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The Doctor Who Scored Methadone for Anna Nicole

2/14/2007 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was by Anna Nicole's side when she participated in West Hollywood's Gay Pride Parade back in 2005. He also prescribed methadone when Smith was eight months pregnant.

TMZ obtained documents which show that on August 25, 2006, just 13 days before Smith gave birth, Dr. Kapoor wrote a prescription for methadone. The prescription, RX#2846735, was written for Michelle Chase. TMZ has learned that Michelle Chase was an alias Anna Nicole used. Under California law, it's illegal to prescribe a controlled substance to a false name.

That same day, Key Pharmacy in the San Fernando Valley filled the prescription and sent it to "Vicky Marshall" (sic) in the Bahamas. Vickie Marshall is Anna Nicole's legal name.

TMZ contacted Dr. Kapoor, a 1996 graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, who said, "No comment."

TMZ also contacted Key Pharmacy. The owner said patient privacy laws prevent him from commenting.
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Why would anyone be jealous of ANS? She got attention sure....but it wasn't the "right' attention. Her legacy is one of a drugged out whore, with everybody and their brother claiming to be her baby's daddy. WHY??? Because everybody and their brother slept with this broad. (well everybody EXCEPT HKS).
ANS is to blame for her own death, that Bytch wanted the drugs,paid for the drugs and took the damn drugs. She was a JUNKIE....
With only 100 people in attendence at her funeral (most being media ie ET) should show everybody how big of a star she was.....NOT!!!

2681 days ago


(((Tanji)))) Nobody said HKS was the "supplier"! He was called, and rightfully so an "enabler".
How the hell can a unemployed,broke, living off of a woman attorney supply anything????? He wasn't even supplying his own damn needs. ANS was.
Maybe we are judgemental ...but our judge of character in reference to ANS and HKS are RIGHT!!!!
A nothing EX-Playboy drug addicted model hoe, and a law degree having gofer.

2681 days ago

Teresa Lauterbach    

People sure are perfect esp. on this board, She was a beautiful woman until the day she died. Not one person on this board knew her, You are going on what all the gossip that is being reported. All the people who did know her said she was the kindest ,sweetest person they have ever known. All I have left to say is " you who have not sinned throw the first stone" Rest in Peace Beautiful Anna baby, you were loved. I know you are at peace finally with your son. Your baby will be well taken care of. You have no worries now. You will be missed.

2681 days ago


Maybe the good old "Doc" is the one who's to blame for Anna and Daniel? This Man has been supplying her with drugs for a long time. He has more then likely been giving Howard medication as well. You know, everyone talks about how bad a drug problem Anna had and how Howard should have tried to helped her, but has anyone every though about the possiblity of Howard having just as much of a problem as she did? And, if so then they were like the blind leading the blind! The "Doc" is the one to investigate here, not Howard.

As far as a DNA test goes, HELLO.......... Why would Howard need to take a DNA? They only need to take Larry and Dannielynn's to see if they match. Unless someone else is requesting one. Howard's isn't need! DAH!

2681 days ago


HKS was the "enabler" and most probbly picked up her narcotics, ordered them, etc. as wellas administering them to her. (Didnn't she like to be waited on?) Convenient, eh? When he became more & more afraid at what she "might" say at Daniel's inquest that would implicate him, he kept her doped up so she wouldn't be able to "think" about what he did & at some point decided she had to "go" because the inquiry date was fast approaching (in the Bahamas) & he didn't want to wait until the last minute as that would be very suspicious, problem.....just add a little extra liquid Methadone to her morning coffee....I don't buy those past suicide attempts....look at the source.

2681 days ago


ANS did not commit suicide. Yes she lost a son but she had not only an adorable baby girl to live for and was needed by the baby (don't forget that she did not have a husband). She liked life very much and liked to be pretty. She was very much into herself though everyone who met her liked her so she had a lot to live for and just bought a boat. However, if someone keeps slipping you extra narcotics you are not going to be able to think correctly which then makes it very easy for them to keep you under their control & even, possibly, give you an extra teaspoon of liquid Methadone for breakfast (or was it at dinner?). All of course, just IMO.

2681 days ago


If she was taking drugs as Larry says the baby would have had a drug reaction. We have been seeing that baby since it was born on TV and there was no sign of withdrawal. Larry was oneof those who sent Anna Nicole to her grave. I have no sympaty for him. Can you imagine he sews Anna Nicole and then sends her a bill for over $300,000 to pay his lawyers? She wanted nothing to do with him!! keep that in mind when you begin to side with him. He fought her to death and was looking at her bank account the whole time. So was her mother Vergie and all the other people going after her. It was about money -- Larry was not a successful photographer -- she was his only client.

2681 days ago


Ah, forget the rift w/Vergie. In that interview where she slammed her mother, which incidentally, HKS said it court that "she'd been worse than that" referring to the judge's question about her being doped up. The rift was slowly contrived by HKS over the years to alienate her from her mother AND siblings so he could get total control of her, probabbly told HER it was for publicity purposes & I'm sure ANS did not like her mother trying to get her off drugs & talking about ANS drug use in public. If you think Vergie is bitter, she has a right to be because HKS successfully stole her daughter from her & her siblings. People do not like to be told when they are doing something harmful to themselves & that is what "family" does to try to help them. HKS had 10 years to come up with "his" plan. He said in court that he doesn't want any money? Now just who would believe this? Has anyone looked to find all the money he has stashed away? Probably not because it is probably OFFSHORE. Unfortunately, and he knows this, it is going to be hard to prove that her demise was entirely his (w/Dr. K's unwitting(?) help).

2681 days ago


Any feedback? Was Howard K Stern isolating Anna Nicole from everyone other than THOSE who were loyal to him? WHY does Stern's followers feature the witness list while Anna Nicole's family and friends were locked away from her?

2681 days ago


WHY is Howard K. Stern still with a license to practice law? Didn't he do horrid job of helping his only client legally? The will, the ownership, the paternity, etc all seem like the work of a 5th class lawyer? Then Stern claimed to sleep with his client, have a baby with his client - his client and her young son both died under his care - and Howard K. Stern is allowed to practice law to others? Wow - what standards does the ABA have?

2681 days ago


WHY is Howard K. Stern still with a license to practice law? Didn't he do horrid job of helping his only client legally? The will, the ownership, the paternity, etc all seem like the work of a 5th class lawyer? Then Stern claimed to sleep with his client, have a baby with his client - his client and her young son both died under his care - and Howard K. Stern is allowed to practice law to others? Wow - what standards does the ABA have?

2681 days ago

sarah holder    

i think any doctor giving methadone to a pregnant women should have his medical license pulled as well as be put out of practice not to mention that poor little baby was born addicted or will have some problems during her child hood that will affect her learning.but never the less i think hks is as guilty as the doctor giving her drugs he should be prosecuted as well and daniel's death should be looked into as well his death seems a little strange as well.

2680 days ago

Lisa Holden    

You all need to back off! None of us know the truth about ANS and what was going on. The media is controlling us all! Come on guys, wake up!

2680 days ago

sue m    

On Larry King Live-CNN/ Larry King interviewed the Nanny who was taking care of Danny Lyn. The Nanny stated that the baby was doing well. She said she gives her a bath at around 5:00p.m and puts her to bed. The Nanny said that the baby sleep's till around 7:a.m.--------THAT IS AROUND 14 HOURS!!!!!! I know that babies can sleep for a long time. I've never been around any baby that slept that many hrs straight! HMMMMM!!!!!! MAKES YOU WONDER EVEN MORE. There may be quite a few people involved in these death's . I PRAY THAT THIS PRECIOUS BABY WILL BE SAFE!!!!! THE AUTHORITIES ARE NOW RESPONSIBLE. IF ANY THING HAPPEN'S TO HER, THEY SURE HAVE A LOT TO ANSWER TO!!!!!!!

2680 days ago


I can't see all this blame going in so many places..... Anna was a big girl and she could of said NO to the drugs.... or the cops should of thrown her in the cooler for awhile.
They do it to a regular person who is on drugs..... and how come Big Moe is changing is stories around yet too..... I like Anna, don't take me wrong...... go to Rita Crosby and listen to the videos of how her baby is being taken care of...... it's GREAT! Mrs. Gibson said that Anna called her Mommy and Mrs Gibson was the nanny
Why were those hard drives and lap tops turned over right away..... he was there gathering them the next day... can't remember his name right off hand.

2680 days ago
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