Stallone's Not-So-Sly Mullet

2/16/2007 3:13 PM PST
Sylvester Stallone is all Rambo in the front -- and all party in the back!

Amazingly, the "Rocky" star breezed through security at LAX, despite sporting the most dangerously offensive haircut known to mankind -- the mullet. Where's the man-bob when you need it?! Stallone can be seen playing with his longer locks as he chats with Homeland Security, who did not retain Sly for tonsorial questioning or put his dangerous mane on the No-Fly list. Fans still asked to be photographed with him despite the hateful hairdo. Bless their hearts, they love a celeb no matter what.

His gruesome darkened eyebrows and horrific hair might be his look for the next "Rambo" installment, "Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra." Consider this fair warning.