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Britney: I'll Call Y'all

2/15/2007 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Britney Spears' comeback doesn't go so well, she's got a backup career: phone sex operator!

Spears will send you, absolutely free, a pre-recorded story of your choice from The promotional website for her latest fragrance, Midnight Fantasy, allows visitors to send a personalized voice message from Brit to a friend's phone or e-mail address. Users can pick activities, gifts and nicknames from a list of pre-recorded words -- which come together to make a "fantasy." A fantasy in itself.

With gift options such as a six-pack of beer, it appears that even Britney's fantasies are trashy. Unfortunately, a bag of Cheetos is not an option.


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J Doe    

when her fans buy her perfume,cd's and other britney merchandise, they are putting money in her pocket & supporting her neglectfull mother lifestyle

we the public consumers have the power to BANKRUPT HER ASS !!!!
we can put her in the poor house permanetly!!

you put her can take her out !!!

2776 days ago


I stole this off another blogger.
Her Vag probably smells like New Orleans on a summers day.
I had to recycle that one.

2776 days ago


Britney is such a joke. Can she NOT see that 95% of the population is not only laughing at her but sick to death of her?

Go home Britney and be a mother to those boys!

2776 days ago

alex t    

what's funny about this is that you can't make a girl-girl, or guy-guy fantasy, but you can have a britney spears relaying a message from a father to his daughter calling her the hottest girl in the world. those are some weird values.

2776 days ago


britney needs to go back to texas and or louisianna where ever she is from.
she need to stop acting like a slut and remember she has son's and her sons will be haunted for the rest of there days when they realize that britney will be known as the girl showing the world her tw*t. britney got more then he 15 minutes so she like the slut hilton girl should go child should want to be them .....ever.

2776 days ago


The throaty voice isn't really fake - her throat is worn sore from all of the c*ck that gets rammed into it. She's just another trashy slut.

2776 days ago


So, I am going to go ahead and agree...they should have used a Pic of Brit showing what she really looks like now. They should use that pic shot last weekend in NYC where she was at the club wearing that red satin dress/slip/shirt with holes on it...holding a cig with her hair all greasy and sh*t. THAT'S the real Brit. BUTT U-G-L-Y! WOW I think she's just getting hit with the ugly stick now...and all other sorts of sticks...
I am not envious at Britney, just disappointed in life because I have no money and people like her with no morals or class are so rich and getting richer. By the way I am not buying anything Britney.
I admire people like Scarlett Johanson, who are talented and classy. She deserves all the money she makes. If I was a dude I would totally be in love with Scarlett...actually I think I have a girl-crush on her...she's gorgeous! Besides she's from NYC like me!!! Scarlett you rock!!!!

2776 days ago

Brit sucks    

Let her make a fool of herself. I think it's awesome, because she looks like the dumb bitch I've always thought she was. Woooo!!!

2776 days ago


I need to thank you Sophia, I just got to have a little fantasy.

2776 days ago


Hey Sh*tney - please - DON'T CALL, Y'ALL.

You FAR too skanky, y'all.

It's not too late for you, Sh*tney, LISTEN to what EVERYONE is telling you and get your sh*t together, biotch.

2776 days ago

Mike V.    

I'm sure it probably smells like cigaretts, Mc Donalds, and puke.

2776 days ago


All I can say is TOTAL WHITE TRASH!! She is an idiot! She's a sorry excuse for a mother.

2776 days ago

Luv, Mom    

The funny thing is-if you type in your name is kevin or paris you will get a message that she can't say that name........BUT if you type in Justin, she can!

2776 days ago
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