappers. Helping the scum bags. We're happy theyre gone and its a better world. We should send allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the scum bags to Nassay, Bahamas !!!!!!!!

2765 days ago


The more I see on T.V. the more I think she died of guilt and not grief.Where did her son get methadone again?? Did he not just get there??

2764 days ago


The RX was for liquid Methadone. Since I have given it to patients I know that the liquid stuff tastes awful. Nobody could take that stuff without knowing that so I can't figure out why the syrup stuff was ordered.instead of pills unless it was cherry flavored or something. It is usually mixed 1 cc to 30 oz. of water or juice.
Since it was shown in a photo to be in the frig at Anna Nicole's house it would be pretty hard to take a container like that to a hospital. All hospitals that I know of check to see if anyone has brought medications with them and take they away from the patients until they are discharged. I don;t know what the practice is in the Bahamas but in the US babies are routinely tested for drugs in their systems, at least in the state where I live and many others.

2764 days ago


I have already written 2 times but I can't help but have a different idea everyday.Why are they not letting her be cremated then everyone can lay her to rest where they want. Good idea ah Corry and Nicky

2762 days ago


This not the first time i've written ,it is actual the third. Instead of wondering where she got the methadone why don't they cremate her, let everyone involved have some of the ashes to bury where they see fit , then worry about legal issues after the fact. Enough already let her go, not for her but for everyone who loves her. Right Corry and Nicky

2762 days ago

Cami Lampert    

Though I believe Birkhead is the father, I also believe He and Stern were making thier livings off of Anna. Though she complained about people using her, that is exactly what she did to Marshall (the old man she married). Her Mom raised her son until he was 7 when Marshall began supporting her. Being that her Mother loved her when she had nothing, unconditionally, and her falling out with her Mother was over her drug addition, I believe her Mother should have her body. Her son hated the Bahamas, was only there one day and he died, would he really want to be buried in the Bahamas? I don't believe so. Also, Anna was only in the Bahamas to spite Birkhead, so he could'nt get his baby, therefore in the long run I think she would have wanted California, her life long dream. The house did not belong to them, so after it goes back to it's rightful owner, who is going to be in the Bahamas? Stern will have to earn a living, he is now in the process of trying to make a deal with Birkhead. If the response is, the Mother took money for plane fair from the media, did anyone every think, maybe the woman does not have any money?
In the end,when the dust settles, all parties will be looking for a score. Also if she tried to commit suicide twice, maybe she finally succeeded. God Rest her soul, she was a tortured soul, her drugs caused the death of her son and maybe she could not live with that fact.

2762 days ago


Finally, anna nicole, now off of drugs in the other world can finally look down or may be I should say look up from the buttom of the hell and see what mess she has created for so many people including her daughter. Death was the best thing and also unfortunately too much of a good thing to happen to her. Congrtulations to Danny Lynn and hope she can soon be freed from the murderer of her brother and mother, Haword Stern.

2758 days ago


Does it really matter what Anna Nicole did or took at this point? Let her have the luxury of the inner most details of her personal life kept quiet. We have to respect other people's right to privacy especially when they are dead and cannot defent themselves.

I liked Anna Nicole Smith, she entertained us all and she was a good sport. How dumb can she have been if she made it to where she was? She was sharp before all the drugs and her downfall was that she hung out with people that didn't give a damn for her and only used her for money, the spotlight or whatever. In the end Anna doesn't look bad, it's everyone else that hung on to her. Her mother didn't have to come out in public if she did not love her daugther and hear all the terrible things about herself that all the world was hearing. Let's give her credit, she loved her daughter, did any of the others? I doubt it because they were all enablers. The child should go where she is wanted and loved not used. I would rather see the Marshall family getting all that money back so her daughter can have a decent life and not be used by money hungry leeches. Or, the money should go to a party that will actually use the money so she can have a great life with no interest in it. What a tragic story.

2753 days ago


Yeah, Sher seems to hate Anna. What a horrible thing to say about her.
If one thing, she was a great mother who was able to be herself and it was no secret that she went downhill after Daniel died.

2753 days ago


Anna was drowing of sadness and no one was there to help her. So, she used drugs and left a beautiful baby behind. Everybody need help now and then but she never received the right kind of help. Not even from trained doctors. She got the short end of the stick. It's so sad. REST IN PEACE ANNA.

2753 days ago
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