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Checks Into Rehab

Out a Day Later

2/16/2007 5:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0216_brit_details-1TMZ has learned that while Britney Spears checked-in to rehab, she refused to stay and checked out -- less than twenty-four hours later!

As "EXTRA" first reported, the pop star entered a rehab facility two days ago. Now TMZ has learned that the center was located outside of the country, and she refused to stay. PEOPLE confirms that Brit was at Eric Clapton's Crossroads rehab facility in Antigua.

TMZ is told that Britney checked in at the urging of riends and family, after being seen intoxicated in public places and was so "exhausted" on New Year's Eve she collapsed.

Britney spearsAccording to TMZ sources, Britney is on her way back to Los Angeles.

A rep for Britney could not immediately be reached for comment.


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why won't she just go away?!!!!!!!!!

2806 days ago


What a waste of flesh. I hope she choke's on her own puke, and die's.....Hope they take her kid's away.........She need's to go to the vet., and get Spaded, so she can't reproduce........

2806 days ago


I whish I could afford to have that problem and go stay at Eric Clapton's rehab in Antigua. i think I have a huge problem. LOL I'm sure it is such a dump.

2806 days ago

melbourne chiqa    

Why do all these pin-head celebrities turn 2 rehab whenever their careers are failing?? Brit needs 2 accept that she's beyond help!

2806 days ago


It's all over the news that this story is made up. Who makes this crap up?

2806 days ago


I'm really sick of this!!! This is truly an embarrassment to all young mothers out there. Honestly, yes, she does have a right to enjoy herself once in a GREAT BLUE MOON. But, I'm a young mother, and I make sure my husband and I do get out, but not every single night of the week. Also, I make sure to have fun with my son and to do things that include him. Sorry, but going to bars and parties to get drunk and act like an idiot isn't really that fun.

She is a spoiled brat, she never lived life as a normal person. She had those babies only because it was the hot trend to do at the moment, or she was completely bored. She is definately a child star gone bad, it was to come eventually. What she needs is some serious intervention, but apparently this goes to show her family really doesn't care, or else it would have happened sooner.

The sad part is that she placed all her eggs into one basket. Her whole life was dedicated to her amazing career, that left as quickly as it came. Yes she was popular and idolized but now no one cares about her songs or her for that matter. She should have been continuing her education on the side and had something to fall back on. Looks eventually fade and music changes day after day, she can't get back on the train now, she'll have to wait another ten years and hopefully try another path to stardum, but that is a snowball's chance in hell.

Hopefully in the end though, her children won't have to suffer and maybe it isn't too late to change things before those two boys grow up with issues.

Its ashame that so many young girls and women wanted to be like her, I really hope that they don't anymore; cause honestly this isn't the best person you want to be.

2806 days ago


I don't and really never liked Britney Spears and here's a thought...maybe she wants the kids to be taken away so she can regain her own life back to do as she pleases or maybe she doesn't want to be Britney Spears anymore....and maybe her antics are getting worse because the judge hasn't taken them away? God I wish she would move out of LA she is really giving it a bad name...

2806 days ago


she is so grotty... all that money... what a waste, she doesn't deserve it... nasty skank

2806 days ago

L.A. Native    

Addiction is such a heartbreaking disease...for the family and friends of an addict it is so hard to understand why they continue on the path of self-destruction. Britney and Lindsay are two self-made young women...they have worked in the entertainment industry since they were just young girls and have worked for everything they have. They weren't able to ride the coattails of their wealthy parents and be known for nothing more then having famous parent/s, ie, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie. Whoops my mistake...Paris is known for her sex video, DUI and her Valtrex!
Nicole Richie, let's see...heroin possession, DUI charges and lets not forget, driving the wrong way on the freeway thus endangering the lifes of innocent citizens. What Icons!! Lindsay & Britney were "Child Stars" and unfortunately for them, they did not dodge the bullet of addiction. Kudos to Lindsay for having the guts to admit she has a problem and doing something about it...hopefully Britney will follow suit. The family and friends of an addict cannot be with them when they are falling...they can only be there once they have fallen!

2806 days ago

Crazy, maybe not    

Britney Spears, Hussien, Democrats, Rosie/Trump, Hillary/Barack, global warming, Iraq War, all distractions. As the mass media creates illusions, Big Brother clamps down by opening our mail, suspending habeas corpus, stealing private lands, banning books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, rigging elections, conducting warrantless wiretaps and starting wars based on blatant lies. Soon, the sinking of an Aircraft Carrier(by Mossad) will occur and the US will 'retaliate' against Iran. Which AIPAC-lobbying country benefit's from that?
Final link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):

2806 days ago

kill bill    

britney, the party is over. but was it ever. you have been a joke for a long time. I wish you well but please shut up. start your day with much,much less makeup. if you ever fell in the water you would sink. M-I-C, K-E-Y, MOUSE. Marry Michael Jackson. Your Toast.

2806 days ago


"What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"

This is Britney. She was raised as a Christian, sang in many church productions. She is one of those who had stupid parents who should have watched out for their daughter, but allowed her in the spotlight when she wasn't ready for it.

She has lost her soul. She has forsaken all that is decent for fame, money and notoriety. Honestly, she's not that talented. She's made it mostly on her looks.

She had 2 baby boys she needs to think about now. It's time for her to grow up and be a woman, not a skank whose privates are displayed for all to see.

She needs her mother to BE A MOTHER AND DO SOMETHING. She needs real friends who truly care about her to get her butt back into rehab and get off the booze.

She needs to get back to church and commit her life back to the one who will always love her unconditionally. She needs Jesus back in her life. Only then will she find true peace and contentment. Anything less will only disappoint.

2806 days ago



Those poor kids.

2806 days ago


One question...

Why can't all these stupid ignorant slut "past" famous bitch's just do us all the favor and X themselves off the planet?

Maybe a Methadone free for all party orgy of sorts ?

We are Sick and Tired of hearing about these crazy sluts and their antics making the news... how SAD the WORLD is to follow these stupid "wanna be some one for some reason" assholes!

This is my first and last blog. THank you.

2806 days ago


Britney does bite the banana as a mother but I have to say that all you lalalosers who go on about how she is not pleasing to your eye anymore are arrogant beyond belief. Don't you get it? Britney is a metaphor for all that is wrong with the world today. Women buy into this notion that sexuality is power, then they get raped, literally or figuratively. They figure it out or they end up in the graveyard along with ANS.

The ONLY way that Brit can make a comeback now is to get clean and rebuke all that put her in that place in the first place. Read a damn book, get fat if you feel like it and stick up that middle finger to all the morons who think you are "hot". They are stupid, she doesn't have to be.

She is deceived and she decieves. Her sexuality and these morons who judge her are not her power. They/it does not matter.

What matters is that she gets that it doesn't matter and what the little penishead mean who come onto TMZ to arrogantly express what does or does not please them is rather irrelevant. They don't matter and the sooner she throws them in the trash where they belong and comes home to herself the better she will be. It is the only hope for her, her children and my 7 year old who wants to "be like Britney".

She needs to be a gift. Not a burdon to the world and you idiot men who think your opinion matters. Your opinion about her looks is like a fart. It is a temporary nothing that has a bad smell. You are all nothing but balloons that can be popped with something as small as a pin.

Britney - you deceived women and girls but you can turn it all around and be a powerful vehicle for change but you gotta put your undewear on and tell the boys to sit and spin.

2806 days ago
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