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Cornell No Longer an Audioslave

2/16/2007 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Cornell has freed himself from Audioslave.

The former Soundgarden frontman has permanently exited the "supergroup," and the breakup wasn't pretty. "Due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences, I am permanently leaving the band Audioslave."

The band's bust-up was hardly a surprise, as fellow Audioslaves Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk recently reunited with former Rage Against the Machine singer, Zack de la Rocha. During a Reuters interview last year, Cornell hinted that all was not well; "Musicians aren't the kind of people who concentrate or worry about what the other guy thinks."

Cornell, curiously described as "an acrimonious artist" in the statement announcing his split, also announced that his solo album, "Carry On," would be in stores on May 1 on the Suretone/Interscope label. The album includes a cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

Audioslave's reps at Epic Records could not immediately be reached for comment.


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I'm sorry kelly (#17), but you are not well informed there. Chris has been politically active in local and national politics (and I mean lobbying and petitioning, not screaming pointlessly about how unfair it all is) for many many years now. He is well-informed and active in issues that mean something to him, especially in his home town.

Anyway, people really need to get over RATM--the band is amazing, but Zack is a freakin' cry-baby. If you need a band to show you how lopsided our social & economic structures really are, then I'm sorry, but you need to read more and smoke less pot. I have some news for you, kids: the machine LIKES your rage--it's how it feeds. Grow up and do something real about it.

Other than him, they're brilliant. And long live Chris!

2776 days ago


It's pretty bad when your band opts to go back to Zack de la Rocha because he's the 'less crazy one.'

2776 days ago


When I heard Audioslave wasn't going to tour to support their new CD & their record label wasn't givingheavy support, I knew something was wrong. And sure enough, when I heard Rage was going to do this one time reunion, I was excited but then I thought the three other guys was going to go back being Audioslave. But after hearing this announcment, I'm not surprise. I have mixed emotions because Rage is one of the greatest band of all time and they were so much ahead of their time. If you hear those three CD's, what the hell they were saying is what happening right now with what this Bush cabinet has done in the last 6 years. Zack said that the government is corrupt and if you don't pay attention, the corruption will get bigger. There's a joke in the movie, "White Men Can't Jump" where Wesley Snipes telling Woody Harrison "You listening to Jimi Hendrix but you're not listening to Jimi." The same was happening with music fans, we're listening to Rage but we wern't listening to Rage very clearly. Some of you may say Zack's a cry baby but what Zack was trying to tell us, was a big warning and boy now I got it. And also to the people that saying Zack is crying then tell me why Rage's music was banned after 9-11 happened? Better yet why John Lennon's "Imagine" was banned at the time after 9-11? Well that's another story. But we need Rage more than ever right now to really wake up America so more, just because we got rid of the jackasses out of the Senate & Congress, corruption will end all hell no, I think artists like Rage need to stir things up on radio & MTV. I also sorry Audioslave is breaking up because they put out some decent CD's. But I don't know Soundgarden will get back together because most of the members haven't done nothing musically with the exception of Chris & the drummer Matt who's with Pearl Jam who doing a good dam jam playing drums for Eddie & the boys, so I don't know if I want to see Soundgarden together again. But I'm happy Rage is back and another thing Tom is up there with Jimi, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen & Randy Rhodes when it comes to ass kicking guitar playing.

2775 days ago

Big Mac    

Sorry, Dion, but Tom Morello is not worthy of being in the same category as Hendrix, Page, VH and Rhoads. He was a decent player when it came to making weird noises, but his rhythms were so weak and simplistic (that's 90% of playing!). He only stood out in the 90s because most mainstream bands had really crappy guitar players in that decade (not that it has gotten much better). I have been playing guitar for 23 of my 35 years, and Tom can not hold a stick to the innovativeness of Hendrix, (early) Van Halen, Steve Vai, Sonic Youth, and countless others that came before him.

As for the political "impact" of Rage, don't overestimate it. Most of their fans were too busy headbanging or going to the mall to care about the causes they pushed.
“Tengo una remera del Che y no sé por qué,” which translated means "I have a Che t-shirt and I don't know why." The main example of the lack of impact that Rage and other socially concious bands in the 90s had on youth was the fact that Republicans won in 2000 and 2004, even with MTV's weak "rock-the-vote" movement. Those kids who did and do claim to be politically concious just use it as a badge, because it is "cool".

Anyway, I hope Rage doesn't reunite. I am all for influencing change thru music, just not the socialist kool aid that Rage pushes.

2775 days ago

I love Chris    

Chris was too good for Rage Against the Machine, let De La Rocha have them back. Chris is better off on his own.

2773 days ago

total awesomeness    

i want to sit on chris cornell's face all night long

2776 days ago

Von Brumbach    

This is great news. I grew up in Seattle and Chris was definitely at his high point in SoundGarden. Though some hits came out of the union with members in Rage Against the Machine, Chris was far better as a solo artist. Synopsis: Original Coke will always be better than classic Coke. It's a win/win situation for both parties.


Von Brumbach

2776 days ago


bring back soundgarden!

2776 days ago

Big Mac    

Good move for Chris. He has such a powerful voice and it was wasted on that band.

He needs more talented musicians to collaborate with (remember Temple of the Dog?). Sorry but the guys in Rage were overrated musicians, even Tom Morrello who admits he could never play like the "shredders" of the 80s (and yes he wanted to) so he decided to make weird noises instead.

2776 days ago


Long live RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!!!!!! L.A. will rock once again!

2776 days ago


This sucks, I enjoyed AudioSlave... but as long as I can continue to enjoy Chris' music, I'll check out his solo stuff.

2776 days ago


i love jacko's billie jean! can't wait to hear his version.

2776 days ago


Awesome news!!

MARC is right!

Rage Against the Machine will rock again---with the best rock guitarist in history--

In addition, Soundgarden can get back together---


2776 days ago


Chris Cornell is so fu*king hot.................

2776 days ago


Yeah, I'd love to see "Temple" do another album, but they've all said it was a1-shot deal. Soundgarden's first 5 albums were amazing, but the last 2 blew. I think Cornell has fronted 2 really good bands, and hopefully after his solo album he'll put together another supergroup.

2776 days ago
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