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Checks Into Rehab

Out a Day Later

2/16/2007 5:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0216_brit_details-1TMZ has learned that while Britney Spears checked-in to rehab, she refused to stay and checked out -- less than twenty-four hours later!

As "EXTRA" first reported, the pop star entered a rehab facility two days ago. Now TMZ has learned that the center was located outside of the country, and she refused to stay. PEOPLE confirms that Brit was at Eric Clapton's Crossroads rehab facility in Antigua.

TMZ is told that Britney checked in at the urging of riends and family, after being seen intoxicated in public places and was so "exhausted" on New Year's Eve she collapsed.

Britney spearsAccording to TMZ sources, Britney is on her way back to Los Angeles.

A rep for Britney could not immediately be reached for comment.


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Humour me for a moment while I digest some of this.
She flew to Anigua in hopes of entering rehab. She then leaves because entering rehab would require that she would have to physically remain there during its programplus she hadn't realized that Antigua isn't stateside?


Get a grip, Britney. The time is well overdue for you to learn how to wear big girl panties.

2783 days ago


Why is it that the cleaner living celebrities never get this much
coverage? Why is it that Christina Aguillerra who has turned over a
new leaf, stopped bed hopping,got married, lost weight, makes good
music,peforms great, dresses appropiately, removed her piercings and
tatoos, stayed clear of fueds and controversy, done totally the
opposite of all that she use to, does no drugs, no excessive drinking,
just a great human being all together, why isn't someone like THAT
celebrated? Why does it have to be about the trashy, self
destructive, bed hopping, sexuality swapping, drinking, boozing, non
safe sex having(Paris), dirty, trashy, backstabbing, man stealing, no
underwear wearing,drunk driving, unfit mothering, fat out of shape,
sleaze bags like Britney,Paris,Lindsay,& Nicole, Britney is NOT
attractive, she's fat, she's hideous, she's not a good singer, she
looks horrible in clothes, she sits around and allows the press to
dog her babies dad and Husband as if she's this angel, when in fact that man has
done nothing wrong to her, she forced herself on him,and has no remorse that she stole him from another woman and his older kids, wrecked his home(Karma is a bitch Britney, now look what's happening with you BITCH) America's sleaze loving press is responsible for the death of
Marilyn,Anna,Janis,Gia Carrangi, and a list of other women, If the American press
would of not glorified and hyped up these women's issues, they would
not be so public,and in your face with their trainwreck behaviour, they know this gets
them attention and articles, so they check in and out of rehab in a
day or week (the whole time thinking it's so funny because the press is gonna have a field day), just to get some papers to write up on them. They leave
the underwears at home, they act drunk in public and on tv even when they
aren't drunk, they have confidants call ahead and alert the press about their
whereabouts and act as if they really don't want the press around,
Britney ESPECIALLY LOVES THE ATTENTION, they kiss other women in
public, they are ALL pathetic, and this is what America has become,
it's evident that the world is about to end, and YOU the press will
have to answer to God for all this tumult that you contribute to this society, this
influences little kids, and contributes to the downfall of society,
it's time to take a stand people, people are dying overseas but all
you take your time doing is turning the attention to talentless
sluts, why not place a section on here with pictures of all the fallen soldiers so people can come on and show support for their families, and talk about them, and start taking a turn away from this SMUT and the WHORES who wholeheartedly represent this lifestyle, what shame, anyway just an idea from Thugrugburns.

2783 days ago


oh! poor brit, why are you destroying your carrier? u have kids now, be responsible!

2783 days ago



The bitch is totally out of control, and this is what America's children admire?


2783 days ago

Richard Ott    

I saw Britney Spears in concert 7 years ago during her
Oops I Did It Again tour, and she was awesome looking
on the flying carpet. Fast forward 7 years later, and all
I can say is, Britney Spears will never sell any albums
the way she looks right now. It seems like only 2
months ago that she was planning a huge comeback
for 2007. If going punk was Britney's idea of a comeback,
I would've normally cared less, and brought her next CD,
no mater what she sounded like. However, with Britney
in her current state, I have no choice but not to believe it.
I hope Britney is real proud of herself, because one day,
she's going to look at herself in the mirror, and she'll
see a monster that is taking control of her own life,
and she's but a shell of her Pop star persona.

2783 days ago


2783 days ago


is her will up to date???

2783 days ago


You know, never been a big fan of hers but, what are we all going to say when she finally just kills herself? would all of the picking, poking, and scrutinizing have been worth it then? leave her alone for God's sake! the only reason why we love reading this trash is because it takes us away from our own sh'tty and mundane lives....

2783 days ago


So now the drapes match the carpet. Big Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2783 days ago

Erin brower    

Britney should've stayed in rehab, and let kevin have those 2 boys. that way, they'll be away from their " uncaring, " unloving mother!! and she doesn't need to be around those kids anymore. they need to be with their dad, or Grandparents .i hoipe that she'll go back to rehab, that way, noone will see her face all the time! i'm really tired of seeing her face anyway. i'm sure that, she'll be the next " Anna nicole Smith" i hope that she goes back to louisiana, and stays there for good!! frenchy92776

2783 days ago

helen gloudemans    

Britney has spent her life pleasing all of us. I think we need to forgive her for her attempt at pleasing herself. I believe in Britney......she WILL get off the drugs and booze....and watch out..... If Britney decides she still wants to perform, she will be more real than ever because the BEST of Britney is yet to come.

2783 days ago


lol omg she is so pathetic its not even funny , it seems even her parents are in hiding because of the shame shes bringing to herself and the family , she needs someone to slap her back to reality quick . shes a mental case right now and seems to be heading down the same road anna nicole did she better watch out howard might try and jump on the brit train .

wake up brit your a mother now act like it or give your kids to someone who will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a waste of air your turning into , you can get yourself together and be a good mother and even possibly get a career back

2783 days ago


222. Britney has spent her life pleasing all of us."

She has? I don't recall resting a can of beer on top of her head.

She's a little disgusting bitch, out of control, and America's little girls are aspiring to be just like her. Do you honestly believe that is going to be good? America is already too immersed in drugs, sex and these drug addicted alcoholic stars, be it music, movies or sports. What American children hold as role models is out of control.


2783 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#241 Ambs , oh so true

2783 days ago


wow she looks better bald!

2783 days ago
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